Hire Writers – My Honest Review

I would like to give you my honest opinion of Hire Writers. I have seen a lot of negative reviews for this company online so now it’s my turn to put in my 2 pennies worth.

Hire Writers – My Honest Review

Not only can you hire writers from this company but you can also write articles for them too

This is what hire writers promise!

“High quality, cheap, fast and ‘on-topic’ articles

Becoming a member is free, and you only pay for an article if you are totally satisfied with it. We have pre-screened thousands of writers to ensure you get the highest quality results within hours”.

Their pricing structure depends on the capabilities of the writer you choose. Everyone has to start as a beginner and they work their way up according to how many articles they write. They vet their writers in the following way:

Beginner….. 0 articles….. Average rating 0.0 stars…..On-time 0%

General……3 articles….. Average rating 4.0 stars….. On-time 70%

Skilled…….7 articles….. Average rating 4.1 stars….. On-time 77%

Expert…..14 articles….. Average rating 4.6 stars….. On-time 88%

So the more proficient the writer is the more you will pay for an article to be written.

Pricing Scale

They also promise that their articles are the most inexpensive: See their pricing scale below.

  • Get a 150-300 word article written for $1.50
  • Get a 700-1000+ word article written for $5.00
  • Have a 150-300 word article rewritten for $1.25
  • Have a 700-1000+ word article rewritten for $4.25

Their price structure above seems to contradict the price structure below. This can be a little confusing for the customers.

Other Services

  • Rewriting/Proofreading articles
  • Blog Posting
  • Ghost Writing
  • Copy Writing
  • Product listings/descriptions
  • Email swipe / Auto-responder series creation

New Article Prices:

Writer’s Skill Level: 150-300 Words 300-500 Words 500-700 Words 700-1000 Words 1000-2000 Words 2000-3000+ Words
Beginner 1.85 3.45 4.82 6.15 8.25 14.40
General 2.90 4.65 6.90 9.15 11.90 20.20
Skilled 3.65 6.15 8.90 10.90 14.40 28.20
Expert 7.00 13.40 19.40 25.40 32.40 60.00

Rewrite an Article Prices:

Writer’s Skill Level: 150-300 Words 300-500 Words 500-700 Words 700-1000 Words 1000-2000 Words 2000-3000+ Words
Beginner 1.58 3.06 4.27 4.87 5.90 10.40
General 2.40 3.90 5.90 7.90 8.40 16.20
Skilled 3.00 5.15 7.90 10.15 10.40 19.70
Expert 6.00 11.90 17.90 20.40 27.40 53.00

Facebook Fanpage Post Prices:

Writer’s Skill Level: 15-50 Words 50-100 Words 100-150 Words
Beginner 0.65 1.20 1.45
General 1.25 1.55 1.85
Skilled 1.65 2.15 2.65
Expert 2.65 3.65 4.15

Poetry Prices:

Writer’s Skill Level: 25-50 Words 50-200 Words 200-400 Words 400-600 Words 600-800 Words 800-1000 Words 1000-1500 Words
Beginner 1.00 2.35 4.85 8.10 10.10 13.10 16.00
General 1.25 2.90 6.10 10.10 12.10 15.10 18.00
Skilled 1.10 3.58 6.80 11.20 13.20 16.20 19.00
Expert 2.00 4.60 8.70 13.20 17.30 20.40 23.00

eBook Prices:

Writer’s Skill Level: ~ 5000 words (about 10 pages) ~ 10000 words (about 20 pages) ~ 15000 words (about 30 pages) ~ 25000 words (about 50 pages) ~ 35000 words (about 70 pages) ~ 50000 words (about 100 pages)
Beginner 80.00 160.00 240.00 400.00 560.00 800.00
General 85.00 170.00 255.00 425.00 595.00 850.00
Skilled 100.00 200.00 300.00 500.00 700.00 1000.00
Expert 125.00 250.00 375.00 625.00 875.00 1250.00

So for an average article to be written by an expert of 1000-2000 words will cost you $32.50. This is fine if you have a great budget to buy articles. The beginner blogger or article writer will find it an unnecessary cost they can’t afford.

