Create Infographic to Increase your Online Presence

You can create infographics to increase your online presence as they help people understand the message being delivered. This increases their attention span as the information is being absorbed. As people find and share your infographic, they will build a number of inbound links that will point to your website enhancing your online presence.

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Easily shareable, infographics have the ability to generate lots of web traffic and for this reason are valuable marketing tools. Your infographics may attract more viewers inviting them to investigate your website or blog more thoroughly.

The brain processes visual information faster than text and retains that information. 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual and visuals are processed 60,000 times quicker than text.

Visual vs Written

Your business requires marketing material to connect with potential customers. This can involve a website, social media presence, brochures, coupons and advertisements. There are two types of content that marketing requires, visual and written.

While photos and videos are a given when it comes to the visual way of presenting your business, infographics are also relevant. These are charts and graphs that make it easier for viewers to comprehend data or information. Research has found that companies who used infographics saw their online traffic grow by 12%.

You can explain to your customers that by subscribing to My Money Bizs they will be getting a great experience and information from a website in written format. Or you can create an infographic (see below) that will help them see the information in a new light, and break up text and add some color and visuals to your content.

An infographic about my money bizs



To EMBED YOUR INFOGRAPHIC go to this site, it will generate an embed code for you.

Follow your Dreams

It’s not hard to be able to achieve your dreams, It’s just a matter of following your dreams and following in successful people’s footsteps.

So where do we get our inspiration from? Usually, it’s other people. It’s a matter of if they can do it so can I! As you see from My Money Bizs infographic it is quite self-explanatory. The message gives you the information that if you follow in my footsteps you will achieve success.

Infographics can and do tell a story in pictures. Infographics are not hard to make. With the right design websites and a great idea, you can make one in minutes. Firstly though we need an idea, so for inspiration, we need to take a look at other infographics that are on the web and designed by other people. See where I am going with this?

“Don’t be afraid to fail, be afraid not to try”   

 Create Infographic to increase your online presence

My dreams have come to the fore because I followed a great training program. It has taught me almost everything I know today. Be a SUCCESSFUL ONLINE MARKETER and make money using their proven methods.

a white banner with writing saying making money online is not magic

Types of infographics

All infographics are not created equal, there are various types that work well for specific purposes.

  • Process infographics
  • Geographic infographics
  • Comparison infographics
  • Hierarchical infographics
  • List infographics
  • Resume infographics
  • Statistical infographics
  • Informational infographics
  • Timeline infographics

How to Create an Infographic

If you are sold on the importance of infographics, here are three different ways you can create them:

Download an Infographic Template

HubSpot allows you to download 15 templates for infographics completely free! This is perfect for beginners because you don’t have to spend hours designing one on your own or learning the process.

Simply download the template you want to use into PowerPoint, use tools to easily customize it to your unique needs and create a code to embed the graphic to your site or social media platforms.

Create an Infographic from Scratch

Visme….. make your own infographics

Once you get comfortable customizing infographic templates, you can move on to creating unique graphics from scratch. This will help your brand distinguish itself from competitors who may be using the same software you are to make similar templates.

There are many software options to choose from to do this, one of them being Canva. All you have to do is either upload your own image or choose from their library of over one million illustrations, photos, and graphics. Choose from over 130 fonts, various colors, and backgrounds by dragging and dropping various options.

You can save your designs on Canva to reuse them or make small changes in additional marketing campaigns.

Hire a Professional Infographic Designer

If you don’t feel comfortable with using templates or software to create an infographic or simply don’t have the time to do this. Outsource it to a professional designer. Try Fiverr.

Type in what type of work you need help with, and browse through different freelance profiles. You will have the chance to read reviews about them and see samples of their previous work.

Free and premium infographic design websites.




Canva Infographic Maker

Google Charts





Submit Infographics to the following websites

You can submit your infographics to certain websites. There are guidelines you will need to consider before you submit your infographic. Different websites have different guidelines so you will need to check them out before submitting your infographic.

Here is a huge list of websites to submit your infographics too.

