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Affiliate Marketing is a great way to make extra money from home. I would like to talk about affiliate marketing links but more on that later.

I do affiliate marketing because I love it, it’s not just about the extra money for me personally it’s about creating something great (as in an article) that your readers will hopefully love too.


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However, the main reason anyone first starts doing affiliate marketing is usually to make extra money, that is the main reason I got into affiliate marketing. There is nothing wrong in supplementing your income with affiliate marketing. If nothing else, it’s a great hobby with benefits.


You may think to yourself, this affiliate marketing looks easy, it’s not as easy as you may think but it’s not rocket science either.

An affiliate marketer has to be a jack of all trades and has to learn how to build a website or blog site first. This is the first thing you will need to learn. Not only will you need to know how to build a website, but you will also have to maintain it and know your way around it. Play around with different themes so you get the look you like because if you don’t like the way your site looks then most probably no one else will either.

One of the best ways to learn all about affiliate marketing is to choose an affiliate marketing course.

Below is one I recommend.


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Wealthy Affiliate

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Your website or blog site will need content. Think you are not a writer? think again, once you choose a topic (niche) to write about usually something that interests you, you will find the words just start to flow.

Writing Tips

1. One of the first tips I learned was to break up my content into smaller paragraphs. Like so.

2. Create subheadings like the one above, it breaks up your content with the intention of letting your readers know what the next paragraphs are about.

3. Focus your content on helping others to help themselves. By this I mean if you are helping others to learn you are educating them and in turn, they will help themselves. Hope that makes S-E-N-C-E!

4. It’s easy to read other peoples blogs for inspiration and imitate them but you need to be yourself and in turn, your own self of style and writing will become your own.

5. Always remember you are writing for your audience who read your article. You want to engage them so they read every word you write and understand what you are trying to tell them. I find if an article is not engaging I will do shortcuts to get to the nitty-gritty of it by speed reading. This you DO NOT want to happen to your article.

6. Research is a really huge part of writing engaging articles. If you do your research correctly your writing will just keep on flowing. Research can take many forms, E-books, Blogs within your niche, information websites and so on. Be intuitive and find as many resources for your research as possible.

7. Make sure that your site is easy to navigate, if it isn’t, people will leave and go to another website for their information.

8. Promoting your site can take time, the best thing is don’t complicate matters by thinking about it, just do it, and not just once. You will need to promote in social networks as in Facebook and twitter and Pinterest.

9. Pick a good time of day to promote your website or latest article. You want to start promoting when you think most people in your circle will be socializing on social networks.

10. Another good idea is to promote your older articles that you say wrote a few months before. You will be surprised at how many people will read your article again.

11. Use images, not only do they break up the article and writing, they will make your page look more appealing.

12. Last but not least and maybe the most important is keywords. These are vital for SEO. Long tail keywords do better than 1-word keywords. A long tail keyword consists of 3-5 words or more.


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Affiliate Marketing Links

What are affiliate marketing links?

The more I read about affiliate marketing the more I learn about things that matter in getting your article, blog or post ready for SEO. And linking really helps with this.

Linking is done in 2 ways. Internal links and external links and of course backlinks.

Internal Links

I have a post I wrote on backlinks, I will link to it so you can click on the link


Free Online Backlink Checker

This is an internal link and once clicked on will take you to my post on backlinks. 

External Links

External links are a link to another web page. Imagine for instance you want to show your audience a web page for their education on a given subject. It may be another website you own that has something of value on it that you want to show your audience. It may be a product or service you are promoting (this is the likely scenario) so you link to it so when it is clicked on it will take you to that other web page.


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