Email Sending Jobs Review – Can You Really Make $25 per Email?

Welcome to my Email Sending Jobs Review.

There are thousands of people looking for online work from home jobs. So you may have come across this one called Email Sending Jobs. The claim of this program is you can easily make $25 per email sent. Not to mention that you can make $250 per day or more.

So what is Email Sending Jobs?

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The name really speaks for itself.  But Email Sending Jobs claim that you can earn money by sending emails for some of the biggest companies available on the internet. Wowee!

Today I want to find out what this program is all about. So as to inform my readers if this program is legit or is it a just another data entry job scam.

This is their joining strategy

Firstly you need to join the program.

Registration Fee : $75.00 (  Via PayPal / Credit Card / Debit Card / Electronic Check)  What!

1. Select

Your first step is to select and sign up with the companies of your choice given inside your member’s area. Signing up with companies is 100% free and you do not need to pay any charges for signing up with any company given inside their member’s area. During sign up, you need to select the payment option (cheque or PayPal) by which you want to accept your earnings.

2. Choose

The second step is to choose and decide the products/services/websites for which you want to send the emails that are listed under the companies with which you signed up in the first step. You are completely free to choose and decide the products/services/websites for which you want to send the emails for that are listed under the companies with which you signed up.

3. Write

The third step is to write emails. You can just use the pre-written emails. It is up to you whether you write/type the matter of emails on your own or just copy paste the matter of emails from pre-written emails. They recommend their members to use the pre-written emails for sending and processing because it saves time.

4. Send

The fourth step is to send those emails. Inside the member’s area, you will find complete instructions to know where to send those emails. You do not need any heavy duty computer equipment or any automatic email sending software for sending the emails. You simply need a computer with internet access. You must use any reliable email service providers like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc.

5. Monitor

After sending the emails your work is basically finished but they recommend all their members to monitor (check) their account statistics daily to know how much they have earned. You can check your earnings anytime 24×7 just by logging into your account.

6. Payment

You will get your payments every two to four weeks through cheque or PayPal directly by the companies given inside the member’s area. They claim the member’s area includes only legitimate companies that pay timely and accurately.

So there you have it in a nutshell.

Can You Really Make $25 Per Email

Below is calculated income potential. This is BS.

income potential for email sending jobs


Why would reputable businesses pay you $25 per email when they could pay a virtual assistant or employ a clerk for $25 per hour or less? This doesn’t make any sense.

In today’s world with the technology of autoresponders and the like these businesses would be able to send out emails for next to nothing. So again why use an email sending service?

Green animated image saying $75 registration fee for a job forget itI doubt online email jobs very much in general and Email Sending Jobs is just another one to add to the list of many that are out to scam you out of your hard earned money.

I have never heard of any job (if you can call Email Sending Jobs a job) who charge you to work. $75 sign up fee what a joke. This is where I can see many red flags.

Another thing that doesn’t make sense is why isn’t everyone online doing this if it’s such a great paying job? This program claims it has not got enough workers for the number of businesses they have on their books. BS.

This is their excuse below in italics.

“Why Isn’t Everyone Doing Email Sending Work In-spite Of Its Great Earning Potential?

The reason why some people could not use this opportunity is that they do not even know about this opportunity. Maybe you also did not know about this opportunity some time back. The Internet is a big and really big spider with millions of websites and everyone does not reach on EmailSendingJobs.Biz website as you have reached and so everyone could not use this wonderful opportunity”.

(Did you notice how bad the grammar is? Not to mention the spelling mistakes which I have corrected. That red flag is here again).

Limited Positions

They claim they have limited positions. No positions would be more like it. I doubt very much they even have reputable businesses on their books to send emails for.

And even if they do how do you know you are going to be excepted by these so-called companies to send emails. Remember what you have to do in step one.

***Your first step is to select and sign up with the companies of your choice given inside your member’s area.***

If you are or have been an affiliate marketer you will know that sometimes you get knock-backs from certain advertisers within an affiliate network.

So maybe this can happen with this program.

Income Proof

Email Sending Jobs Income Proof 1

Email Sending Jobs Income Proof 2

Email Sending Jobs Income Proof 3

Email Sending Jobs Income Proof 4

Email Sending Jobs Income Proof 5

Email Sending Jobs Income Proof 6

email sending service proof of income check image


The income claims of this site are completely and utterly false. You only have to take a look at the proof of income checks to see they are fake. Not to mention the dates on the checks that are over ten years old.

The name of the companies on the checks has been blanked out. These are the businesses who you are supposed to sign up with and send emails for and who pay you.

The owner of this site is nowhere to be found. I tried to locate an owner but without success. You can’t even look up their domain registration either because it was registered anonymously.

So who are you sending your hard earned $75 too? Another big red flag.

Fake Testimonials

Email Sending Jobs has a page specifically for testimonials. These are more than likely fake. The reason being there are no faces to the testimonials to identify any of them with the program. You are not able to verify these testimonials either.

See for yourself here.

If you want a legit business model and are willing to work then look no further than my No.1 recommended site below.

My No.1 Recommended website
Join my No.1 Recommended website. No credit card needed. Free signup


Name: Email Sending Jobs


Price: $75

Founder/Owner: Nowhere to be found

Product Type: Online Email Jobs

Who is it for: Nobody

Scam: Yes Definitely

Recommended: No definitely not

Rating: 0/0

I really hate calling any website a scam as it goes against my principles. But with Email Sending Jobs I do not feel one bit guilty about calling the whole website a scam.

I truly want to help my readers not to get involved with this type of online work from home job.

I would love to know if you have been scammed by this website or any others like it. You can contact me in the comments area or use the contact or ask me form.

I look forward to hearing from you.



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