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15 Best Affiliate Programs

I have already written an article on 13 free to join affiliate Marketing websites, so now in this article, I want to talk about Best Affiliate Programs.

There is a big difference between free to join affiliate programs and the best affiliate programs. In saying that all the following programs below are free to join.

There are some lesser known affiliate programs but that doesn’t mean to say that they are of lesser value. In fact on the contrary.

Although I am writing about the best affiliate programs, in my opinion, today, that could all change tomorrow. So what I should be saying is that these are the best affiliate programs in my opinion as of the time I wrote this article.



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Resource Finances Online

Some of the best affiliate programs will do their utmost for you to join them. They will bend over backwards making sure you have all the tools available to make sure your affiliate stay is as comfortable and easy as possible.

They will even educate you so you have the knowledge to make your affiliate business grow and prosper and theirs too. There are different ways that good affiliate sites will educate you.

They may have video training and live chat support, question and answers platform. Whatever their training may be, read it, watch it, talk about it. The more information you indulge yourself in the better.

Take your time choosing an affiliate program

Do take your time in choosing an affiliate program as there are thousands to choose from. You may have chosen a niche if so stick with it. Having a niche already set in your mind will shorten the list of affiliate programs to choose from. And the whole experience of choosing an affiliate program for yourself will be much easier.

If you ever need more proof that the affiliate program you want to join is a good one. Do some research to find out what other people are saying about it. Read reviews of affiliate programs that interest you, find out if they deliver on their promises to their affiliates.


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Find out how the program pays as the way they pay commissions may not be a viable option for you, also find out when it pays commissions, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or every 4 weeks. Some might only pay every 90 days, so be careful and always check this before joining if it concerns you.

You may be happy with the payment system then that’s fine. Find out how much commission they pay, the higher the better. Also, whether they have a 2 tier payment system or a recurring payment for a one-time sale payment system. (This is a great payment system).

Look to this affiliate marketing program for a great commission structure.

You will also need to know if the affiliate program you have chosen pay CPS (Cost per sale) or CPA (Cost per action). These are all questions you need to ask yourself and find out.

What do CPS and CPA mean?

Cost per sale: CPS pay a commission on a successful sale or purchase.

Cost per Action: CPA a fixed commission for an agreed action.

Tracking Sales

You will also want to know how sales are tracked and how long do their cookies last on the affiliate program you chose, the longer the better.

Have they a good statistics system as keeping track of your campaigns and statistics are important. This way you know where to concentrate your advertising.

You don’t want to be paying for advertising and point it at a product that is not doing well, so statistics are important.

Customer first

man with thumb up sat at computer saying a satisfied customer is the best strategy of all

Becoming an Affiliate Marketer shouldn’t be all about money (Although it helps). Think of it as giving your customers what they want. This is because you want to help the customer to make the best decision and the right choice.

Your customer is your greatest asset, without them you have no business, so you need to look after them and their interests. Don’t think so much about your sales pitch and selling to customers think about it as a way to look after your customers.

Remember the saying “the customer is always right”. Well, it may have some bearing here too.

You have to be in the mindset where you also believe in the products or services you are promoting. Try to make sure you know your product or products inside out because you may find a time when a customer will ask you questions about a certain product or service and you need to be prepared.

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Listed are 15 best affiliate programs (My Choices)

NAME                                          SUBJECTS

 Wealthy Affiliate                        Affiliate Training

Microsoft                                      Products and Services

Ladbrokes                                    Betting

I Tunes                                          Songs Books Movies and TV

Udemy                                           Online Courses

PureVPN                                        Virtual Private Network

Terra Leads                                    Various Products

Wide Markets                                Various Markets

Affiliate Partners Ltd                    Finance

CrakRevenue                                  Landing Pages

Commission Factory                     Affiliate Network

Organifi                                           Green Juice

Phen375                                          Weight Loss Supplements

Food Blogger Pro                           Food Blogs

Moreniche                                       Health


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Relevant Products and/or Services

An array of products

You should think of signing up for the affiliate program as a partnership. You choose to be an affiliate not just to earn sales by giving your customers things that they want. But also because you want to help the company promote their fantastic products and/or services.

If you demonstrate that passion when you offer the products and services to your target market it will be easier for you to come up with more creative ways to market and your visitors will be more likely to turn into sales when they realize your passion for these offerings.

The most straightforward way to do this is to find a program that offers products and services that you either use yourself or that you are very happy to strongly recommend because of the value they provide.

Website Design and Layout

A image of a modern high rise building withe words build something incredible

Keeping your visitors comfortable should be one of your top priorities. When your visitors click on your affiliate link and go to the affiliate site, they may not realize how good the product or service is if it is not presented in an appealing way.

Good website layouts are easy to read and are backed up with necessary pictures to support the details. The design of the affiliate site may not be as important but good professional designs always leave a better impression for visitors than a site that is poorly designed.

A unique design is one aspect that affiliate companies try to take advantage of so they can be better than their competition. It can also give you an idea on the type of marketing resources that they will give to you.

For instance, if the logo of the website is good and well established across the Internet, you may be able to use these resources to your advantage when advertising the affiliate company to others. Do not forget to look beyond the design and check the visual presentation of the text as well.

Training Resources

banner saying new skills training


This is essential if you lack experience in affiliate marketing and wish to get started quickly and could easily be the critical factor in defining the best affiliate program for you. Some companies design their affiliate programs to be very affiliate-friendly.

Any program that features video training resources deserves a closer look. eBooks, sophisticated support systems, and online mentoring are also good training resources for new users. Once you digest all of these resources, you can also apply them to your marketing efforts for other affiliate products and services.

Look to this affiliate marketing program for training resources.

If the program you are reviewing has these qualities, do one last check on the affiliate program itself and make sure that it has a good track record with their affiliates.

Find out if they really deliver on their claims for affiliates by doing some online research so you can know what other people think about the affiliate program. The best affiliate program will always deliver on its promises.

Please feel free to ask questions at any time. Leave them in the comment box below or the contact form.




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