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High Quality PLR Products

 What are High-Quality PLR Products?

PLR stands for Private Label Rights.

One basic principle is if you use the free PLR products that are available online then you may find that 100’s or even 1000’s of other people have used them also. Making them not unique content. Where as if you buy PLR products you will be more likely to get unique content.

A PLR product is actually content on any given subject. The content can be used on your blog or website to add more content to it. Using PLR products can fast-track your website writing content.

Continuous content is needed to keep your blog or website current and engaging. This method is fantastic if you don’t have the time to write your own content. Moreover, they help if you don’t feel confident writing certain content.

You will find many PLR products for sale and for free on the world wide web. What you really need to know though, is which are good high-quality PLR products and which ones are rubbish. One way to find this out is to do a search for reviews of PLR products. Find PLR products within your niche and go find a review on them.

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One thing to remember about PLR products is that they can be sold more than once. They may not have been but if they have, the content will not be classed as an original.

This in itself is not a problem at all, the thing is to put your own personal stamp on them by spending some time personalizing the content. This can be done by using your own opinions throughout the article and changing it around somewhat.

This will take much less time than writing the article from scratch. After doing a few adjustments to the article it will be classed as original and unique content, in the eyes of your readers and search engines.

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Be very careful with free to use PLR products, some of them could have been used hundreds of times. Yes, you can put your own personal stamp on free to use PLR products but think of all the times just one PLR article has been tweaked.

There are different types of PLR products, of course, the most popular ones are articles. You will find that PLR products come as audio and video too.

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 High-Quality PLR Products and Restrictions

Generally, when you buy PLR products you have the right to add your name as the writer. You will find, there are restrictions depending on where you buy from and which product you buy. It’s a good idea to check the license to see what restrictions there are for that particular product. Some restrictions you may come across are listed below.

  • Can not be given away
  • Can not be resold as a PLR product
  • The product has to be re-written before being used
  • and many more.

So you will need to be very careful as to using the product, always check for any restrictions. There is another side to the coin by buying PLR products, there are things that you are allowed to do.

You will find some of these listed below. They can:

  • Be edited, with you as the writer
  • Used as your blog or website content
  • Used on all of your websites
  • and more.

The thing to remember when purchasing PLR products is to always check the restrictions. This is by far the most important factor to check out.

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there are membership PLR websites. The thing is with membership sites is they can offer you resale rights and master resell right products. This means that some restrictions as spoken about earlier are lifted. Again these can be offered on the web free, personally, I wouldn’t go there, for several reasons.

The products could be old and may have been circling around the internet for years. Thousands of the same product has been used, so it is always better to do some research and find a reputable company with high-quality Products.

The Meaning of Resell Rights

So what do resale rights and master resell rights mean? In a nutshell, it means you have the right to resell the products. You will, of course, find products with resale and master resell rights on good reputable websites where you can buy a block of products for cash.

So is it worth joining a membership site? Once a month you will receive fresh content products of your original choice. You will need to work hard to get through all the products sent to you monthly. I personally would not join a membership site because after much research I found them to not be worth it for me.

I would rather buy my PLR products as and when I need them. That does not mean to say that PLR membership sites are not for you. They can save time and money, knowing your content will be digitally delivered every month, this can be a real winner for some. You can spend your time tackling other the tasks that need attending too.

When it boils down to it the choice is a personal preference one. Membership or non-membership. The cost for PLR products are minimal and membership fees are low cost. The benefits of PLR products out way the time it takes to research and write an article.


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The bottom line is always tweak your PLR article or product so it has your personal stamp on it. This will be on average about 25% of the product, depending on what restrictions the product has.

Add images and screenshots, these are some ways you can change or tweak your product. Obviously, at the end of the day, you want a unique product that only you own. By doing this the search engines will be in your favor.

The Rule for Duplicate Content

The only time you will be penalized by search engines for duplicate content is if you COPY and PASTE the whole content of a web page word for word and do it regularly. The search engines will pick this up for sure. There is an unwritten rule among writers, you never ever copy someone else’s web page content, or copy anything from another website for that matter as this is a big NO NO.

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I hope you enjoyed this article on “High-quality PLR products” if you have any questions please feel free to contact me in the comments box below or in the contact me form.



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