Google G Suite Review

G Suite is an enhanced office suite and a really effective and well-designed set of apps, it’s an all in one tool for your business. You may be familiar with G Suite, if so you may already be using some of their apps. IE: G mail. This Google G Suite review is to enlighten individuals who are unaware of G Suite.

G Suite is used for businesses of all sizes big and small, it’s a brilliant solution for any business. The features of G Suite are quite unique in various ways. It’s reasonably priced and can be used by all your employees.

The Benefits of G Suite

  1. You can continue to use G mail
  2. Ample cloud-based storage
  3. Collaborate and share
  4. Brand your email
  5. Keep your devices in sync
  6. Create a reliable setup
  7. Room for growth
  8. 24/7 Support

What do these benefits mean to your business?

Continue using G mail

Some people don’t like change they “know what they like and like what they know” No email change is necessary with G Suite you can continue to use your favorite email interface G mail.

Ample cloud-based storage

Each of your employees has ample storage space of 30GB to store emails documents and photos.


You and your employees will have the ability to share and collaborate with other employees within your business using google drive and google docs.

Brand your email

Your email addresses can be branded so your employees will have their own business email address with the branded logo.

Keep your devices in sync

All your devices can remain in sync as you can centrally store all your mail in the cloud.

Create a reliable setup

The capacity and server requests of having your email facilitated and dealt with are evacuated. In the event that the web ever goes disconnected, or you choose to change web hosts, it is conceivable to have your email keep on working with no downtime.

Room for growth

Inevitably as your business grows and employees come and go the flexibility of G Suite can be updated for new employees to use. Employees cannot take their company emails with them if they leave, they belong to the company.

24/7 support

G Suite is provided with 24/7 support in the form of emails, phone, and live chat.

G Suite is a very popular app, as according to google more than 5 million businesses use it. This must say something about this app. Some businesses have decided that G Suite is the best solution for their business.

G Suite Features

Some of the features of G Suite include G mail, One Drive, Google Doc’s and Calendar. Also, slides, sheets, keep and hangouts.

There are 3 levels of feature pricing to choose from, basic, business and enterprise.

Basic is $5 a month per userA fistful of money fanned out in notes

Business is $10 a month per user

Enterprise is $25 a month per user


What are the different features between these prices?

With the basic you will receive, G mail, one drive, doc’s, slides, keep hangouts and other core apps.

With Business, you will receive (as above) and also team drives, vault, cloud search, and unlimited drive space.

With Enterprise, you will receive all the above plus dial-in access, a capacity increase from 25 to 50, record meetings and enhanced security features.

The main competitor of G Suite is Microsoft Office 365 they both have similar apps except for the pricing plans, the number of features and storage space.  For a more in-depth, explanation click on the Wikipedia link.


Pros and Cons

  • No compatibility issues
  • Ability to share
  • Files always updated
  • Virus and spam filters
  • Low Cost
  •  Easy to use


  • All documents online
  • All documents in a single location
  • Must upload current files

So, in conclusion, G Suite has many features which are positive.

To take a closer look click on the G Suite link below.


G Suite is designed to be simple, smart and secure.








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