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How Do You Make Money With Blogging – My Journey

Let me first say that blogging and affiliate marketing go hand in hand. Unless you are running a blog for a hobby most people want to earn money by blogging. There are some bloggers that don’t know how to turn their blog into a passive income. So how do you make money with blogging? Read on for more information.

There is a lot more to blogging than meets the eye and it’s not all just about writing. Almost anyone can start a blog but to have a blog that pays you is something completely different.

When you obtain the correct knowledge and education you can turn your blog into that great passive income you have dreamed about.

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How Do You Make Money With Blogging


Before you think about making money you need a few key things to start your new blog.

You will first need somewhere to write your blog that means getting your own website. I recommend a free WordPress website that is WordPress.org NOT WordPress.com. The reason I recommend WordPress is because it is user-friendly and you can add free or paid plug-ins to do almost anything with your site. Plug-ins also enhance the functionality and user experience of your site.

You will need to choose a niche. A niche website is much more effective than one that isn’t. You gain much more authority in the long run with a niche specific website. And you will be able to help those who are or who wish to be in the same niche as yourself.

Traffic comes next. This is a little more difficult and takes time if you want free organic traffic from the search engines. In the meantime, you can always use paid advertising, social media, and forums to drum up traffic.

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To Get Traffic You Need To Implement SEO

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SEO means (search engine optimization) This you will most definitely need to learn. The thing is you will need to be able to write quality, lengthy, informative, problem-solving content in your blog to attract visitors to your website.

In order to get traffic to your site, you need to rank highly in search engine results. This entails that you have to optimize your blog for popular search engines. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a wide topic and it is not a quick task.

You can also write reviews and articles to promote your blog. It will help you increase Search Engine Ranking Position (SERP) and drive traffic. There are a large number of article directories that seek quality content in exchange for adding an article on their site you will be provided with a link to your blog.

Generally people (and search engines) like blogs that contain fresh information that is regularly updated. The more posts you place on your blog the bigger the audience you will attract.

Take a look at this article for more information.

It Takes Time to Make Money Blogging

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Blogging is not a ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme. It takes a great deal of time and effort to generate content and visitors. However, if you work hard to create an original and interesting blog you do stand every chance of earning a significant income from the comfort of your home.

Your visitors will want to trust you and you will need to help them with a problem they want fixing. I am not talking about fixing a washing machine here but a more in-depth help so as to help with their personal or working lives.

Implementing search engine keywords is the first thing you will need to look into. This is done by researching quality keywords and keyword phrases that people search for. Here is the keyword research tool I use.


Monetize Your Website With Affiliate Marketing

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To monetize your website you will need to join some affiliate marketing networks. I have outlined many of the networks to join in this related post…Just apply to join the network and once accepted you can start applying to be a publisher for the hundreds of programs that are available within your niche.

The best part about affiliate marketing is that you don’t need any inventory, you don’t have to ship products. You are simply promoting and selling other webmasters products.

Another way to monetize your blog is with display ads. The problem with this is you need quite a bit of traffic in the first place to get accepted. So this can be done once you have started to drive traffic to your website. Saying that…

Once you have built a blog and have posted a large number of posts that attract regular traffic you can consider selling advertising space on it. Popular search engines operate as the middleman between advertisers and publishers.

PPC Advertising

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They provide PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising solutions using a content-based advertising system that is available free of charge for anyone who owns a qualifying site. Once you place PPC ads on your site you will be paid according to the number of clicks that are made on those advertisements. This is one of easiest ways to add revenue earning advertisements to any website or blog.

If you have your own product eg: an e-book, guide or tutorial you can place a subscription box on your website so people can receive more information from you. This way you build up a list of prospects that you can e-mail on a regular basis.

It’s very important to write often especially in the beginning. This can be slowed down later when you are earning money and have more authority.

To achieve your dreams goals of earning from your blog will take time and effort. We are looking at months here not days.

My Saviour in Affiliate Marketing

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I started doing affiliate marketing many years ago but I failed, YES FAILED. This time around I am not failing I am succeeding.

The reason I am succeeding is that by sheer accident I saw a great affiliate marketing training platform whilst searching for something on Pinterest. This gave me the confidence to try affiliate marketing once more and I am so glad I did.

The affiliate marketing training platform that has helped me succeed is called Wealthy Affiliate. This is the best and most prominent affiliate marketing training platform on the web today by far. And 1.4 million users agree with me.

There are many reasons for me saying this. This platform shows you in many of their tutorials on not only how to be an affiliate marketer but how to succeed as an affiliate marketer when you follow their training.

They have over 1.4 million users in the Wealthy Affiliate network. You can follow and interact with as many of them as you like. Another great feature of Wealthy Affiliate is the ability to ask questions. The community will always help you out by responding to your questions. The features of Wealthy Affiliate are huge. To see all their features go and:

Check out Wealthy Affiliate free with the free starter kit.

Here is my journey…how I made affiliate marketing work for me

I hope you enjoyed this article on “how do you make money with blogging”. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me either in the comments box below or in the contact form below.




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