How To: Branding Yourself – A Guide To Branding

How To Branding Yourself

The thought of branding yourself might seem a little obscure, think of it as getting to know yourself better and who and what you stand for.

How to Branding yourself is about getting your name out there in the world by connecting with people. Gaining trust by having a solid personal reputation. This way you will be remembered by your personal brand by others.

Think about how cattle are branded with a hot iron, why? It boils down to identity and ownership so they can be recognized. If one of those branded cows strays they can be recognized immediately by their brand.


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Think about the following:

Who are you?

How might I introduce myself as a brand?” You are a brand. You are a novel individual with a specific sort of identity. You have particular qualities and abilities nobody else has. There’s nobody on the planet like you. You are your own particular individual image.

Customers and clients won’t see your brand as your primary company. People don’t follow companies they follow people they know and trust. Let people know who you are, by your knowledge, your openness, and your kindness, and your caring and people will follow your brand – because your brand is you.

How To Branding Yourself – Where will you brand yourself?

· In your photo picture
· In your voice
· In your recordings
· In your email signature
· In your own profiles
· In your blog or site
· In Twitter
· In Facebook,
· On YouTube

Be aware of the photos you set up, the articles you compose, the remarks you make, and the recordings you post. Be proficient in all that you do, as these things uncover your identity and hence turn out to be a piece of your image.

When you start to think of yourself as an achiever more often than not you will become one. As the saying goes ” It’s all in the mind” when it comes to branding yourself this saying is very true so your mindset can play an important part in branding yourself.

First impressions can make a real impact so when it comes to impressing your clients online you need to make the first impression count.

How To Branding Yourself – Here’s how:

1. Always make yourself available to your clients and customers. Always respond to inquiries, questions, and comments.

2. Stay true to your brand (meaning your product or service) Don’t deviate.

3. Know your product or service inside out, if you are not familiar with your brand research it and research it again.

4. Use tools to get your brand across IE: video’s, podcast’s anything which helps to get your message out there.

5. Be consistent, keep plugging your brand.

The 3 simple mistakes you can make are: not being consistent, not knowing your brand well enough and not updating your product or service. These 3 simple mistakes can, in fact, be, the be-all and end-all to your brand.

There are many “quotes” going around on the internet they can give you a great deal of inspiration. Go here to look.

Branding yourself inspirational Quotes

Being a memorable brand will not always be about an individual but more about what you do as an individual.

You as an internet marketer want to engage with our customers and clients by being trusted, not just for who you are but again for what you do.

Whenever or wherever you make a public profile, make sure you always make it professional, don’t forget your profile is public so you need to make a good impression.

Go into detail with your profile let others know exactly who you are and what you do. People are curious by nature so let them know what you have done for so and so years before you became who you are today.

Do this for your personal and professional life. Self-promotion is all about you so go for it. Another thing is to always be consistent when writing up a profile then there will be no mistake as to what you do.

Straightforwardness is in effect to be thoroughly open with your clients and customers. Your clients are seeking you for the truth.

Indeed, buyers need quality and service yet in all reality they need to realize that the individual they are dealing with is straightforward. In this day and age with videos particularly, individuals can tell in the event that you are being straightforward with them just by the manner in which you talk and how certain you are inside yourself.

Indeed, even on the web, it’s truly simple to see when individuals make a post of how honest they are by exactly what number of reactions they are getting and the remarks individuals make. Word of mouth spreads like rapidly spreading fire whether it’s true or not.

Considerably simpler to remain on the positive side. Try not to attempt to b.s. your way through. It may work on a few, but the more they learn, the more they can see directly see through your (straightforward) and you will wind up losing since you’ve lost their trust.

So you want to be transparent at all times, never deviate away from the fact that as humans go, we are intelligent creatures and will know when someone is calling our bluff.

I really hope you enjoyed reading my article

Take Care



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8 thoughts on “How To: Branding Yourself – A Guide To Branding

  1. Hi Jen thanks so much for the kind words I really appreciate it. Yes sometimes it’s hard to remain professional when replying to comments etc.



  2. Hi Janet!
    Man, I needed to hear that ( I mean read that lol). I try and keep all my social media profiles relevant to my brand and what I do. And you are right about remembering to be professional when leaving comments, etc. Sometimes I have to remind myself (that I’m commenting from my brand as well as myself)of that when I start to comment on a particular post. I always think, “If I have nothing nice to say…say nothing at all.” Seems to work. lol
    Thanks for reminding me about podcasts! That’s next up on my list to help plug my brand:)

  3. Hi Rob thx for your comment, yes I too think branding yourself is important and being unique and trustworthy, this is what clients and customers search for.

    Thx again



  4. Hi Janet 🙂 I truly believe that branding yourself is vital to the survival of your website and business. You want to be unique and to be trusted by folks and this is a good way to accomplish that.
    There’s many places to do this and it’s also important to know what you’re talking about, to be an expert. You want to be a cut above everyone else and the more personal you are, the more trusted and successful you will be.
    Thanks for some great information 🙂

  5. Hi Amy, thanks for your comment. Do I think there are any pitfalls. The answer is yes. You need to be watching your competitors because if you don’t they may brand themselves better, you really need to be consistent in branding yourself. You don’t want clients or customers moving away to your competitor so you need to be on your toes and be vigilant.

    Hope this helps



  6. Hi Janet, glad you brought this topic up. I’ve been following Gary Vaynerchuck lately and read some of his books.
    He demonstrates quite well, what personal branding means and how important it is nowadays, especially when you want to make business on the web.

  7. This is such a helpful post, thank you. I’ve heard a lot about ‘brand confusion’ and the importance of having a clear, simple brand. Are there any other pitfalls that you think people should watch for when first creating their brand?

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