Generating Leads Sales using One Time Offers (OTO)

Sometimes you need to use a little creativity to get visitors to your website for generating leads sales.

A large number of online entrepreneurs make use of different systems to help boost their online business. To build up your credibility it a good idea to think outside the box.

You may have a fantastic product or service but if visitors are not convinced what you are offering them or they simply don’t trust in you, then you’re going to battle to make sales regardless of how great the item or service is. Using a one time offer enables you to demonstrate your ability to prove the value of your product or service.

If you have been in the online business for a long time, or even a short time you have probably heard of the strategy named OTO it means (One Time Offer) it’s one of the quickest ways to build a business online.

OTO, as I will refer to it, is a page especially for offers that may appear in search engines or on websites with only a one time offer with a message similar to “It’s now or never”. This implies that if you leave this page, the offer won’t be available again. It sounds kind of risky but nevertheless exciting in that if it works you may have hit the jackpot.

It is a good way to gain a good reputation with people so that they give you good word of mouth which will help you gain more business.

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Ways of Generating Leads Sales

1. You could develop an upsell offer which visitors are directed to after the OTO page if they sign up for the offer. The upsell offer is usually a higher price than the initial offer.

2. If your business offers something new or of limited edition this strategy could be the best choice for you as it would make visitors more eager to buy.

3. The great thing about OTO is it could be part of your website that has limited time offers now and again. This would be an additional income alongside your normal online income.

4. Make sure your deadlines are sensible when you post your one-time offers. With the limited time in a sensible range, the credibility of your business could bring enormous traffic to your site.

5. Place the One Time Offer on PPC or other advertising websites and advertising avenues. It could bring in a lot of income for you.

6. Test the water with your OTO offer. To bring in the most amount of income you will need to try different tactics on your sales page. An example of this is having a page with just a video order now link and download link. You could make your OTO pages thousands of words long. So testing your page out like this will allow you to know which page fares the best in terms of visitors and sales.

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Gain Exposure

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One time offers are an extremely exciting experience although risky as it may work or it may not. If you have the right skills to do it, it may be a once in a lifetime experience for you or become a regular routine in your day to day business.

With this type of marketing, it can gain you a lot of exposure and online presence. It is also a good way to gain a good reputation so that your visitors/customers can give you good word of mouth to their friends and family. This can often provide you with more business.

Whatever item or service you provide will have a specific meaning to you, however, it might not have a similar value to another person at this present time.

You need to make it significant to them or persuade them regarding the value bearing in mind the end goal is to inspire them to make a purchase.

Pricing your product/service

Offering a one time bargain is great for visitors to get in at a lower price than what you plan on offering it at a later date.

The general population who take you up on your offer may have not bought the item or service if it had not been offered at a decent price. If they had not found the offer the opportunity to give it a shot for a short time so cheaply wouldn’t have occurred.

You may offer them something at one cost and afterward, after they’ve purchased you may get more business out of them by persuading them that the original item they bought will be so much better if they had whatever extra items or services you might need to upsell them.

You just might need to get more business from them while they’re still in the buying mood.

One time deals can be an incredible way to build your online business. Everybody loves a bargain.

What Product or Service to Use for OTO

This is entirely up to you and really depends on what type of niche you are promoting. Whether you promote digital products or run an eCommerce store, or whether you sell individual items.

There are plenty of places on the internet where you can get free stuff and giveaways, these could be used for your OTO offer, this way no matter what price you put your product or service at you will be making 100% profit on your offer.

Take advantage of clearance sales and other one time offers within your niche. Sometimes you may get a free gift for subscribing to other people’s offers.

Join Clickbank and promote hundreds of offers. Most of the offers that you promote through Clickbank will be the full package. So there is no need to create your own OTO page.

For an example of a Clickbank offer see here.

Be Clear About Your Offer

Always make sure when you build your OTO page to be clear in what you are offering. Make the offer stand out from the rest of your text. Look at other people’s OTO’s to get an idea of what you need to do. But DON’T COPY IT!

Remember to convince your visitors that this is a really great offer and will never be repeated again. Once it’s gone it’s gone! This will make your visitors more inclined to buy your product or service.

Always make sure that your OTO is a great product and is worth buying. Put yourself in the visitor’s shoes. Would you buy it? If the answer is yes then you are well on your way to getting some sales.

Make sure you have multiple “order now” links throughout your OTO page. This is to give the visitor the chance to order from your offer.

If the visitor is clicking away from your offer you can use a pop-up page with a down-sell offer. This means that you will be offering the product or service at an OTO discounted price. It may make the visitor believe that your offer is a good one and you are offering a genuine discount for that visitor.

PLR Products – 1,000’s Of Resell Rights Products

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Here is an idea for an OTO. PLR Products can be very lucrative. The contents of the product you receive are jam-packed full of data, images, ebooks, articles, software, videos and more. Just be sure you have the right to resell any PLR product.

The product doesn’t have to be something you own, an OTO offer can be one of your affiliate products.

Many of the “big guys” in affiliate and network marketing use OTO sales pages and upsells on many occasions. If they can do it and make money why can’t you? There is a reason the “big guys” build and promote OTO pages.


Good Luck in your endeavors to build a successful OTO sales page.

I hope my article on “Generating leads sales using OTO” was helpful.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me in the comments area or contact form.




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