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Gaming Jobs Online Review – Legit or a Total Scam

Welcome to my Gaming Jobs Online legit or scam review

Do you enjoy playing video games? Well, according to Gaming Jobs Online, you can earn money for doing just that. Sounds a wonderful job for those of you that like to play video games.

Today I want to share with you whether Gaming Jobs Online is legit or a total Scam.

What is Gaming Jobs Online?

screenshot of how much you can make at GJO

They claim the basics of what you will be doing is being a video game tester. This huge statement above is another claim Gaming Jobs Online is making.

The actual platform is not just for video games testers they also have links to survey sites and focus groups.

You have to apply to different programs and be accepted. In fact, a lot of jobs are not even for work at home but are on-site jobs.

The truth of it is that Gaming Jobs Online is only a platform of links to other get-paid-to sites that pay you next to nothing for filling in surveys and doing some menial tasks.

Many of them can be found online yourself with a simple search in any search engine.

You are made to believe that all you have to do is sign up, pick a job, play the game, and you will be paid. The screenshot below off their site tricks you into believing this.

Gaming jobs online screenshot of how to get started in 3 easy steps



Name: Gaming Jobs Online

Price: $1 for 7-day trial then $27 per monthscreenshot of gjo promises

Who is it for: Online Video Game Testers

Upsells: No

Scam: Yes

Rating: 1/10

Recommended: No

Here is another huge claim which was taken from their website.

GJO screenshot of how much you can earn


I have never heard of survey sites paying up to $75 per survey. I used to take part in surveys myself and I never got paid once that amount of money. The most I ever made was about the $3 mark per survey. And that was for a very long survey.

This is what one member had to say about Gaming Jobs Online

“I Cannot Recommend”

1, Once logged in the site looked professional, but you will not test any games from this network what so ever.
2, The creator does give useful information on what skills and what to write on a CV, where you should start developing skills, and ideas where to invest.
3, How to build your very own Gaming Platform (which for the right people might be useful).
4, On-line survey sites, grrr I hate surveys (and these survey sites are not solely focused on gaming although you may pick and choose your surveys) and Ill normally make $1 an hour if not worse.
5, The video content is WAY out of date!
6, I noticed that some offer links are broken.
7, I’ve noticed playtests, and other materials like this are based in certain locations in the US and you don’t need to be a member to attend.
8, Its hard work but I do think this approach may help you gain a position in games testing (but it states anyone can do it, which in theory anyone can but expect to invest your time and money).
This service seems to be misleading, although some of the resources may be useful to the right people.
I would not recommend it to a friend.
If you are serious about games testing and don’t know where to start it might help.
I would not promote this product and would not consider this as a reliable service/source, so I can’t recommend it.


Gaming Jobs Online claim many things that are obviously not true or over-hyped. Take a look at these videos that have supposed to have been just tested.

Banners of videos recently tested


Spiderman and Call of Duty. These are not the type of videos they will allow you to test. The reason I say this is that if you go to the video games tester link you will not find many jobs for the average person who has little experience.

Most of the jobs advertised are not even for game testers but for highly qualified individuals in IT.

The Price to join

Gaming Jobs Online is offering a 7-day trial for $1. Thereafter, you will have to pay the $27 monthly membership fee.

Below is what they claim you will get when you join.

  • Access to Gaming Jobs Database
  • Access to hundreds of work at home video game tester jobs
  • Access to thousands of video game tester jobs by site/location
  • Access to hundreds of international video game tester jobs
  • Access to thousands of entry-level gaming jobs
  • Access to hundreds of documentary and translation gaming jobs
  • FREE Access to unreleased video games for testing
  • FREE Exclusive freebies and trials from our gaming and corporate partners
  • FREE Downloadable video games and content by gaming partners
  • FREE Video game event passes, merchandise, and giveaways
  • FREE Gaming magazine subscriptions
  • Unlimited Access to Members Page
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • Free Lifetime Updates
  • Unlimited Income Opportunity
  • 60 Days No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

You can pay with your credit card or your PayPal account. But remember this is a membership site, so your monthly fee will be charged to your account automatically. If you want to leave, you will have to cancel the payments.

The Affiliate Program

You get 50% of the membership’s sale price. Plus, you get recurring commissions so as long as the member you refer stays as a member, you will continually get commissions from them every month.

Gaming Jobs Online is on the Clickbank Network so as Clickbank do not manually process your application anyone can become an affiliate. All you have to do is join Clickbank if you are not already a member and get your Clickbank affiliate ID for this program.

Gaming Jobs Online Affiliate Program


Although the Gaming Jobs Online website looks enticing, I recommend you keep well away from it. Keep your hard earned money in your pocket and find a better way to make money online. I do not recommend this program and I also think the owner is just out to scam your money from you in the premise of being a genuine game testing site.

I do believe Gaming Jobs Online is a legit program but with very little ethics.

To be a genuine video game tester, you need to have qualifications in software development, computer programming, computer science, or another technical field. While certification in quality control or other technical fields is voluntary, it is recommended.

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If you are a member of Gaming Jobs Online or have been in the past, I would love to know your experiences. You can contact me in the comments area or use the contact me form or ask me form.



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