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How to Build a Business Website for Making Money

Where do you start with making your business website? This can seem a complex issue when you are not tech savvy with website building. So it seems we ask ourselves again and again. How to build a business website for making money.

How to Build a Website for Making Money

Building a site isn’t something that is simple but it can be. There’s an enormous assortment of website builders to choose from. That can either enable you to get your site where you need it or just confuse you.

You need a good professional looking website to start with. Not something that is thrown together in an hour.

It’s critical that you settle on the correct decisions with your goal in mind. This way you don’t wind up restructuring your entire site on account of some issue in your plan design. Make a good website plan.

The level of time you invest is critical to getting your business website up and running. The more time you invest in this, the sooner your site will be ready. A real commitment is needed.

In view of this, I feel it’s imperative to be taught to go in the right direction to ensure you don’t invest time and energy in the wrong places or adapting a website that probably won’t be all that helpful for you later on.

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Where you should begin relies upon what you plan to do, and how far you want to go. For a decent looking, clean looking site without a great deal of automation and serious animated images. You can most likely get by with some essential information of HTML, and with a decent WYSIWYG editorial manager, and a picture editing program.

But you don’t need any of these you can have a decent looking professional website with many of the free website builders you can find online today.

Then again, if you are somebody that is hoping to make something that will truly wow your customers. You should think about investing some real energy into building up some animation skills with a program like Macromedia Flash.

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So let’s take a look at WYSIWYG.

What is WYSIWYG Manager?

WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) HTML editor is the thing that enables you to get by with negligible information of HTML. Indeed, that implies you don’t need to know EVERYTHING about HTML to have a better than the average looking website.

When you use a WYSIWYG editorial manager it translates what you’re doing (embedding a picture for instance) just like a specific arrangement of HTML labels with characteristics, and does it for you. So, what you see on your screen is the thing that you get. Rather than seeing a cluster of HTML code in the content image, you’ll, for the most part, see what will really appear on your website once your site is up while you’re making it.

The WYSIWYG platform is not free at the time of writing this the price was $59.95.

You may think about editing your own or free stock photo’s. So let’s take a look at those.

Image Editing: What is an Image Editor?

If you want to make a really good professional looking website it’s imperative that you can make some pretty good-looking designs.

I would like to recommend free tools like Canva and Crello. With these tools, you can make images, infographics, banners, and other online ads. These 2 websites are fantastic for making all kinds of images.

Once you have your website up and running you might want to just keep a few pointers in mind.

1. Darker text and light backgrounds are easier on the eyes than light text on dark backgrounds. I know it looks cool and stylish to have white fonts against a black backdrop, but sometimes it makes it hard to read.
2. This is obvious, but bigger images draw more attention than smaller images.
3. Images with people in them also draw more attention than images without.
4. Don’t use ALL CAPS, don’t bold unnecessarily.

The WordPress Option

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Image Source

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There is a good read at the image source on web hosting websites. Read the comments for the visitor’s views on this article.

WordPress is a hugely popular platform for small business owners and bloggers alike. Primarily because WordPress does not require payment for hosting at its basic level as well as having a user-friendly dashboard. As a small business owner, there are countless benefits for using this platform, including saving the time and expense usually associated with setting up a website for your business.

WordPress is popular for its abundance of ready to use website templates, however, if you want a unique brand experience for your visitors, even some of the templates need considerable tweaking.

You want your website to give you optimal and responsive website performance. Anything less than a friendly user experience will cause your hard-earned traffic to click off your site at warp speed.

WordPress is known for its regular updates which keep the sites safe, secure and offering the latest functionalities of your plugins. Unfortunately, sometimes plugins and updates wreak havoc with each other in the background causing issues and can even crash on your site. Saying that it is very rare.

WordPress is our first choice for building small business websites because making it easy to design a responsive and mobile-friendly website. When you add content like images, videos, links and other feeds, you want them responsive on all devices too.

You want your content to get picked by the major search engines, business directories and blogging platforms offering do-follow backlinks that are SEO compliant and work to attract targeted traffic to your site.

Things you need to do to get online

  • The first step is registering a domain name. This is a very important process as it is the main thing that will set your site apart from the rest. The domain name can help to establish name recognition or in some cases brand development.

If your business is a new business and you want people to start to recognize your company name then your domain name needs to match your company name. Likewise, if your company has a main website but has recently developed a particular product or is now offering a new service then a domain name describing that service or product is a great way to help to establish brand recognition.

Bluehost is one of the oldest web hosting platforms and one of the best.

  • The second step to building your own website is to set up a hosting account. This can be done easily enough through any one of hundred hosting providers on the internet. Once you locate who you want to use, simply register with them and purchase a small to a medium-sized hosting account.

You can always upgrade to a larger hosting account later if need be. Once you have a hosting account, you have, in essence, purchased your virtual real estate and the property is ready for the building, which is your website, which leads us to the third step.

  • The third step in building your own business website is to install a blogging platform to your hosting account. This will serve as your website. Most blogging software has the ability to plug in all sorts of additional features allowing your site to do some pretty amazing things.

