How to Earn Money Online Without an Investment

When you think of earning money online you think of running some sort of business online and ideally working from home. You also think that to start a business online you are going to need some sort of investment. There are 100’s of business opportunities online where you need to have some sort of capital upfront. What we want to know though is how to earn money online without an investment.

Consider Writing for an Occupation

When you think investment you are probably thinking $100’s or $1000’s to start up a business online. This doesn’t have to be the case. There are other ways to earn money online without an investment or starting a business. So what are they?

One of the most sort after individuals are Writers. There are many companies that will pay you handsomely for writing articles and blogs. The subjects that companies want writers to write about are endless. Think of any subject and there will be a company wanting that sort of written material.

dominoes with the word learn

You may think writing is not for you! Or maybe you think I don’t like writing! Never think in these terms as anyone and I mean anyone can write if they are given a few pointers. Here you will find 50 FREE online writing courses. If you feel the need you can always take an online writing course.


Freelance Writing and Blogging as a Career

Becoming a freelance writer is easy if you know where to look for good opportunities. Once you have made your mind up to become a freelance writer it becomes much easier to start writing. When you first start freelancing you will be surprised to know that places like INDEED and CAREERBUILDER are good choices to look for work.

List of FREE places to find writing jobsA laptop on a table with a plant and a notebook and a pen a outstretched arm with a full cup

Freelance Writing

Love to Know

Online Writing Jobs



Demand Studios

Writer Access


All Freelance Writing

List of PAID places to find writing jobs

Contena….. Membership website (monthly fee) Training course included

Home Job Stop….. Multiple work from home jobs including writing

Hire Writers.…. Click on get paid to write in the menu bar

Flexjobs….. Multiple work at home jobs including writing

Writers Work…..A one off payment or monthly payment

Coursesbanner with notepad and pen and a laptop keyboard saying editorr and #1 online writing tool and proofreader

Writers Help..… Shows you how to write professionally

Maggie Lin3….. A great course for only a $1 starting fee.

Being a Beginner

Being a beginner to freelance writing you will need to be able to prove that you are capable of doing the job offer you have chosen. Companies paying you to write will ask for examples of your work. So to start with practice your writing skills by writing a few blogs. Once you have written a few blogs use them in your own personal portfolio.

It’s a good idea to make a resume or have one made and add to it every time you apply for jobs. It might seem good practice to write for content mills (companies that pay very low rates of pay). But try to avoid it if possible. If you do choose this option, in the beginning, be prepared to be working for low rates of pay for your quality content.

Be Proactive

Be proactive in your efforts to find a paid writing job. Look through and read all the information I have given you here. Read as much information you can on your chosen work at home job. Yes, it is going to be time-consuming! Yes, it’s a lot to take in! and Yes you will profit in the long run!

Take your time to find out what is right for you and you alone. As I said it’s a lot to take in at one time so go at your own pace. Rome wasn’t built in a day! We have all been a beginner at some stage, so take the advice of some more experienced writers whenever possible.

To start blogging you will need a platform to write in, so use a free one like Blogger. You will need to choose a subject title, and an address (website address) Blogger let you use their domain which is So your address will be something like Then choose a theme, this can always be changed at a later date. That’s it, start writing!

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Monetize your Blogs

Once you have written a few blogs you may want to monetize them by going into affiliate marketing. This is another way to earn money online without any capital.

When starting in affiliate marketing you will need to choose a niche (subject) that you want to write about. To monetize your blogs you will need to join some affiliate programs particular to your niche. To find a few to get started with type into google or any other search engine, niche + affiliate programs, don’t forget the plus sign. This will bring up a few affiliate programs to choose from in your niche.

View of a clear blue sky with a man standing on a mountain and the banner saying get paid to write so you're free to live

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By now, you may be feeling overwhelmed by all the information you need to soak up. There is a simple cure for this and it’s a website called Wealthy Affiliate. Although this is not free, ( although you can stay a free member for as long as you want ) you are given 7-days to take a look around and participate in 10 free courses.

These courses show you how to get started in affiliate marketing. You will be able to chat with fellow members and ask any questions you may have, about anything. This is one of the best and certainly the cheapest affiliate marketing training courses you will find on the web.

Apart from the training at Wealthy Affiliate, they have a great affiliate program that once you join you are automatically accepted into. You can, of course, stay as a free member and promote Wealthy Affiliate but your commissions will be less than if you were a premium member.

4 blue boxes with $ numbers inside

I am often asked:

How long does it take to make money at Wealthy Affiliate

Read the article above all the way through for an understanding of one of the best affiliate marketing and training programs you will see at this moment in time on the web. You can also take a look at my other website. I have only just built this website recently but it confirms what the article above is telling you.

Free Website Builder by WordPress

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I hope you enjoyed this article and you can take something away with you. If you have any questions please feel free to drop me a line in the comment box below. Thank-you





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