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Content Writing Jobs – Advice and Tips

While waiting for your website or blog to move up in the search engines a good way to supplement your income is with content writing jobs. You have written awesome content for your website so why not write awesome content and get paid for it.

First Some Tips on Website Content Writing

“You have optimized your links, your H1 tags are perfect, your SEO is perfect so what do you do now? Well, as stated it can take some time before your articles start hitting the search engine’s top pages before you see the fruits of your labor. So what do we do while waiting for the SERPS to start listing your site on the first few pages?

You start writing more content, yes more content.

The search engines love content, their whole point of existence is to spider and index content, rate it and categorize what they index and make sure that the user can find this content. And this is exactly why you should create great content for those little search engine spiders to find.

Write like you are on autopilot, and I don’t mean just optimized text. Write content that is relevant to the products you intend to sell but don’t just write copy. You should write content that you would be interested in reading yourself. Because if a user hits your pages in the SERPs, you want them to stay there.

OK, I am done writing now what?A pen and a pencil

If you are done writing, double it, the more, the better. A nice place to start off would be 20 pages of 400 or more words. I know that it is about 8000 words, but it’s on the topic you should love because at the end of the day you’re selling it, aren’t you?

Write interesting content

The problem with most content written for the search engines is it’s dull and boring and not very interesting. It cannot be stated enough if you have interesting reading material you will get more targeted traffic to your site.

Study the topic most closely related to the products you offer on your website and write a nice 20-page document about it. If you are trying to sell holidays your best bet is to write about interesting travel guides. It would be of little use to write about search engine optimization, as the traffic won’t be very interested in your products unless they are looking for SEO to help optimize their website. You can take the content idea from other sites and using it for inspiration then rephrase the article.

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Write honest product comparisons and Reviews

A perfect and easy thing to write about is for you to write product comparisons. The best thing would be to write honest product comparisons on the items you are selling on your website. Make people believe that what you are writing is an unbiased comparison between the products.

Don’t get me wrong with the make people believe the statement. You should never lie and always try to play it by the book. You just want your reader to believe it as much as you do. If you are having problems with writing them yourself pay someone to compare the products you are selling. For you, it should not make too much difference if someone comes in on one of your pages and buy product X, Y or Z, you should be happy they came and bought any product in the first place. Just think that you would not have this customer if the comparison or review was not written.

ReviewsA women smiling looking at a laptop with the words review

Reviews are a great way to get visitors to your article. Do you look for reviews of products and services before buying? I know I do!

A great review is one that can show the benefits of a product or service and how it will help the customer should they buy it.

The customer wants to know why the product or service will help them in all scenarios. So a thorough review should be aimed for. Think of the questions you want answering when you contemplate buying a product or service.

Content Writing Jobs

So we now know some best ways on how to write content. However, content writing is not only about promoting your content, but it’s also about marketing yourself. Your own personal brand is vital.

So let’s take a look at some different types of writing jobs.Kwork banner saying freelance everything from $10

  • Article Writing
  • Blog Posts
  • Newsletters
  • Web Content
  • Sales Copy
  • Press Release
  • Technical Writing

Article Writing Jobs

Generally, this is a fairly generic term used by many people. Some people use it very broadly to mean almost any type of writing, and others use it only for actual articles that they want to publish on their websites.

Blog Posts

Writing for someone else’s blog is quite a common task, and is typically done as a ghostwriter. As you would expect, when people mention that they are hiring for blog posts, they want content which will fit on their blog. Before applying, visit their website if possible to get a feel for what they want. Then try to reflect that style in your application.

Sales Copy

Sales copy is used to convince the reader to take some sort of action. High-quality sales copy can be worth as little as cents a word or dollars a word. Take this into account when making your application. Treat your proposal as a sort of mini-sales copy to show the client what you can do.


A newsletter is normally sent out to an email subscriber list to provide news and information to the reader. A typical newsletter will give some specific current information about the topic. When applying, mention some current-events resources you may use to write the newsletter. If you can’t find any, ask the client to suggest some. This will show that you know what they are looking for and improve the odds of getting hired.

Press Release

A press release is used by customers to announce an important event, product or other timely items to the news sites. When done properly, these can get the client’s announcement posted in hundreds of places on the internet. It can also bring in many great backlinks quite quickly. When applying for a press release job, ask specific questions about the information you’re writing about. When you’re not sure what to ask, keep the “Who, What, When, Where, Why” questions in mind.

Technical Writing

Technical writing can be very similar to article or web content, but it is about a specific subject which requires exact information. When applying for these jobs, list any specific experience you have in the area. Mention any certifications you might carry as well, even if they are only loosely related. If you can find some industry jargon to use, that can help as well, but only if used properly.

Web Content

Like article writing, this is a type of content writing job which can mean something different to each client. Of course, it will be content published on the web, but that is very broad. When applying, try to feel the customer out a little by asking leading questions to see exactly what they are looking for before giving a specific price.

These are the most common types of writing, though there are many others out there.

One last tip when it comes to working with potential new clients. Always try to use the same types of words and descriptions that they are using. If, for example, they say they are looking for “someone to provide high-quality web content for their site, you should always use the term ‘web-content’ when referring to the job. If you change the terminology used to blog posts or even article writing, they might be put off. This is because some people have a negative view of article writing in general. Right or wrong, speaking in the same language as your clients is a great way to improve the odds of getting hired for the job”.

So where can I find these jobs?

There are plenty of places that will hire you for writing jobs. The thing is where to look to find them. Below is a list of places that will hire content writers.Green banner saying Fiverr any gig from $5 the world's largest marketplace for services

A more comprehensive list here ….. A Categorised list

Further reading….. More resources

Furthermore, you can advertise yourself for hire in places like forums and job creation sites. Leave your contact details so prospective clients can get in touch with office table with a note saying marketing strategy

Some forums I recommend are:

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are forums for every niche you can think of. Whatever your niche pitch yourself on the appropriate forums to land writing jobs.

I found the post below on the WAHM forum, this is a typical post that you could inquire into.



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So as you see the avenues that are open to you are huge. Alternatively, you could just join a program like Upwork and find all you’re writing jobs through them. The choices are huge and are yours to decide.

I hope you enjoyed this article. Please feel free to comment or ask questions in the comment box. Or in the contact me form.

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