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My name is Janet or Jan for short. I live in Western Australia and I am originally from Manchester UK. I emigrated to Australia almost 20 years ago and love it here.

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Here at My Money Bizs we want to help other people who have little or no knowledge of Affiliate Marketing let alone building a website to work towards making money from home.


We want to help people in all walks of life to make extra income from working at home in their own time.

All the best,

Janet Travis



4 replies to About Me

  1. Thx for the kind comments John. Glad you like my website, you are too kind. LOL. I have spent a great deal of time updating and promoting my website, so I really should have something to show for it.
    Thx again

  2. Jan way to go your doing great where do you find the time and energy to get so much done on wa.
    I like the path you have taken helping people make money on wa !!!
    Great idea , I feel like changing my site ha ha .
    Have you had training on internet blogging before or computer courses because you are doing awesome in such a short time.
    Keep up the good work. John pavich wa.

  3. Thanks, Dave,
    Glad you took a look at my website and left a message. It was very thoughtful and kind.
    It may take time and patience to get to your goal, but it’s good to have fun doing it.

  4. Hi Jan, good to see you spreading the word about what ordinary folks can do if they put their minds to it. Everybody can make a difference to their own life if they’re proactive about it.

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