How to Generate More Sales and Leads

How to Generate More Sales and Leads

We will look at one way that is overlooked by many a marketer. It’s really a matter of nurturing your leads and turning them into sales. There is a little more to it that though. If this was the case this article would end here.

Quite a few affiliate marketers or network marketers are marketing a done-for-them capture page, sales page, and video, page. There’s no component of personalization. What they are doing is what everyone else is doing. It’s okay to try this if you’re a complete beginner. However, don’t expect to create a thriving business simply from driving traffic to a capture page that’s been done for you. This is especially so if the done-for-you-page hasn’t been made just for you. What I mean by that is if the page you are or want to promote has been done before.

Something is Missing

There’s a missing piece, a crucial piece, between the capture page and the sales page, That missing piece is your welcome page. This is often the page where you’ll be able to let your leadership shine. blackboard with the word welcome

How does one get individuals to be excited to work with you and be part of your business? how does one get individuals to be magnetically drawn to you and how are you able to turn your lead into clients on autopilot, you need them to like you and trust you?

Let me show you the beginning of a sales funnel page. Everything starts with you shaping your target market, the ideal customers that you need to target.

The Sales Funnel

You begin by driving traffic to a capture page. Your capture page could be as simple as a pop-up that captures visitors email addresses from your website. There are heaps of ways to drive traffic, video marketing. Facebook marketing, other social media platforms, and forum signatures. You only need to do one of these traffic strategies initially and really master it. Then you’ll be able to begin driving traffic like a pro.

After visitors visit your capture page and leave their details this is when they become a lead. Then they are guided to another page that exposes your offer and hopefully, they will like your offer enough to become a client quickly. If not then you need to begin following up with them via email and expose them to further offers too.

Again, you don’t have to be compelled to build your own capture pages and your own offers, at the beginning you’ll be able to still build sales by driving traffic and following up via email. However, the more things you are in control of the more cash you’ll be able to build. You need the control you’ll have over your business so having your own pages is a much better alternative.

Here is a great little program that can build great pages for only $1 for 90 days. Just think how many a gorillas head with money floating around it and saying 5x your affiliate earningspages you can build in that time. Probably enough for a few weeks or even months. If you click here you will be taken to the review I did for Commission Gorilla V2.

The chilling truth is that most affiliate marketers stop and give up at this time. When in reality this is the time to up your marketing efforts.

Leads are great and you should be able to generate heaps of them. However, if they don’t become buyers you have a problem. So how does one turn lead into buyers? You build relationships with them first and nurture them to make more sales.

Instead of jumping on them and shoving your offers down their throats. You provide them with your story so that they can begin to identify themselves with you. Ask questions and give valuable answers and provide them with free valuable content.animated image of 2 faces talking to each other

How do we build relationships online? Well, by encouraging individuals to speak to you, by email follow up and asking them to try a survey, by doing videos, and by making a great welcome page.

Why it’s necessary to have a welcome page

You may be an affiliate of a certain program, chances are high that your visitors and guests have already seen this capture page that everyone else is using. Therefore, your welcome page bridges the gap between the capture page and also the sales page, particularly if the sales video isn’t yours.

This is an example of a welcome page and sales page all in one. This is actually my homepage. It is quite elaborate and not at all straightforward as I suggest in a later paragraph. It also includes a video.

Additionally, your welcome video on this page can build relationships for you automatically and brand you as a front-runner and leader. You need to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Show your visitors and guests why you use this merchandise, what results you’re obtaining with it, tell them a bit regarding your story and introduce the sales page. Showing them that you simply are a leader.

Your welcome page ought to be really straightforward, and straightforward for folks to grasp what they have to try to do. A straightforward headline, a video, and an enormous button ‘click here to continue’ is maybe all that you need. The choice is yours though. Be more elaborate if you want. You can build 2 pages one straightforward and one more elaborate. Then do an A/B test to see which one is more powerful.

Your headline could be something like “Watch this welcome video first then continue to the next page for your FREE video presentation”.

Your welcome video doesn’t want to be more than 1-3 minute long, simply introducing yourself and provide them with a bit of a taster of what they’re going to see on the ensuing page. Don’t build the video too long, otherwise, you would possibly lose folks.

The first factor that you do in the video is simply introduce yourself. Say something like “Hi my name is “such and such” I’m really excited that you came across my page, I am happy to meet you” or something like that.

Next, you need them to understand that they must be checking their email, therefore you’ll be able to say one thing on the lines of “first things first simply ensure that you go and check your email, as I’ve sent you an important email. It features 3 recommendations on how to be a success building your home business online.

“The 3rd tip alone I know will drastically change your business because it’s done the same for me. Still, continue to check your emails throughout the next few days and coming weeks cause as I’m planning to still send you emails that offer you tips and training on a way to generate leads” and so on.

This part about them checking their emails is essential, here is why. 95% of people aren’t planning to buy anything quickly, therefore solely through your emails are you able to continue building relationships with them and convert the leads into customers.

The next thing you want to share with them is all about you. What you are trying to do here is build rapport and show them what they need to know and who they’re buying from. You want to say what you have been doing before working online, that you simply didn’t have any general selling expertise, have you got children and if you’re married and if you like to travel.

Ensure that you embrace your personal struggles that you simply had at one point in time. Say something like “If you’re something like me, I struggled with generating leads for my home business. I didn’t even know where to begin or know a way how to really generate leads. It wasn’t until I found “such-and-such” that I learned how”

Then let them know what you have planned for them on the next page.

Next, tell them the transformation that you had or that you know someone else had.

You’ll be able to say something like “And it wasn’t till my friend began to utilize this method that she has been able to earn enough to let her husband retire. Not only that she has built 6 figures in 6 months. So that’s what I’m excited about regarding her result because I know if she could do it so could I”.

Next, you wish to introduce them to someone who recorded a sales video on the next page. Say one thing like “In the next video, my friend “such-and-such” tells you exactly “whatever your offer is”.

simply by merely doing this, you’ve done two things.

  1. you’ve given them a heads up that it’s not going to be you in the video. This way they won’t be surprised that a random person is going to be presenting a full video to them, and also…

2.  Is you’re planning to tell them a bit of a snippet of what they’re going to be getting, which can get them even more curious.

If you do this correctly, folks will begin to email you. Offer your services and let them know you are available to them at all times. This way you show that you’re approachable.

I really hope that you are planning to apply what you just learned, it’s a touch bit of advanced web marketing, however, it’s undoubtedly aiming to set you aside from anybody else and permit you to convert a lot of lead into customers. You really must have some sort of system in place to be able to turn your lead into buying customers.a thumbs up

To your future success


Have questions? please leave them in the comment box below, thanks.

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