Best Computer Eyeglasses

You need the best computer eyeglasses because whether you are an affiliate marketer, blogger or writer you will be spending many hours in front of a digital device, IE: a laptop or desktop computer an IPad or a mobile phone. Reading a digital screen for many hours can play havoc

How To: Branding Yourself – A Guide To Branding

How To Branding Yourself The thought of branding yourself might seem a little obscure, think of it as getting to know yourself better and who and what you stand for. How to Branding yourself is about getting your name out there in the world by connecting with people. Gaining trust

Review on Content Shortcuts

In this Review on Content Shortcuts we will find out the following:                  Who are Content Shortcuts?……What do they do?…… What products do they offer?…… Who are Content Shortcuts? The company is owned by a lady named Ruth Pound from the UK and

What’s the Best Keyword Research Tool

Review of Keyword Research Tool This review is for a top-quality keyword research tool called Jaaxy that is currently on the market. I use this tool and have been very happy with it. People often ask what’s the best keyword research tool. Firstly let me say that keywords are essential in

Primary Secondary Research

Primary secondary research how important is it to know the difference? When you start out with a new business research is essential especially in affiliate marketing. We want to make an impact on our new business and getting the right information can lead to the success of your business. Getting

Advertising of your Website a Brief Guide

Advertising is used to convey a message and inform consumers and the public. The ad ensures customers that a business, product or service are looking for customers to buy their wares. The advertising of your website can be done in many different ways. It’s a matter of awareness for the

What is a Niche?

So what is a niche? What does the word niche sum up in your mind? Anybody and everybody in the affiliate marketing business will know what a niche is. Not everybody will know though unless they are an affiliate marketer. If any affiliate marketer beginners are reading this I will

Affiliate Marketing Links – and How to Get Them

Affiliate Marketing is a great way to make extra money from home. I would like to talk about affiliate marketing links but more on that later. I do affiliate marketing because I love it, it’s not just about the extra money for me personally it’s about creating something great (as

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