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Fiverr Alternative – Kwork

When it comes down to internet marketing almost everyone has heard of Fiverr for outsourcing your business work. A great Fiverr alternative is called Kwork. All in all, they are both very similar but different in some ways. If you get my meaning.

So let’s take a look at them both.


I said earlier most internet marketers will have at least heard of Fiverr but for those that don’t know what Fiverr is all about then read on. Fiverr is a marketplace that connects freelancers (sellers) with customers looking for specific services (buyers). There are a variety of different categories that your work can fall under from writing website content to Logo Design and more. In order to make money, you have to create gigs, which are essentially a mini sales pitch that tries to reel in potential buyers to purchase your services. As with anything, there is no single recipe for success on Fiverr.

Green banner saying Fiverr any gig from $5 the world's largest marketplace for services

Fiverr Website Is Easy To Navigate

Fiverrs platform is fairly straightforward, and you can become an expert in finding what you need after a few minutes. The Fiverr staff is open to communicate any issues that you come across and responds fairly quickly. Since so many people are on Fiverr, most of your needs can be resolved after a quick Google search.

Fiverr also has its own forum where you can post questions, and people tend to be very helpful and informative.

Everyone starts at zero on day one. If you put in ten minutes per gig, making sure you optimize your copy to appeal to a potential buyer and throw a nice image with it, you should be able to snag a few beginner jobs.

You have to learn how to deal with a variety of different people, work within a deadline, and produce content that aligns with what your client has requested. Some sellers may be difficult or unclear, so Fiverr also presents a good opportunity to practice handling clients in an appropriate manner.

Fiverr has the name Fiverr for a reason. Many gigs start at $5, and the platform takes 20% out of everything you sell. That means a $5 gig will only make you $4. Even if you sell 25 gigs, you aren’t really making that much money. It is, however, a good little pocket cash earner.

screenshot of Fiverr's outsourcing system


The Negatives of Fiverr from a sellers point of view is that Fiverr Owns Your Clients…Building a list of repeat buyers doesn’t help you outside of Fiverr. You are basically at the mercy of the platform, as the policy on contacting people outside of Fiverr is incredibly strict. They will deactivate your account at any time for exterior marketing. And depending on your seller level, it usually takes 14 days to access your funds.


Kwork the alternative to Fiverr

Kwork is comparable to Fiverr and is also a newish gig platform on the block. You’ll be able to outsource work as a customer otherwise you can become a merchant on Kwork. Kwork is a fairly simple to navigate program for both consumers and sellers.

One of the key differences between Fiverr and Kwork is how much you will be charged as a customer (buyer). Fiverr starts at $5 whereas Kwork starts at $10.

Kwork offers an online platform for consumers and sellers. You’ll be able to signup on their web site at no cost and register as either a customer or vendor. There’s a flat 20% platform charge for sellers and apart from that, the platform doesn’t cost any money.

As a buyer, your homepage shows you a listing of widespread services and an enormous search bar that permits you to look for offered services. Consumers can even take a glance at the service category menu at the top if they themselves aren’t positive about the precise keywords for search.

screenshot of kwork's outsourcing options

Once they find the correct service, consumers are presented with a listing of sellers which might be sorted using ratings, suggested, or newness. Once a customer likes a merchants profile, they’ll order the work directly from their page. The whole method is pretty sleek and it takes no more than a few minutes to search out an ideal merchant for your job.

When it involves sellers, they will need to invest some time after they are making their Kwork page. Making a Kwork page is extremely straightforward. You only need to add a title and cover image, select the service category your skills belong to, add an outline, and confirm your prices.

Do note that sellers can produce multiple Kwork pages providing totally different services if they need to. Overall, I found Kwork to be pretty simple to use and had no problem when navigating its program. Whether or not you’re a merchant or a customer, Kwork has ensured that you can have a favorable time while using their service.

Kwork additionally offers fraud protection for its consumers and sellers. Once a customer hires a Kwork merchant, the cash paid to Kwork remains there till the project is completed. The payment for the order is automatically credited to a sellers balance as soon as the customer confirms the order fulfillment.

Kwork charges a 20% flat fee for its services, therefore, sellers can understand the precise amount they stand to receive after Kwork withdraw their money. Kwork has created the payment method terribly simple and it stands to benefit both the consumers and sellers.

Kwork banner saying freelance everything from $10

Kwork has differentiated itself from the crowd by giving an enormous catalog of services. The service categories include design, digital marketing, development & IT, writing & translations, audio & video, business, and lifestyle.

All of those categories, in turn, supply tens of different services, therefore, covering all the most important services. For instance, if you’re a business, you’ll be able to get your webpage developed, logo designed, and content created. All at Kwork similar to you what you can at Fiverr.

Kwork Freelance Service offers 100% refund guarantee if your service is not delivered promptly or competently. Their unique freelancer rating system ensures that over time all the unreliable providers are dropped and only the best professionals get to stay on the Kwork platform.


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Which platform do you prefer Fiverr or Kwork? let me know which one is best for you.

I hope my article on “Fiverr alternative” was helpful. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me in the comment area below or with the contact form.




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