Work From Home in Affiliate Marketing


Work from home in affiliate marketing. Here at My Money Bizs we are dedicated to helping those people who want to achieve success. My money bizs is about affiliate marketing and also about wanting to genuinely help all affiliates in this role.  Also helping the thousands of people who want to work from home. I feel I can do this for new and old to achieve success with their business. We all want success and that is what this website is all about because we just want to help.



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Work at Home in Affiliate Marketing

This website is about Affiliate marketing and Working from Home.  My mission is to bring as much information as possible, for my readers and customers to view and decide for themselves. All of my posts are of a helpful and informative nature to give as much detailed information as possible to help my readers.

What is Affiliate Marketing         

Affiliate Marketing is basically selling other peoples or companies products or services for a commission. There are hundreds if not thousands of companies that offer Affiliate Marketing and within their companies are hundreds and thousands of products to promote.

A good start for beginners is to acquire an Affiliate Marketing Training Course. Of course, like anything else on the world wide web, there are plenty of training modules also going around. The key is to find a good quality course that will tap into everything there is to know about Affiliate Marketing.

You see some of the training courses for Affiliate Marketing that just do not perform. I have seen some courses that do not perform at all. As you may or may not know.

I will say this, there is plenty to learn to become a successful Affiliate Marketer. The essential things like how to build your website or have your own blog to be able to put your affiliate links on.

As an affiliate marketer, you need to learn how to become a good writer. Don’t for one minute let any of these things put you off.

The best approach to Affiliate Marketing is to plan exactly what niche you want to promote ( a niche being a subject ie: health products, fitness equipment and so on  ) then focus on it.

Wealthy Affiliate Highly Recommended

The first question I get asked is how long will it take to make money at Wealthy Affiliate. Click on the following link to take you to a great article all about this subject. Please read the whole article to put you in the picture.

How Long Does it Take to Make Money at Wealthy Affiliate

Make videos yourself like the one below easily. Watch the video it is less than 1 minute long but gets the point across to viewers.

turned on computer screen


Would you like to be able to make videos like the one above? Just a few clicks of your mouse is all it takes. The actual content is made up from your blog post. Make your video add music or a voice over and your video is ready in minutes not days. Take the 7-day free trial and you will be making your own videos in an instant.

Click below and it will take you to another post I wrote on Wealthy Affiliate. At the bottom of the page, you will be able to see the compensation plan.

My Wealthy

Wealthy Affiliate is an Affiliate Marketing Course that I highly recommend. Its strategy is to get all its members from the minute they sign up to become a successful Affiliate Marketer. I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate along with a few thousand others, so I can speak from experience when I say it is one of the best training courses on the market today.

At Wealthy Affiliate, no one gets left behind.

There is a large community that will help in any way they can and answer questions to the best of their ability. Kyle and Carson always welcome you and the community always gives new members a warm welcome also.

If you want to join one of the best Affiliate Marketing Training Courses, click on the link below to take a look, then have a look around Wealthy Affiliate, you have nothing to lose as it’s free to sign up.

banner with sign up here wrote in it


A More detailed description of Wealthy Affiliate

OK so now I am going to go into a little more detail about Wealthy Affiliate.

You will be welcomed with open arms when you sign up of course.

Then you will be taken to the training modules from there, you can start your training.

Take a look around of course but I suggest you start your training as soon as possible. Every detail of the website is taught in the training so there’s no need to go in blindfolded. You will be given a couple of tasks to complete, this helps to digest the information more, as you are hands on. There is no time limit to do the training, you can take as long or as short a time as you like.

Sell your Products on Amazon (see sidebar)

Wealthy Affiliate’s trainers will walk you through building your own website from within the Wealthy Affiliate platform. Once you have your website up and running you will be taught how to attain a domain name, for those who don’t know, a domain name is a dot com, org, net whichever one you choose. So your domain name consists of your website name which you will have chosen by this time and your domain ie: mywebsitenamedotcom.

Start building your website

The fun begins when you start building up your website with a theme, different colors and so on. It can take quite some time as there are many themes to choose from. Your training covers this. If you encounter any problems and are unsure of anything ASK!

Asking questions is encouraged at wealthy affiliate just ask any member.

It is also fun to get involved with the community.

There is a live chat where you can ask questions.

So as you continue with your training things will start to fall into place.  You will become more confident and more efficient.


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Most importantly I would like to share with you all the freebies you get when you sign up

  1. 2 Free Hosted  Websites
  2. Sign up is Free
  3. Get Free Support
  4. Hosting is Free
  5. Free Training Tool

This in itself is great as it saves you having to pay for hosting.

It saves having to hunt around the internet for free tools.

And it saves you the time and effort it takes to find a quality Affiliate Training Course.

Indexed in Google

As I said earlier, I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I endorse it completely.

