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Blogging for a Living – 30 Places to Start Your Blogging Career

Many freelance writers are starting to discover that blogging for a living is one of the most popular opportunities accessible to them.

Blogging is basically a progression of posts on a specific subject or(niche) which are recorded in reverse chronological order.

Blogs might be about a wide range of subjects and that might be close to home (personal) products, instructive, funny, reviews or some other subject that you want to write about.

So, the way to have an effective blog is to write about a subject that claims a wide audience. Furthermore, the blog ought to be refreshed consistently and you ought to give helpful substance to the readers of the blog. The readers need to be engaged with the content so as not to become bored.

This article will give some ideas on discovering career openings in blogging, it will inform you about the advantages of this sort of career and will give you information on how you as a writer can deal with a blog more effectively.

Discovering Blogging for a Living Career Opportunities

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Despite the fact that blogging career opportunities are ending up being very popular, numerous writers don’t know how to locate these awesome opportunities.

Some of these career opportunities might be offered as ghost writing positions. Finding these blogging opportunities is frequently similar to finding some other career opportunities for writers.

Organizations looking for a blogger may post the employment opportunity in a similar way which they would post different openings within the organization, for example, bookkeeping positions or admin positions.

In this way, if you are interested in a job as a blogger you ought to use similar search employment sites as you would normally find other career opportunities.

You may also wish to visit professional sites and message boards which center solely around jobs in blogging. Pro Blogger website is one example of a site committed only to placing bloggers in touch with those who are keen on enlisting a writer for a specific blog.

Consider joining The Pro Blogger Website it’s a fantastic place for all bloggers. They have what seems like an unending amount of reading material as in E-Books and Blogs. They also have resources and tools page to help with all your business needs for blogging.

Also, you may want to consider joining message boards that only focus on blogging careers for individuals who do blogging for a living. This can be useful on the grounds that here bloggers are probably going to share info with respect to the organizations for which they work and in addition any data they have about organizations who are as of now hoping to employ bloggers.

Here are some helpful websites that advertise blogging jobs

1. Pro Blogger

2. MediaBistro

3. BloggingPro


5. TextBroker

6. Writer Access

7. Contently

8. The Introspectionist

9. Wow! Women on Writing

10. Write Naked

11. Writers Weekly

12. A List Apart

13. Smashing Magazine

14. Scotch

15. Income Diary

Freelance Websites

1. Link from Blog

2. All Freelance Writing

3. UpWork

4. Freelancer

5. iFreelance

6. Funds for Writers

7. Listverse

8. Guru

9 . Pay Per Post

10. Make a Living Writing

11. Blogvertise

12. Wise Bread

13. Pay U2 Blog

14. Beyond Your Blog

15. Social Spark

This is by no means a comprehensive list of websites that advertise for bloggers, but it is a good start for anyone who wants to do blogging for a living.

The Benefits of Blogging for a Living

There are numerous advantages to having a career in blogging. Maybe the most appealing advantage to a career in blogging is the work can be, a work from home position. This is on the grounds that the blogger has access to all the necessary software and is able to access the internet.

There is no need for the blogger to commute to a different location. This means the blogger can live anyplace on the planet and can almost certainly work from their home. Not all blogging positions are work from home positions though. A few organizations may expect bloggers to work onsite.

Another advantage of a career in blogging is the capacity to work at your own pace which is helpful for you, this way you won’t become exhausted by a heavy schedule.

You might be required to upload another post to your blog as part of a normal timetable however the actual writing of the posts can be accomplished when it is convenient for you.

Many blogging software packages enable you to set a particular time for a particular post to be uploaded. This enables you to compose a few posts at any given time and have them published by a predetermined schedule.

Of course, the greatest advantage of blogging you will find by many is the money. Who doesn’t want to earn a living from home?

Finding the Time to Blog

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One of the issues which may confront you is finding the time to blog. This is particularly difficult if you have a current affairs blog, as the information must be current, or if you have several blogs to maintain.

Writing blog posts a few at a time and then scheduling them to be published as and when required is a good way to get around this problem.

If for instance, you have a current affairs blog you must take care to plan your time wisely to guarantee you are distributing current information in your blog posts. To accomplish this you will need to put aside time on a daily basis to read current events.

This may be done by reading the morning papers to ensure you are getting all the current news you need for your blog post.

Hiring Guest Bloggers

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Getting back to you not having time to write for your blog. It’s a good idea in thinking that maybe you need to consider hiring guest bloggers or outsource to help you in keeping up with the latest news and current affairs. This can be a very advantageous technique for you if you are not just experiencing issues staying upfront with the latest information, but at the same time are keen on giving your readers a little variety.

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Settling on this option of staying up with the latest news ought to make you deliberately consider how the committed blog reader will respond to this change. This is imperative since a few readers may not be keen on reading online blogs composed by a guest blogger.

You can check the reader’s responses to guest bloggers in two or three distinctive ways.

The easiest way and the most straightforward technique is to start a poll for your readers about the use of guest bloggers.

This should be possible by requesting that readers remark on the issue and then you can identify the remarks received. This will give you a real indication of the reader’s responses.

Another way is to measure the amount of traffic your blog receives when a guest blogger is present. This way you will know exactly how your readers are reacting to a guest blogger.


Blogging for a living can be very rewarding in itself. But you must be prepared to put the time and effort in to make it a success. The upside to freelance blogging is you can make an income while you are waiting for your niche blog to get ranked.

I hope you found “blogging for a living” insightful.

Please feel free to leave a message in the comment box below or contact me via the contact form.

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