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How to Become a Amazon Affiliate – And be Successful

How to Become a Amazon Affiliate.

Amazon calls their affiliate program Amazon Associates. Actually, that is a bit misleading. When you join you’re not really an associate of Amazon. You’re an affiliate pure and simple. The Amazon affiliates program is one of the oldest on the Internet. In fact, Amazon pioneered this method of marketing when the Internet was still in its infancy.

Amazon’s affiliate program is a very advanced and sophisticated yet user-friendly affiliate scheme. When you sign up for Amazon’s Associate’s program you don’t need any products of your own. Instead, you introduce or refer potential buyers to Amazon’s huge and ready-made range of products. If a customer buys through your affiliate link then Amazon pays you a commission on the sale.

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To start off you should visit Amazon’s website. You can find a link on the bottom of the page, under all the advertised products. This link says “become an affiliate”. (see screenshot). Or join here.

This link will help you in becoming an Amazon Affiliate. There are a few simple and easy forms to fill when joining this program, all the questions which are asked pertain to your up and running website. ( you will need a website before applying to Amazon Associates). Within a day or two, you should receive an e-mail from Amazon regarding your application. They can either confirm or deny your request.

How to get accepted in affiliate programs

If your application is approved by Amazon you have access to a range of tools and techniques which allow you to refer visitors to your site to any or all of Amazon’s portfolio of products.

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This is a great time to choose your niche (topic). Are you sure that you have chosen the right niche? For instance, you may want to promote all things technical, baby items and so on. Whatever you choose as your niche don’t start promoting anything and everything. You want to become an authority in your niche. So writing content outside of your niche will not give you any authority whatsoever. Top niches for online business.

You can then choose the products you want to promote. You then create affiliate links on your site which point to Amazon. If a visitor to your site clicks on one of the approved affiliate links and goes to Amazon and buys something within a certain time period you get a commission on the selling price.

 Amazon Affiliate Earnings

Amazon does not have the best affiliate commissions in the world but Amazon affiliate commission rate is on average about 5%. Becoming an Amazon Affiliate is a great way to start out in affiliate marketing and is a great opportunity for beginners.

The way to earn money is by writing articles about the products you have chosen to promote. And how joining the Amazon Affiliate program has benefited you. Then you can start writing and promoting certain products within your niche. Do product reviews to show the benefits of a certain product.

Explain why that particular product will help the customer to solve a gap or problem in their lives. Make sure that your articles have the right keywords which can attract or generate more customers. The more people that visit your page, the more chances you have in them purchasing a product from Amazon through your website.

screeshot of aaathe words saying "as and entrepreneur your job isn't to make money. It's to solve a problem

People don’t actually buy products instead they buy solutions to their problems.

Seriously, your job as a marketer is to find groups of people with problems (this is your niche/target audience) and offer them solutions in the form of products.

Because in order to sell a product to someone you need to know WHY people would spend money on that product.

No one just buys a product “because”. There’s ALWAYS a reason behind their purchase even if it’s subconscious.

And here’s the thing, when you know the problem your potential customer has you can focus on the pain that the problem is causing them.

And then all you have to do to make money is offer them the solution to this pain or hassle in their life (i.e. a product which solves their problem).

This not only works for Amazon but any other affiliate program you are connected to as well.

Amazon Your Huge Marketplace

A supermarket shopping trolley

Think of Amazon as a huge mall. Every time you send someone to this huge mall, you get a commission on every item they buy. Because of the huge selection of products you have many options to choose from when selecting what to promote. Amazon is one of the most trusted websites on the planet, so when you send your customers there they feel comfortable. So think about that, you’ve introduced your customer to a huge array of products in a shopping environment that is designed to make them feel safe and secure as they shop.

Related Item Technology

Amazon has invested millions in their related products technology. You have likely seen it when you are checking out or even just browsing, they are constantly listing related products. With carefully crafted leaders like: This is a great idea by Amazon. In fact, you can use this technique with any other of your affiliate linked products.

  • People who purchased item X also purchased item Y
  • If you like item X, we also recommend Y
  • Would you like to take advantage of a discounted price by adding just $X more dollars to your order
  • Enjoy free shipping by adding just $X dollars to your order.

These seemingly simple suggestions and offers are designed and tested to increase the per-visit value of every Amazon shopper. What is especially important here is that this technology works for you, the affiliate, as well. In most cases, Amazon will pay you a commission on all the items your customer purchases during the visit. This set of sophisticated features alone can have a huge impact on your monthly sales and commissions.

So keep it simple, join the program, test out a few products and promotions. Take advantage of the massive free resources Amazon has in place to help you become successful. Before long you with see an income stream begin to grow and you’ll start to appreciate the Amazon affiliate program.

Will You Have Guaranteed Success

blackboard with succes go get it wrote on it

Becoming an Amazon Affiliate does not guarantee overnight success. Doing affiliate marketing takes a lot of time and patience. You have to be committed to your marketing, and your efforts will be rewarded. There are always tips on how to do this easier and how to generate more customers. Amazon is more than willing to help if you are experiencing any difficulty in doing this. You should not hesitate to ask for any assistance. There are contact details forwarded to you after you have been accepted as an affiliate partner.

There are many people who take part in programs such as these because it brings more traffic to their own websites and earns them money whilst doing it. You let your blog or site work for you as visitors do all the clicking. Becoming an Amazon Affiliate is not at all difficult and is recommended for those who have a running and fully functioning website of their own. You can reap great benefits and rewards when taking part in a program such as this. So what are you waiting for? Fill up an application form today.

The Pros and Cons of the Amazon Associates Program

pros and cons banner


  1.  You don’t need products or services to sell. You don’t need to spend time developing, creating or manufacturing them.
  2. You don’t need to store, handle or ship products. Amazon does that for you.
  3. You don’t need to handle payments. Amazon does that for you too.
  4. You don’t need to provide customer back- up/support. The product supplier does that for you.
  5. Now, I said affiliate programs are basically simple. And essentially they are. But there are one or two drawbacks you need to be aware of before you start.


  1. There can be stiff competition. Because affiliate programs are simple to get into there can be competition from other people doing much the same thing as you. Lots of people are already Amazon affiliates, so there’s already a fair bit of competition to tackle.
  2. There’s no product exclusivity. Anyone else can sell the same products and services as you. And you can’t control the price at least not with Amazon.
  3. You’ll need to choose a good niche and work hard to persuade customers to buy through you.
  4. It’s not an entirely hands-off business despite the claims made by some people promoting affiliate programs. You’ll still need a website (in most cases). You’ll need to spend time and money generating traffic to it. That can be tricky when you’re new to the whole thing.
  5. Affiliate program commissions can be quite small. You need to generate a good volume of referrals to earn a good income. (Amazon promise up to 10% but frankly, you’d be safer to bank on 5%.)

If you run a WordPress website you can download an Amazon plugin that will help your website integrate with Amazon.

Information on the Amazon WordPress Plugin. and to download the plugin go here.

I hope you enjoyed this article on “how to become a Amazon affiliate”. If you have any questions please leave them in the comment box below or in the contact form.




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