There is a good reason for saying this. My website was indexed on google after only 6 days. The same story is being told by other members of wealthy affiliate just how they got indexed on Google within only a few days.

This is absolutely great news for myself and Wealthy Affiliate members.

Being indexed on google has reaped the rewards of our hard work. Most importantly will you reap the rewards of being a Wealthy Affiliate Member?

Try for free you will not regret it.

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banner with a highway and a road sign with success here wrote in it

Know the Law when Blogging!

I would like my blogging friend’s and visitors who are either new are thinking about blogging to take a look at my friend’s blog who is a US lawyer and blogger.

She has made a checklist of all the legal pages you should have on your blog.

The 7 point blog checklist

Please adhere to these guidelines for your own benefit.










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  1. Thank you Chas,
    I do hope my website helps others with all their questions. I try to cover as much as possible. The aim is to put as much information as possible on my website through my posts to assist others with their online journey.



  2. Hi Janet,

    This is a great post on Wealthy Affiliate! I am also a member of the Wealthy affiliate community and absolutely stand behind the community 100%. It is a great program and I too have tried so many others which ended up being a waste of time. I applaud you for the great post and information you have provided and wish you the best in your journey to assist others. Hopefully your post will reach many people and help them avoid the downfalls of the bad programs out there.

    Best of luck,


  3. Thank you so much Zach,
    I really hope I can help others who are trying to make a go of it online especially in affiliate marketing. We are on the same page with our websites almost writing about the same subjects.
    I wish you well in your career online.


  4. Janet I have wasted to much money and time over the years by chasing that shiny object. Thanks to you and articals much like this one that has ended my chase. I want to thank you for such a great artical on this subject, and keep up the good word to helping many more others like me. To all of your future success Janet.

  5. Thanks, Sydney,
    Yes, WA is a great community by far. I too wish I had found it earlier.
    Thanks again

  6. Nothing worthwhile is ever easy and there are bound to be bumps in the road. That’s what I love about Wealthy Affiliate, there’s a network of people there to help and the tech support is outstanding. I wish I had known about it before I spent too much money on specialty training courses. Everything you need is there and the price is fantastic!

  7. In what regard do you need my help, please explain.

  8. Need your help

  9. Hi David and thanks for your reply. Yes indeed WA is a great community as you may be aware of by now. I tried to explain in my article just how WA will help you to become successful, I hope I did them justice.

    Thx again


  10. Hello Janet I must say this is a fantastic article. I had tried a couple of other programs that the only thing it helped me succeed at was draining my wallet yes with no results.
    I was ready to give up and I came across your article and I must say it sounds like I need to give wealthy Affiliate a try it sounds like they really want you to succeed.
    Thank you so much for this very informative article.

  11. Hi Steve, Thanks for replying, glad you enjoyed my front page article.

  12. Hi Jan, I loved your site it’s well made and looks easy on the eye, I’m sure a lot of people will take a look at the WA opportunity seeing this
    well done

  13. Thanks Laura, appreciate your comment. Glad you found the info helpful.

  14. Hello Janet.. i really appreciate you for every details on this post ,i was looking for such information .. looking for more from you .

  15. Thanks Keith, I am loving it, it is something I have always wanted to do, that I working from home.
    Take Care

  16. Hi Janet
    I have been a member since May 2018 and cannot speak highly enough about them.Loving the course an going by the content of this site , your loving it too!


  17. Wealthy Affiliate provide the ultimate training in affiliate marketing. I joined the platform and can’t recommend it highly enough. The value for money is amazing, and the quality is second to none. I recommend WA to anyone who will listen 🙂

  18. Thanks Ben, Yeh the idea is to work from home. It has always interested me.

  19. Sounds interesting. A great option to work from home Janet.

  20. Really glad you have joined WA, it is an amazing site as you said, the welcome and help are also amazing.
    To your success

  21. I recently joined WA and am finding it absolutely amazing. The sense of community there is incredible. You feel supported in every way and that’s something that you don’t find everywhere.

  22. Thanks Tina, I am glad you think I have covered the subject of affiliate marketing well. It has taken many hours of patience to get to the stage I am at.

    Thx again


  23. Hi, Thanks for your kind comments I really appreciate it I will also do a feedback on your website.
    Thx again


  24. Robert I cannot see your website when I click on your link, seems you may have a broken link.

  25. Many people would shy away from having to sell but affiliate marketing (via a website) seems a lot less daunting. This looks like something worth looking into especially that you seem to be providing the whole package needed to get going.

  26. Thanks so much for your feedback. I will do the same for your website too. So glad you like my site.
    Thx again.

  27. what an awesome site about affiliate marketing, i would certainly
    want to check out wealthy affiliate after seeing this site, seems like they offer anything anyone would need to get started in internet marketing and or blogging. Very informative and helpful site.Thank you for that.

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