How do I Get on Google?

So how do I get on Google? This is a question that has been asked thousands of times. And will still be asked in another hundred years as new players come on the market. Firstly you can’t just start a blog and start writing content without a few essential bits of

What is Website Content? and How to Write it Well

So what is website content? First, let’s look at the definition. Your website content is more than just text although the text may be the single most important part on your site. Website content also refers to infographics, graphs, and images videos, podcasts, downloadable PDFs, and anything else your visitors

Why is My Bounce Rate so High – on My Landing Page?

Why is my bounce rate so high on my landing page? Good question. A landing page is a page on your site which people land on when they click on one of your ads, be they search ads, display ads, social ads, or whatever. And so, many marketers and the

8 Reasons Why visitors Leave Your Website – So Quickly

Have you ever wondered the reason why people leave your website so quickly? Why do visitors keep clicking away although you have probably put a lot of time and effort into creating your site? Below are the 8 major reasons why people may click away from your website. Loading…waiting…still loading

How to Stand Out for? – Your Readers and Search Engines

How to stand out for being a go-to source for information. We want to stand out for being ourselves and be noticed online. If like myself you are an internet marketer and want to be noticed, what do we need to do to get all our hard work noticed? Estimates

5 Facebook Ad Tips and Tricks that Work!

Almost everyone online that promotes products and services for gain will want to try out Facebook ads. We are all inquisitive enough to want to know exactly what all the fuss is about with promoting on Facebook. Many people wonder is advertising on Facebook worth the money and will I

Tips for Writing Emails That Actually Get Read

Being an inquisitive person I have to open and read almost every email I receive even in my junk folder. I probably read about 90% of the emails I receive. This is not the norm though. Most people are not like me and do not even open any of their

Tips for Becoming a Successful Affiliate Marketer

Welcome to my article on Tips for Becoming a Successful Affiliate Marketer. The very first task I would give myself is to obtain the best affiliate marketing training I could find. This is done by doing a search on any of the search engines. Seek out the ones with the

How to Build a Business Website for Making Money

Where do you start with making your business website? This can seem a complex issue when you are not tech savvy with website building. So it seems we ask ourselves again and again. How to build a business website for making money. How to Build a Website for Making Money

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