If you are in the market to have articles written then the FAQs page will tell you everything you need to know.

Go here for the FAQs page for customers.

Want to write for Hire writers?

The very first requirement is to be an English native speaker. Hire Writers only accepts native speakers from The United States, The United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand Canada, and Singapore.

Next, you will have to do a grammar test, which is comparatively quite easy. You will be given a question on grammar and will have a choice of 2 answers. You just need to pick the correct one.

Once you have completed the grammar test you will be notified by email to whether you have passed or failed. This usually takes about 48 hours.

If you pass the test then you can go ahead and start applying for writing jobs.

Once again the payment of jobs will depend on your level of skill.

Beginner….. 0 articles….. Average rating 0.0 stars…..On-time 0%

General……3 articles….. Average rating 4.0 stars….. On-time 70%

Skilled…….7 articles….. Average rating 4.1 stars….. On-time 77%

Expert…..14 articles….. Average rating 4.6 stars….. On-time 88%

As a writer for hire writers, you will be penalized if you are late completing a job.


The payment system isn’t the greatest in the world, but for someone who is new to this kind of work, it’s a good platform to start practicing with. It’s also free to join.

So exactly how much can you earn?

This once again depends on your level of competency. The following scenario is one for a beginner. As if you decide to write articles for Hire Writers you will have to start out as a beginner.

As a beginner and writing between 300-500 words, you will earn just $2.25. So you will need to be a fast writer to earn anything like an income.

You will be paid each Friday as long as you have a minimum of $10 in your account. They pay through PayPal.

There is all the information you need on their FAQs page.

Go here for the FAQs page for writers.


As I said earlier there has been much criticism about hire workers recently on the web. Some of the reasons are :

Low pay

Locked accounts

The pay I have explained about but not locked accounts. Hire writers seems to have the reputation of locking accounts for no apparent reason. I have been locked out myself as an affiliate with them. All you can do is send a support ticket and see if that gets you re-instated. I have sent a support ticket but on the day of writing this review I have not heard back from them.

Here is a comment from a writer and I quote:

First and foremost, I would like to appreciate Hirewriters for providing a platform where clients can meet writers.
However, my disappointment with this site is the frequent ban or talented writers. I got content from the site severally, and after locating two writers and adding them to my favorite writer’s list, I couldn’t find their names after some time. That is quite disappointing since it takes much time to locate a talented writer and banning writers with a lot of positive reviews don’t make sense.
My advice to clients is that you try to locate great writers and contact them in person so that you can create your pool of favorite writers. Otherwise, you will get disappointed if you rely on the writers by using the Hirewriters account.”

1. When you read this comment you can tell he is not a native English speaker, so this violates the rules of hire writers.

2. He does have a valid point that talented writers are being banned for no apparent reason.

Use your own judgment on this.

I have found out recently that some people are buying cheap articles from hire writers and are then selling them for a profit. Even worse is that articles are being rejected by clients and then they are selling the rejected articles.

Affiliate Program

Hire writers also have an affiliate program. It’s more like a referral program where you will earn $5 for each client you refer that makes a deposit. Plus 50% of future net profits.

Go here to learn more about the affiliate program.


Easy to join

Free to joinpros and cons banner

Easy grammar test

Affiliate Program


Low pay

Only except native English speakers

Many complaints


In my honest opinion, I would like to add that hire writers is not a scam it is a legitimate site that puts writers in touch with clients that want articles written and visa versa.

It is a good platform for beginners to practice their writing skills. My honest opinion is there are better platforms where you can hire writers or write for them. 5 of these are listed below:Kwork banner saying freelance everything from $10


Writers Work




I am a little concerned about the complaints but nevertheless, this is for the individual to find out for themselves. I personally try always to find out for myself what is a great website and what isn’t. Saying this I do keep the comments made in mind.

All in all, I would give hire writers 3/5 points.

I hope you liked my review if you have had any personal experiences with this company I would love to hear from you.

Please leave your comments in the comment box below. Alternatively, if you just want to comment on this article or just say hi please feel free to do so. Or you can contact me through the small contact form below.

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