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Buy/Sell Websites

There is plenty of information on the world wide web as to how to build a website. What about selling your website? How does that work? Did you even know you could sell your website? To buy/sell websites or flipping as it is known is not really uncommon. It has been happening online more and more as the digital age spreads and widens.

Buying a digital business, for example, a website is far easier than building a website from scratch. Building profitable websites are very time-consuming. So if you have the cash it is becoming far more popular to buy an existing profitable website. It is much easier to quickly establish yourself online as an entrepreneur when you buy an already built up business website.

The Process of Buying or Selling

Firstly we will need to visit marketplaces that specialize in the trading of websites. This is pretty easy as there are a few to be found online. Most of these trading websites actually do both the transactions of buying and selling. When buying a website online you will need to know a few things about the website you are thinking of buying.
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A good background report, not to mention a health report, (audit report) how many subscribers does it have per month, how much traffic per month. What is revenue turnover per month? Has the website ever had google penalties, how many backlinks and are they genuine? All this is to be taken into account before you buy it. If you have ever had a website in the past it will be second nature to check these reports as you will have done it before as a matter of maintenance of your website.

To look towards the marketplace that will be selling you a website you will need to know what are their commission policies and do they have after-sales support. If you are someone who knows nothing about websites it is a good idea to be able to obtain some kind of support once you have bought your website. Websites look like they can be easily managed but do not be deceived by looks.

Some More Popular Marketplaces for Buying/Selling Websites


I would say Flippa is the most popular of all the marketplaces, it gains its place by being a global leader for the buying and selling of websites. They not only buy and sell websites but also domains and apps.a banner with white background and red writing saying need help selling your website

To sell your digital product on Flippa the prices start from $25 self-managed.

To buy you can bid on products, the price ranges are vast, anything from a few dollars to millions.


You will find plenty of tips and ideas on this marketplace website as they display current articles. They have fully developed websites and domain names for sale. On the other hand, you can list your website and reach thousands of potential buyers. The premium price to sell a website is $29.95 and is active for 90 days.

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Another marketplace to buy and sell websites and domains. No fees are charged to list your product on Freemarket. They take a small commission which is one of the cheapest you will find. See the screenshot below for price commissions and all the listing’s meanings.

A screenshot of a listing feeListing Fee…..Free to post an item and receive bids. Sellers are only required to verify the item ownership and contact details to activate the listing.

Success Fee…..The fee you pay on successful transactions. This will be charged automatically from the total funds received.

5 info graphic companies that buy and sell websites

Featured…..Featured listings attract more bidders by being displayed prominently on the Sites landing page.

Highlight…..Make your listing visually stand out from the rest of the listings with a highlighted background.

Private…..Keep your listing confidential. Private listings are hidden from search engines and public viewers.


Explore an exclusive selection of established websites for sale on Empire Flippers. An award-winning INC. 5000 company and International Business Brokers Association Awards. The websites listed do seem to be at the high end of the marketplace, with listed websites being in the 6 figure bracket.

It costs $297 to list your website for the first time and $97 thereafter for repeat sellers. If for any reason Empire Flippers can’t list your site you will be refunded. Your site must be listed with Empire Flippers exclusively for 180 days before you can advertise it elsewhere.

Commission fees are listed below in the screenshot.

A screenshot of prices to sell a websiteFE INTERNATIONAL…..Founded in 2010 FE International has doubled in size both in revenue and with its services. Also, an advisory service for M & A, Saas, e-commerce, and content businesses. Another high-end marketplace with selling prices over the million mark for some websites. FE International will give you a free valuation of your product.



Looking to buy established websites that have a fair amount of traffic. We Buy Websites has some resources on how to’s on their seller’s FAQ page which are as follows,

“How can I learn more about selling my website?”

“How can I learn more about building traffic for my website?”

“How can I learn more about monetizing traffic on my website?”

They also run a mailing list of hundreds of webmasters who are serious about buying websites. If your site is not suitable for their portfolio, they may be able to pass your details on to their list of buyers. Contact We Buy Websites for prices and commissions. also, if you would like to be put on their mailing list of a person to buy websites.

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Here we have a marketplace that buys and sell domains. Sedo also offers a brokerage service. They offer a unique service to park your domain see these screenshot for the benefits below.

sedo banner with writing saying want more visitors get a trustworthy domain name find your domain

A screenshot of benefits to park your domain

“Take advantage of Sedo’s Domain Parking! You can earn money with your unused domains and sell them even quicker. Domain Parking is completely free of charge!
The idea is simple:

Advertisements that thematically correspond to the domain name will be displayed on your domain. You will earn money whenever a visitor clicks on the advertising links.
Your domain will no longer lead to an empty page or a page under construction. Use it instead as advertising space and feature professional content on your domain which will always be in the visitor’s native language. This ensures that no click will ever escape you!”

Sedo also has a free listing of your domain with a 10% commission fee.


There are some forums that will allow you to advertise in specific areas of their forum. Things that are being sold are websites, domains, apps, digital goods, and articles. Have a search around for some of these forums. There are 3 that come to mind which are:

Digital Point Marketplace

Web Host Talk


Forums are great places to find all kinds of information and these 3 are no exception.
A significant amount of money can be acquired if you are serious about buying and selling digital products.

I hope you found my article helpful on Buy/Sell Websites.



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