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There are hundreds of backlink checkers on the market, just do a google search and google will bring up lots of choices. I use a free online backlink checker from google, I feel I can trust a well-named brand.

So The Question is what are Backlinks?      

Google Backlink Checker device empowers you to know the number of sites who have given a link to your site or website page.

Backlinks are internal links to a site or a page, it goes about as one of the key factors in deciding the positioning of your site in search engines. It helps you to track alternate sites on the web that connects to your URL.

For instance how about we think of you as an intriguing blog post on the web and you require the article to be shown on your site subsequently you display the article to your site. Presently your site goes about as a backlink to that article or to the URL where the article is initially found.

Google backlink checker apparatus empowers you to know the popularity and the prominence of your site or a specific web page.

Google utilizes this same idea in figuring your page rank. Additionally purchasing links won’t enable the backlinks to function in a natural way.

The technique to utilize this tool is straightforward simply enter your site address and click submit. The outcome is shown simply over the frame sheet. It is a viable tool that gives you an imaginative method to know your website page status with time optimization.

Google backlink checker device runs a series of tests to decide the number of backlinks being indicated to your site or link you entered. The quantity of inbound links on a website page specifically helps the Google Page Rank. Not only the numbers but rather the quality assumes the real part in positioning your site to the top of a  page. It is smarter to have 5 quality backlinks rather than 50 low-quality backlinks.


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Google backlink checker tool gives all the data about the nature of links and furthermore shows the correct number of links. Clicking each link will open in another window where you will discover Page Rank of your site page containing your source link. Utilizing this tool you can without much doubt organize the nature of backlinks as each will be arranged by quality.

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Google Backlink Checker

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