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You need the best computer eyeglasses because whether you are an affiliate marketer, blogger or writer you will be spending many hours in front of a digital device, IE: a laptop or desktop computer an IPad or a mobile phone.

Reading a digital screen for many hours can play havoc with your eyes. The official word for problems with the eyes from too much digital time is “Computer Vision Syndrome” (CVS).

What is CVS and what are the symptoms?

CVS is a range of symptoms with the eyes, not just one symptom. You may be surprised to learn how many people suffer from some kind of CVS. The figure stats arA image of an open blue eye

e between 50% and 90% according to WebMD


Few people realize that computer screens and other digital products especially smartphones which emit the most HEV (high energy violet) or blue light penetrates the retina and also in some instances can cause macular degeneration.


Only the best computer eyeglasses will protect your eyes from HEV.

More on this later.

Symptoms of CVS

  • Dry red irritated eyes
  • Blurred or fuzzy vision
  • Eye strain and fatigue
  • Excessive tiredness
  • Headaches and/or migraine headaches
  • Increased nearsightedness (myopia)
  • Difficulty focusing on work
  • Color vision changes
  • Slow ability to refocus
  • Eye Coordination problems
  • Double vision

Some of these symptoms will eventuate over time, not overnight. You may not have all these symptoms but if you are suffering from CVS you may certainly have one or more.

What are the causes of these symptoms? Too much time spent on a digital device and up too close to the device, we tend to blink less also, we may have poor lighting or glare.

These causes can make the surface of our eyes very dry and the muscles of the eyes get tired. The reason the muscles of the eyes get tired is because of our eye movement.

We are constantly moving our eyes in every situation of our normal daily lives. Too much time spent on a digital device, say your computer for instance and your eyes will be using several muscles, overuse of these muscles can be the cause of CVS.

Blue Light (HEV)

To protect your eyes from blue light whilst using your digital device is as simple as wearing a good pair of computer eyeglasses.

Some digital devices emit more blue light than others. Your precious smartphone emits the most because as it’s held so close to your face.

The blue light in digital devices are more harmful than UV as blue light penetrates the back of the eye. This being the case our eyes natural filters cannot provide enough protection from blue light.

A pair of eye glasses on a glass table

Computer Eyeglasses

So the computer eyeglasses have become our savior from blue light. Wearing computer eyeglasses can not only help with the conditions of CVS but also help with your sleep, (according to The Journal and Medical Rhythm Research). Consider wearing computer eyeglasses if your work/schoolwork entails using a digital device for long periods of time. (I know I am) Our eyes have to last us for a lifetime so let’s take care of them.


There are 3 different type of lenses you can choose from they are single vision lenses, computer reading glasses, and variable focus glasses.

Single vision lensesA lens from a camera


These lenses are made in such a way that when you are sitting at your computer there is a distance between the eyes and the computer, so at this distance, the computer screen will be clear when wearing single vision glasses, yet up close and distant will be blurry. So these glasses are really only meant to be worn when using a desktop computer.


Computer Reading Glasses

The lenses of computer reading glasses are split into 2 halves usually, which allow better vision at different ranges. This is because the top half is made like single vision lenses and the bottom half is made so as you can focus on nearer items like print in newspapers and books. So these glasses can be worn more often than just for computer work.

Variable Focus Glasses

These lenses are more expensive than the other 2 options as they are more difficult to make as they have 3 ranges. The difference between variable focus glasses and the other 2 lenses is that they can be worn for close up reading, desktop computer work and to see far away objects. This means that they can be worn most of the time.

Variable-focus computer glasses improve vision at three ranges, allowing for maximum versatility. Unlike computer reading glasses, variable-focus glasses allows for clear, unobstructed vision

Once you have made a decision to buy a pair of computer eyeglasses and you have chosen which lenses you want it’s just a matter of choosing the frames. This is the fun part.

Self Help for CVS

A healthy diet and good nutritional habits plus a healthy lifestyle are a good way to start, it will be beneficial in many ways not just for eye care.

You may want to start taking supplements specially formulated for eye care but you must always consult your GP before doing so.

It’s also a great idea to move from your computer chair quite often. Get moving, make a hot or cold drink this helps with hydration too.

Have breaks from your digital device often for at least 10 minutes for every hour. Get a timer if needs be to remind you it’s time for a break.

Below is a great website called FIRMOO they have a wide range of the best computer eyeglasses and they are very reasonably priced. Their website has Q & A for you to read and testimonials/customer reviews.


To protect your eyes from blue light buy a pair of computer eyeglasses. Improve your diet and lifestyle if it’s not where you want it to be. Move away every hour from your digital device.

I really hope this article helps you make a decision on looking after your eyes whilst using digital devices. You only have one pair of eyes. Please look after them.


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