How to cope with Writer’s Block – A Writers Nightmare

How to cope with writer’s block

How to cope with Writer’s block? it can happen to any writer. It may last minutes, hours or in the worst-case scenario weeks or months.

Hopefully, it may only be a lack of concentration or lack of motivation in which case it’s best to take a break. Take a good break not just half an hour but a good couple of hours or even longer, take the whole day off or even a couple of days.

The time you spend taking a break can be spent doing whatever you like. Do something you like doing like your hobby for instance or maybe just spend the day being a couch potato watching TV or playing music, even playing games like x box or play station with your children.

You may want to do some DIY or go tinkering in your garage or workshop. I enjoy cooking so I tend to nearly always end up in the kitchen when my concentration wanes.

Doing your own thing as I call it can lead to something productive. In my case cooking something delightful that the whole family can enjoy. Yum.

How to cope with writer’s block – Not just a lack of concentration or motivation

When writer’s block lasts longer than a few minutes and you are not having a lack of concentration moment it could be something more serious that is nagging at your brain.

When someone gets writer’s block it may be because they have something on their mind. It may be very personal, it may be because you are overthinking the article you are writing.

You may find you have taken on more than you can chew with the article you are writing. You may be fatigued because you need to meet a deadline. It really could be anything and only you will know. In case, you think you are the only one this happens to think again, it happens to most writers at some time in their career.


how to cope with writers block - A man sat at a table with his hands ,fingers spread on his head and his head lowered The atle has a laptop a clapperboard a camera on it

You may experience a total lack of interest in the article you are writing about. In this case, you may want to explore a different angle on the subject. You may have done heaps and heaps of research on the article you are stuck on but there is nothing wrong with doing more research.

Set yourself some time in your day to do some research about your article. Maybe you could ask family, friends or colleges their opinion on your article. Sometimes asking other people their angle on your chosen subject can lead to the information you may have not even thought about.

Whatever the reason for having writer’s block, do not let it take over your life. I personally take pleasure in my lovely dog, who I adore, I am very bias about him, as he is part of my family. It may be your children, go to their sports day, spend time acknowledging their strengths and weaknesses and if you ask they will without a doubt do the same for you.

OK, so your writer’s block is so bad you cannot even think about writing a single word, then it’s time to think outside the box and come up with something else.


What is Outsourcing?

The term outsourcing is when you pay someone to do a task for you. It is usually in the form of a freelance writer, writing an article, blog or post in the writing profession. You may think of this as cheating but don’t! It all depends on your circumstances. Have you got children that distract you if you work from home? or any other sort of distraction. Time is money so the saying goes, so plan it carefully.

When you are really stuck for words outsourcing could be the answer. Ruth at Content Shortcuts writes Done-For-You PLR Products. Take a look for yourself. Read Ruth’s About page to get an insight of her work.


Hiring a freelance writer or a ghostwriter can be a great asset to your business. One of the best places to look first to hire a freelance or ghostwriter is to your friends, family and your customers or clients if you are lucky enough to have any. Not an option, then you could do a search for freelance or ghostwriters on any search engine, there are hundreds to choose from and just too many to list here.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Are there not enough hours in your day.? This is another way of taking the stress out of your life and overcoming writer’s block. In business, you have to prioritize, so it makes sense to have a virtual assistant to help you out with the more mundane tasks of your business that need taking care of. Mainly administration.

Nobody can do 2-3 jobs at once, so if you employ a virtual assistant you can delegate jobs to him or her and you can carry on with your writing, knowing that the other jobs within your business are taken care of. This in itself can be a huge weight off your mind and in the long run, will help tremendously with writer’s block.


A tattooed man croaching hold a heavy weightEmploying a virtual assistant will take the same route as employing a freelance or ghostwriter, ask your friends, relatives, and clients first. Still, not an option. As with freelance or ghostwriters, to find one you will need to do a search engine search as there are just too many to list here. I suggest you do a search for virtual assistant agencies, read up on what the agency has to say, ask questions if necessary. You can have a look here at a typical agency.



How To Cope With Writers Block – Conclusion

I want to tell you one more thing that can help tremendously with writer’s block.

Use content creation templates

Content creation templates give you cues that will get your ideas flowing again. They may ask you to identify your audience and ask what you want your audience to learn from your article. They will ask you to write it down which helps too with writer’s block as you are actually writing again. Can you see where I am going with this suggestion? I would definitely try this concept to really help with writer’s block. Once again there are just too many to list here, so do a search on any search engine.

To your success and plenty of it. Keep writing.



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2 thoughts on “How to cope with Writer’s Block – A Writers Nightmare

  1. Thanks for the comment Louisa, Yes it happens to me too. I do practise what I preach, but instead of going for a walk or something similar I go to the pub. I am not fit to write anything when I get home. LOL.
    Thanks again

  2. Hi Janet
    Really useful information in this post-not least the acknowledgement that it happens to other people too!
    I was stuck recently and it really turned out that what I thought I should write was way out of sequence and my block was actually an instinct that I wasn’t ready for that subject matter yet.
    Best wishes

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