A few examples are things like the ability to capture leads and forward the info to your email address or a cell phone once the potential customer fills out a form on your site or the ability to monetize your site by adding Google Adsense.

You can even install a shopping cart on your website. The most versatile blogging platform available is as mentioned above WordPress. This amazing open source blogging software is completely free of charge and easy to manage. Once you have your hosting account, visit WordPress or another blogging software provider and install it to your hosting account.

  • The fourth step is to enter in the content that you want to have on your website. You will need to write as much information as you want your customers to know. And organize it in a way that you can enter the information into appropriate categories that you set up on your blog for ease of navigation.

You will start by creating the categories, creating the pages, then finally entering in the posts. The difference between the pages and the posts are that the pages are static pages in your site, pages like:

  • About Us
  • Contact Us
  • Our Services
  • Our Product
  • Privacy Policy etc.

Are pages that don’t change.

Posts are articles or information that you add daily to your site on whatever topic you feel like writing about.

  • The fifth and final step is to let everybody know you are online and ready for business. You can do this first by submitting your website to the main search engines like Bing and Google.

That’s it, in five easy steps you go from no internet presence at all to having a fully operational, search-engine optimized, informative, useful website ready to start making you money.

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Making use of Your Knowledge with a Sale

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Well, one incredible method is pay-per-click advertising. However, that costs money. Yes, be that as it may, but with some of the greatest pay-per-click advertisers out there we ought to have the capacity to make a decent profit, then we can evaluate how much profit we are about to gain without much more investment.

The unavoidable issue behind pay-per-click advertising is whether the investment is justified, why do it when you can basically get search engine traffic (also called organic traffic) free. After all, there are a lot of organizations out there that guarantee to help you get all the traffic you require through optimizing your site for organic traffic.

Conversion tracking tools, for example, those offered by many businesses these days for free, anybody can calculate precisely what their benefit is after the cost of PPC advertising is taken out. As I would like to think, Google Adwords has the easiest to use interface among PPC advertisers.

Google Adwords interface makes it simple to see which keywords are pulling you in the most clicks, and which ones aren’t, so it’s easy to see which ones are making sales.

AdWords lets people advertise on Whereas AdSense lets publishers monetize their websites or blogs by earning money from relevant AdWords ads displayed next to their content. The publishers receive a small payment each time one of these ads is clicked on known as PPC. If your site has enough readers, this can be a simple way to generate a revenue stream from your content.

Let us not overlook, that you are going to need a shopping cart if you want to sell digital downloads. There’s a considerable amount of free websites out there you can use that offer free shopping carts. Woocommerce is a free plugin for WordPress that integrates completely.

Once you’ve scored a couple of sales it would be a good idea to start using an autoresponder. Autoresponders are, basically, a way of automating your emails. So a good e-mail campaigner is vital.

ConvertKit is a really good one and not at all complicated.

You will need to figure out what you need to send each lead (prospective customer) after a specific allotted amount of time. For instance, suppose somebody visits your site and you offer them a free digital product. In the event that you were offering a digital book on some exceptionally intriguing subject.

You should seriously think about sending them some data on the most fundamental ideas at first, to get them intrigued. Gradually however unquestionably, you can turn those guests that may have left your site, into some genuine income.

One other thing to remember is to have an opt-in page somewhere on your website. This is where you can capture email addresses after someone has opted into your website. More often than not an e-mail campaign program like ConvertKit will support this also.

To attract visitors to opt-in to your website you can offer them something they want or want to know. Offer them a weekly or monthly free newsletter. A free digital offer will work too. Be imaginative and the visitors to your website will opt-in.

Ideally, it would be fantastic if you had someone to walk you through all the above points. It would relieve you of your precious time. Well, you can have good mentors if you go to this website and join the free starter plan.

Making Money

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Without having your own product the easiest way to make money is to sell affiliate products. But you need to get people to your website and entice them to click on your ads.

1. You need to decide what type of product or service you will promote and start doing keyword research on the subject.

2. Sign up for affiliate products to promote on your blog and get the links to post. The products don’t have to be directly related to what you are writing about but should compliment your subject.

3. Start writing short articles and blog posts using your best keywords and post them to your blog.

4. You also need to decide whether you will put ads at the bottom of your posts and along the sides or just the sides. Placing ads at the bottom of your posts gives you the opportunity to promote even more products.

Writing content for your business website is not that hard and your site does not need to be perfect to make you money online. Many people that own a computer wish they could make money online just like the commercials but they don’t know how to start. Business website owners come from all walks of life and your site does not have to be professionally created or managed, you can do it yourself.

But again, you will need to do some basic work and it is not that hard. Using a free blog and promoting affiliate products that you earn a commission on are just one of the many ways you can make money on the internet. There are plenty of other ways to use a business website and each one gets more involved. The basic keyword research and writing good quality content that your readers look forward to reading is the core of most online businesses.

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I hope you found “How to build a website for making money” informative.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me either in the comments area below or with the contact form.



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