Let’s Recap

Did you know that humans now have shorter attention spans than goldfishes? A 2015 study conducted by Goldfish imageMicrosoft in Canada showed that the average attention span of humans has decreased by 4 seconds in the past 15 years. From 12 seconds in 2000, last year’s study showed that it is now at 8.25 seconds only, largely due to the advent of smartphones. This is actually a tad shorter compared to the attention span of goldfishes who are clocking in at 9 seconds.

This decline in our attention span has never been truer than in the way we use the internet. According to a study done by the Nielsen Norman Group, the average time that a person spends on a web page is less than a minute. The first 10 to 20 seconds of the visit to a web page is the most critical since the visitor makes the decision on whether to stay or leave within this time frame.

There is no better way to capture an audience’s attention within 10 seconds than with a powerful image. An infographic does exactly that! Plus, it is also able to convey information in a much shorter time.

What do Infographics do that Text Cannot

Infographics make complex information easier to understand by presenting them in easily patterns and organizing them into different portions that seamlessly flows as one. For example, history, statistics, and processes are boring when presented in text form. However, turning them into timelines, charts, graphs, and flowcharts make them easily understandable by the audience.

These days when the world has become so fast-paced, everyone is in a hurry. An infographic saves the reader time by conveying information within a couple of seconds instead of taking several minutes to read through an article that needs hundreds or thousands of words just to express the same idea.

Since infographics have the ability to easily capture attention and quickly convey information, they tend to be more likely to get shared, especially on social media. Thus, infographics have more tendency to go viral. In fact, infographics are 3 times more likely to be shared on social media than other forms of content.

Since infographics are more likely to get shared, this will also equate to more traffic for your site. According to studies, a regular post will likely get 75 tweets while an infographic will get around 600. Infographics can be shared as is a thousand times without getting penalized by Google for it. On the other hand, websites cannot have the same content since these will be flagged and get penalized.

What Makes An Infographic Worthy of Likes and Shares?

Before and above anything else, the success of an infographic in driving traffic to your site will greatly depend on a banner with social media written in ithow awesome it is. Make sure that your material is great. A great infographic will have no trouble taking flight and making the rounds on the Internet. Here are some guidelines in making an infographic that will earn thousands of likes and shares on social media.


Keep a target audience in mind. Make sure that the information on the infographic is relevant to them. Keep it simple and prevent yourself from going overboard in loading the infographic with a lot of information. Focus on a specific topic.

The goal of an infographic is to educate. Its relevance lies in how useful it is and how it is able to provide a solution to a problem. Make sure that your information is well-researched, correct and accurate. Have a great design that immediately captures the eyes of the audience.

Strike a balance between the amount of graphics and text. Create a great flow throughout the whole infographic. The images and texts should be cohesive enough to be able to tell a story. Don’t forget to cite your sources.

How To Drive Traffic to Your Site Using Infographics

Once you have a great infographic, the next step would be to promote it. Here are a few pointers on how to help your infographic become viral.

  • Write an excellent article to go with your infographic. This will increase your chances of success with SEO.
  • Get your infographic published on other websites and blogs, especially the major ones. Take advantage of your network or connect with new bloggers.
  • Publish your infographic on sites that are known for featuring infographics. (i.e. Pinterest, Flickr, Instagram) as well as the above sites.
  • From Facebook to YouTube to LinkedIn, establish your infographic’s presence across all possibly relevant platforms. In doing so, you might need to convert them to the appropriate format that is used on that particular platform. For example, you can make a video out of your infographic so that you can post it on youtube. A slideshow out of your infographic will also find its place on Slideshare.
  • Keep your infographic relevant by regularly posting it on different platforms. Use it in your new blog posts by linking back to it. You can count on backlinks to drive a lot of traffic.

Go here to see other ways to drive traffic to your website.


Lots of traffic with high rise buildings the the left and right

In this world that we live in today. It is an age when we are assaulted by a barrage of information each day, infographics are a great weapon in the battle for your audience’s attention. However, not all infographics may prove to be effective in directing traffic to a site.

An infographic, above everything else, should contain all the right elements. It should be eye-catching, informative, focused, well-researched, organized and have a great flow to it. In order to launch an infographic on its way to becoming viral, it has to be promoted in the right platforms, using the right media and making it a habit to regularly make it relevant.

I hope my article on “Create infographic to increase your online presence” was helpful.

If you have any questions please feel free to pop them in the comments area or contact form.




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