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Affordable Home Based Business Opportunity

Many people are looking to work from home and looking for an affordable home based business opportunity.

That being said there are thousands of online business opportunities. It really is down to knowing which market you want to be in and why.

Let’s not forget that some of these opportunities that you find online are just downright scams. Then there are those you can find that are genuine ones. But more often than not they are not always free to join.

I want to show you a great affordable home based business opportunity that can make you a passive income online.

Wealthy Affiliate

Whether you have heard about Wealthy Affiliate or not it is one of the best online affiliate marketing training platforms on the internet today. With a fantastic commission structure.

There are plenty of other affiliate marketing training platforms on the web but some of them are asking an astronomical price to use and join them.

One of the cornerstones of Wealthy Affiliate is that if you refer 300 people in a calendar year you will be treated to an ALL EXPENSES PAID FREE TRIP TO THE LAS VEGAS CONFERENCE.

You can read all about this year’s Las Vegas Conference in the link below. It’s not just all about work either.

2019 Las Vegas Conference

Not only do you get an all expenses paid trip you will be provided with $200 to do as you wish with. But the reasoning behind the $200 gift is so you can have a flutter in the casinos. Then there are free gifts pens, mugs, etc.

Below is a photograph of the guys and girls that made this year’s super affiliate Las Vegas Conference.

The commission structure is a very generous one from Wealthy Affiliate as you can see from the structure below.


Read this fully comprehensive report on Wealthy Affiliate

The Free Starter Membership Commissions.

$19 first month only =$4 commission.

$49 per month =$11.25 recurring commission.

$359 per year =$87.50 recurring commission.

The Premium Membership Commissions.

$19 first month only =$8 commission.

$49 per month =$23.50 recurring commission.

$349 per year =$175 recurring commission.

Just recently, Kyle and Carson, the owners of Wealthy Affiliate have brought in a 6-month payment option. Which looks like this. $39/month. So this membership costs $234 yearly.

With a premium account, you will be paid $1 when a referral sets up their profile.

As you can see the premium commissions are 100% more than the free starter members commissions.

There are no upsells at Wealthy Affiliate (WYSIWYG) (what you see is what you get).

These commissions are for just 1 referral, imagine what you could earn with more referrals.


blue boxes with $ numbers inside this is the Wealthy Affiliate commission structure

Below is a related site of mine where you can see more information about Wealthy Affiliate.

Free website builder by WordPress

How Wealthy Affiliate works

Once you sign up to an account at Wealthy Affiliate you will have what’s called a free starter plan where you can access 10 training modules immediately. The free starter program lasts for 7 days and if you upgrade to premium within the 7-day window your first monthly payment will be only $19. If you don’t go premium within those 7 days the full amount of $49 will be charged to go premium.

Most people do sign up to premium in the first 7 days so they can save $30 off their first monthly installment. The option to go 6 monthly or yearly can be done anytime you wish.

Payments are paid on the 1st of every month to your nominated bank account.

Once you are a premium member you will have full access to all the training modules, live chat, community chat, blogging and asking questions.

Let’s not forget your websites will be hosted free. You will have a secure website with the SSL certificate included and your website is protected with virus and malware protection.

As you can see from the screenshot above there are heaps and heaps of training modules. It’s what we call “Earn and Learn”.

What I mean by that is you will be building up your business while learning at the same time with all the aspects and knowledge of an affiliate marketer.

If you follow the training in the order given you will be given tasks to do to better understand how affiliate marketing works.

Asking For Help At Wealthy Affiliate

There is a great site support section whereby if you have any tech problems with your website at any time you can get in touch with them. They are very quick to answer your questions and have helped me and the 1.4 million other users of Wealthy Affiliate.

Not only do you have site support. At any time you can ask questions to the community (some of which are very knowledgable) and you will get the best answers to your questions the community can give.

Then, of course, there are community training sections. Once you have been a member for more than 3 months any community member can start a training session. These are invaluable. You can learn so much from community training.

What You Will Be Learning At Wealthy Affiliate

The training will help you learn how to become an efficient affiliate marketer. It will help you in choosing your niche (a niche is a topic you choose to write content about).

It will guide you through creating your very own WordPress website and getting a domain name. Domain names are very cheap approx $15 per year. How to add plugins to your website for better website ease of use.

With the free starter plan, you are entitled to 2 free WordPress websites. With the premium, plan you are entitled to 25.

You will also learn how to market your website and get that all-important traffic to your site. You will be guided through how to set up your Google Analytics platform. (this is where you can check how many people have visited your site).

You will learn how to integrate your website with social media channels. Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and more.

The tutorials will help you learn how to set up PPC campaigns on Google and Bing. (Advertising your website or offer)

And the list goes on and on.

All of the above is taught using text and videos.


banner saying zero risk

I hope you found my article “Affordable home-based business opportunity” helpful.

If you have any questions whatsoever about Wealthy Affiliate please feel free to message me in the comment box below or in the contact form.



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