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Google Search Console – Add-On Tool – Review

Welcome to my review – Google Search Console –  Add-On Tool Review

My goal as an online review and article writer is to research products, programs, and services to help you avoid get-rich-quick scams and find genuine money-making methods that actually work and the ones that don’t work.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my review and using your due diligence to do your own research into any kind of program like this that claims you can make money online.

It is also a good idea to be aware of scams and bogus programs that claim they can help you to make money online.

There is a good article here you can check out: How to tell if a website is safe and legitimate.

This is an independent review with my honest and open opinion.

I would also like to inform my readers about my Google Search Console – add-on tool review whether or not it is a legit product to buy.

Or if it worth your time and effort.


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sanity check logoName: Sanity check

Website: Sanity Check Website

Price: Monthly Membership $19 for Standard – $39 for Medium – $69 for Large

Founder: Nick Swan

Who is it for: Individuals who want to save time understanding Google Search Console

Product Type: Google Search Console Add-On

Scam: NO

Google Search Console – Add-On Tool – SANITY CHECK

A red arrow going upwards with an animated pencil

We have all spent countless hours staring at the numbers in Google Search Console and Analytics, creating our own spreadsheets to track things and work out what changes to make to our sites.

The Sanity check tool is a product built on the back of those manually put together spreadsheets. Instead of doing all the number crunching and graph drawing manually use Sanity Check.

Because the Sanity check tool will do it automatically for you. Saving you time and giving you great insights on how to make your website better and get more organic search traffic from Google.

If you want to get the exact data you need from Google Search Console in less time then the Sanity check tool will do it for you.

Take a free 14-day trial of Sanity Check

Sanity check has many features which are listed below.

Content and Keywords

  •  Get New Content Ideas
  • Find pages you can improve on your website to rank better
  • Find opportunities to boost click-through rate from Google
  • Find pages on your website Google doesn’t like
  • Get more SEO traffic by answering questions
  • What new keywords has my site started to rank for?

SEO Testing

  • Which type of SEO Test should I run?
  • How to set up a Simple SEO Test

Accidental Keywords

a keyboard with a gold key on the enter button

Another feature of the Sanity check tool is what is called Accidental keywords.

Accidental rankings are keywords your site appears for in the Google search results but you are not necessarily targeting.

These generally appear in positions 100-300, so quite a long way down.

Taking a look at these can help generate some new content ideas and keywords you could target.

Sanity check emails out 10 of these accidental keywords each Monday for you to check over. Quite often 9 out of 10 of these ideas will mean nothing and can be discarded.

But every so often you will be presented with a gem of an idea that leads to a great new content idea, keyword to go after and search for traffic to get.

As your site is already ranking for these accidental keywords if you were to create a piece of content that directly targets these keywords you would have a good chance of ranking well for them.

Often these keywords are related to topics and keywords you are already targeting. So by creating more content around the topic, Google may see your site as more of an authority on the topic and generally ranking it higher for related keywords.

Google Page Speed

A man running at high speed

This will allow you to run all the URLs in a sitemap through the Google Page Speed testing tool.

There are potentially over 200 factors that go into ranking your pages. The fact that Google is open about one, and gives you a traffic light and score system to grade your page.  I would want to make really sure my pages are scoring as high as possible.

One of the issues with the Page Speed tool is you can only check a single URL at a time.

Google has been nice enough to provide an API for Page Speed, and so Sanity check uses this to be able to grade all the URLs in a sitemap that the user submits.

As a sitemap can contain thousands of URLs, and the Page Speed API has a rate limit. This is a long-running report that has to be requested. You will get an email letting you know when it has been completed.

So you want to Speed Test your entire sitemap?

  1. Log in or request an Early Access Invitation for the Sanity check
  2. Click on the Reports item in the sidebar menu
  3. Submit your sitemap to the Site Speed Report section
  4. Wait for the email confirming the report has successfully run and checked out your scores. You can order the report,  by default the pages with the worst Mobile Page Speed Score will appear top.

Sanity Check’s Archive Feature

Do you think that Google Search Console’s 90-day archive is really restrictive?  Well, Sanity Check has got you covered by archiving all data for as long as you use the service.

This means from the day you sign up, you be building a profile of how your site has changed over time. It’s really great seeing that upward trend.

 The Sanity Check Pricing

Sanity Check comes with a 14-day free trial. No credit card is needed to sign up. Once you subscribe to a plan you will be guaranteed the monthly cost for your lifetime usage of the tool.


Google search console - add-on tool pricing image

As you can see from the above pricing screenshot, all plans are for one website only.

Do you have SEO questions? Get the answers quickly.

SEO image

Do you wish you had someone to ask all your SEO questions at and get quick, actionable responses? Sanity Check offers a flat-rate service where you can ask as many SEO questions as you want each month.

Requests such as:

  • Content suggestions
  • Content improvement ideas
  • Suggest an SEO experiment to conduct
  • Click through rate improvement suggestions
  • Audit a page
  • Analyze a keyword
  • Analyze a competitors page/ranking

Telephone and screen share support is also included for more complex questions.

Flat rate monthly fee

The SEO Help plan from Sanity Check is a huge $650 per month. This, of course, is a little bit out of the reach for most bloggers and /or article writers.

More information about SEO Below.

The Best Way to Learn SEO

How to Improve SEO for a Website


The Sanity Check tool is quite unique in its own way. Most other tools that claim to do what the Sanity Check tool can do are quite expensive.

For a few dollars a month you can check out your Google Search Console and actually understand the analytics.

I only have one concern and that is the price of The SEO Help plan from Sanity Check.

Do I recommend Sanity Check?


More Help With Understanding the Analytics of Google Search Console

As I mentioned earlier there are many other websites that can do what Sanity Check can do, but are very pricy. You can check them out on this website.

But the one that stands out for me is Wealthy Affiliate. Why? Wealthy Affiliate is a training platform above all others and has a large community of members that help with training and any questions you may have.

To some people, SEO and the analytics of your website can be very confusing. Wealthy Affiliate has training that will teach you all the aspects of SEO and analytics in text and video tutorials.

Do you want to find out more? Just click on the free sign-up link in the box below.

My No.1 Recommended website
Join my No.1 Recommended website. No credit card needed. Free signup

See you on the inside.

I hope you found my review – Google Search Console – Add-On Tool Review informative enough to give you as much insight as possible so you can make an extremely informed decision when deciding whether or not to purchase this product.

If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment in the comments area below.

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