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Design infographics with Free Templates

An infographic is a powerful tool that can help explain quite a lot about something or even someone. Infographics present information visually and in a fun and entertaining way. This can help your visitors understand the subject of interest. You can design infographics with free templates as I will show you below.

You can use infographics on social media, in presentations or just for fun. It is a proven fact that the human brain absorbs ideas presented in infographics three times faster than ideas presented in the simple text.

Below is a free template that I used to create a Bio infographic. It’s simple but effective. This took less than 15 minutes to create.

Infographic saying your bio and why you need one

The easiest way to create infographics is to start with a template which you can edit and fill with facts. With most infographic templates, you can add images, icons and also backgrounds.

Infographic websites offer free templates and tools to help you create. Just pick the template you want, then drag and drop items onto the infographic.

Many of these sites let you add your own images from a computer. Type in text, choose fonts and colors, then save your infographic and/or share it on social media. The following sites make creating infographics easy and free.


Piktochart is a website filled with infographic, presentation, poster and report templates. Register for an account and get started by choosing an infographic template. When you register your account at Piktochart you will see a short free demo.

The free service gives a limited number of templates. Users can pay for more templates, and other help, such as the ability to save in PDF format.

Piktochart has a helpful infographics tips page to guide you through creating infographics.

An infographic on Piktochart shows free tools to create your own infographic.

Marketers use Piktochart to create visual content experiences:

  • Drive traffic
  • Boost engagement
  • Boost search engine rankings
  • Grow leads


Canva is a free design website to create infographics, social media cover images, invitations, posters, cards and more. Head to the site, register for an account and click Create a Design. They do have an upgrade but it is not really necessary.

Choose Infographic to find free templates. After choosing one, add background designs, images, text, charts and more. Use Canva’s free photos or upload your own.

Many of Canva’s elements are free, though some cost about $1.

Canva also has a free app for iPhone and iPad to create infographics on the go: Canva app.

Below is an infographic I made with Canva.

An infographic about website speed


Venngage is another website that gives free tools to create infographics, reports, posters, and social media posts. Sign up for Venngage and choose which type of infographic you want to create, such as process, timeline, comparison or charts.

The templates are organized by level of difficulty: beginner, intermediate or advanced. Some of the templates are only available for sale. Venngage lets you include charts and their maps for free infographics.

Users can create up to five infographics with Venngage for free.

There is also a community whereby you can see the latest infographics the community has made.


Visme lets you search for templates by keyword. Sign up for an account and search by format, such as comparison, or by subject, such as education. You can also view different templates to choose one that works best for you. Some of the templates are for sale only.

A video on YouTube shows how to use Visme:

A very interesting feature of Visme infographics is that you can animate parts of the design. For example, you can make text move in a wave.

Visme lets you create interactive maps you can use in the infographic. You can also add a YouTube video to your infographic. You can even add music to your infographic with free tunes from Visme.

When you are finished with your Visme infographic, you can keep it to yourself, publish it or lock it with a password you can share. You must pay to use the shared password service.

Visme lets you make up to three projects with a free account.

Below is an infographic I made with Visme.

An infographic about my money bizs

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Easelly has many free templates to use for infographics. Sign up for a free account and choose a template to get started.

Select a background and add text, shapes, charts, and objects to your infographic. Add images from Easelly or upload your own. You can add a YouTube video into your infographic with Easelly.

For more information on designing infographics see my related post below. Here you will find out how to embed your infographic into your website.

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Designing an infographic offers the perfect opportunity for business owners to promote their brand. Including brand elements in the design, like the business’s name, slogan, colors, and logo can help users remember the business after viewing its infographic.purple banner saying brand yourself It also helps promote consistency and strengthen your brand by making sure any marketing materials you use also feature your brand elements.


After creating a high-quality infographic, business owners should submit it to some of the top infographic directories, such as Infographic Bee. Most infographic directories allow visitors to use their infographics by copying and pasting the embed code on their own website, which automatically creates a backlink to the business owner’s website.

Business owners can attract more views to their infographic by sharing it on social media. Statistics show that images shared on Facebook generate 53 percent more likes than text posts. However, user engagement metrics for visuals is typically stronger across all social media networks, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram, so business owners shouldn’t focus solely on Facebook.a banner with social media written in it

According to HubSpot, publishing infographics on a website can boost the site’s traffic by 12 percent. Search engines love infographics just as much as human visitors. When published on a website, Google and Bing take notice of this high-quality visualized content and respond by increasing the site’s search rankings.

Infographics can even be included in marketing emails. A separate HubSpot report found that 65 percent of internet users prefer emails that consist primarily of images whereas less than one-third of internet users prefer text-based emails.

Using their business’s website and social media profiles, business owners can harvest users email addresses so that they can later send them infographics and increase the chance that those emails are read.

Regardless of which method a business owner uses, he or she should design high-quality, detailed infographics to capitalize on this content marketing trend.

Here are some more tips about infographics from Neil Patel.

I hope you found my article on “Design infographics with free templates” useful. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me either in the comments area or the contact form.

If you have made any infographics I would love to see them.



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