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Advertising of your Website a Brief Guide

Advertising is used to convey a message and inform consumers and the public. The ad ensures customers that a business, product or service are looking for customers to buy their wares. The advertising of your website can be done in many different ways.

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It’s a matter of awareness for the consumer, without advertising, consumers would never even know your business existed, so advertising is an important goal to get the interest of buyers.

With so much competition in today’s markets, your business will need to stand out from the rest. This, you may say is easy, but is it? There are many thought processes you will have to think about.

1. Where am I going to advertise?

2. What am I going to advertise?

3. Will I pay for advertising?

4. Will I use free advertising?

5. How will I word my advertising?

There may be many more questions that you will need to ask yourself about your advertising campaigns before you go ahead with it.

Let’s work on the 5 key questions that you will ask yourself:

1. Where to Advertise

There are a few different avenues open when it comes down to where to market your website but the main ones that stand out above others are:


Link Building


Banner advertising

SEO… is a form of marketing your own website with good quality content so the search engines can rank your website. Once you are indexed and ranked you are on your way to free advertising just for writing quality content on your website.

LINK BUILDING… needs a little work on your behalf as research will play an important role in getting your website linked to good quality sites. Search engines rank links by quality not quantity so do your research.

PPC… is a paid platform, to market your website here you will need to start an advertising campaign. The way of doing this to get the best results is to have your campaigns on Yahoo, Ask and Google or similar. This way you will get the best exposure for your campaign.

BANNER ADVERTISING… sort of speaks for itself. Depending on what you are advertising will determine how to get banners. You can make your own with sites like Canva or if you are an affiliate for an affiliate Network like Clickbank for instance when you choose to promote from one of their advertisers and are accepted that particular advertiser will provide you with banners and text ads.

Social media banner saying in coloured words social media

We are social creatures by habit and we all seem to love our social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, google plus, Instagram, Pinterest and many more. We can take advantage of these social networks by advertising on them. Don’t forget e-mail marketing too.

2. What to Advertise

This may seem a silly question but if for instance, you are an affiliate marketer for Amazon, they have thousands of products on their website that can be promoted. This is where your particular niche comes into its own. It whittles down your “what can I promote” question.

3. Paid Advertising

There are many ways to advertise if you decide to pay for it. Google Adwords for instance, Yahoo ads, PPC, in forums, on other peoples blogs and websites that get plenty of traffic. You can search for places to put your ads too. Social networking sites have advertising space you can place ads on Facebook it has a great advertising platform and with its millions of users, you are sure to get a good result.

4. Free Advertising

Apart from SEO, Link Building and other free tasks you can do with your website I’m not a huge fan of free advertising. Don’t get me wrong there are some really good free sites to market your business on. The hard part is finding them. I have found a way around this. Type in any search engine “advertising help” and you will find places that offer free advertising, like Indeed and even U tube.

Be careful where you advertise for free, I wouldn’t recommend classified ads, Google isn’t fond of any business that advertises willy-nilly all over the internet. Be choosy where you advertise for free because the last thing you want is to destroy your business and individual reputation.

5. Wording your Ad Campaign

Now here we have to be careful as we don’t want to set off spam filters. These filters can be triggered by the use of certain words in our ad and e-mail campaigns. There are too many to list here but if you do a search for words that trigger spam filters and then search for words used in ad campaigns and compare them you shouldn’t have a problem.

Words and phrases that convert the ultimate list.

Remember to make the use of keywords in your ads this can help tremendously with a conversion.

Before you begin any new publicizing effort, make certain that you have some basic standards.

Your Principles

1. Come clean and don’t deceive the customer. People don’t care for liars.

2. Compose an eye-catching title. Nobody will open a performance advertisement that has a title that says nothing. Like “Look at this.”

3. NEVER copy and paste a promotion its unethical and also you don’t know whether it is a good or bad promotion.

4. Check your spelling then check it again. Grammatical blunders are not your companions. I check my grammar and spelling at least 3 times.

5. Try not to conceal yourself by not adding your signature to your performance advertisement.

6. Realize what words to keep away from in your advertisement so as your ad will not be interfered with by spam filters.

7. It’s a good idea to try different ads. Test your ads to see which one is better. At this point begin your real publicizing effort utilizing the ad that showed up to be the best. Always remember to utilize an ad tracker.

8. Pick painstakingly who will distribute your ad. There is a wilderness out there. There are experts yet in addition beginners and even con artists. A beginner or a trickster may basically crush your publicizing effort.

Hope you enjoyed reading my article on”Advertising of your website”

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me either in the comments area of the contact form.

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