How to get More Traffic with your Blog – Some Simple tips

One of the most common challenges people face nowadays with a website is the lack of traffic. This is a constant problem for many small businesses and if you don’t have any traffic, you won’t have any sales. So the question I hear a lot and I also ask myself is how to get more traffic with your blog. Not only with your blog but for your affiliate links as well.

It’s very simple the more traffic you have, the more customers you will attract. In this article, I will give some tips on how new business owners, marketers and webmasters can increase the amount of traffic on their blogs or websites. Some things mentioned will help with this problem instantly, while others will pay off in the long run.

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Use Social MediaAn image with the words be visible

Having a well-designed and great looking website or blog with good content is just not enough these days. There is no point in having an amazing site if there is nobody to see it.

You can’t expect that people will find your website just because you launched it online. Be visible online. This means taking the matter into your own hands and start promoting your website content through various channels. One of those channels is social media.

One of the social networks you can use for this kind of action is Twitter. Twitter is most suitable for sharing short and catchy links, while you can use Facebook to create events and invite people to check out activities on your website. If the focus of your website is on selling products and services online, you might be able to effectively increase traffic through image-based social networks such as Instagram and Pinterest.

By using social networks, the traffic increase comes over time, so don’t expect any instant results. The good thing about social networks is that the more traffic you have from them, the more you will get.

Using websites to promote yourself as a Vendor

There are hundreds of websites that are waiting to promote your product if you are a vendor. How is this possible you may ask? Quite simple! By using a thing called an associate affiliate, re-seller program. An associate program is a collaboration with other people called “affiliates”, who will promote your service or product.

For each buyer, the affiliates refer to your blog or website and you pay them a commission after the purchase has been made. This is a very good option for all young companies because there is basically no risk, given the fact that you only pay when you make money.

An image with the amount 35% in orange

An affiliate can automate your traffic generation by redirecting visitors to your website using banner ads, referrals, text links etc. Using special software, you can check these referrals and see how many people the affiliate is bringing to you. The important thing is to figure out what commissions work both for you and the affiliates so you can make money and keep them motivated. I suggest giving at least a 35 % commission of each sale to ensure a healthy business relationship.

Get your links to high traffic sites

Many people don’t understand the amount of exposure they can get from high traffic websites. Requesting a link on some other site is the easiest thing anyone can do, and it doesn’t require any money or time. Having your links on major sites can make your traffic numbers explode overnight.

So how do you accomplish this?

If you get your business site to be a featured link on some high traffic websites related to your industry you can benefit from all the attention that the website has. When you are sending requests for links make sure that you contact the owner of the website directly. Make positive comments about their website and include your URL, your company’s info and your website.

Reach Out to Influencer’s

If you want to do more of the heavy lifting when it comes to content, try approaching major and niche industry outlets that you can contribute content to. Use a tool like BuzzSumo to find social influencers and reach out to them on their social networks or via email to see if they accept guest posts. These posts need to be highly relevant to the website’s audience and be careful to follow any editorial guidelines and respect their rules for submitted content.

Here is an example of a great email outreach to influencers.

email influencer reach out email example

  • Personalize. Just as real estate is all about location, influencer outreach is all about personalization. Personalize your email and tailor your pitch to the influencer and explain the value to their specific audience.
  • Make it about them, instead of about you. Don’t keep talking about your company and how your product is changing the world. Instead of establishing a connection, this makes you look desperate (and it also bores people to death).
  • Don’t demand anything. The influencer doesn’t owe you anything and can decide for themselves whether they wish to work with you or promote your product. Don’t use words like “asap,” “urgent,” or “now”  reserve them for your landing pages.
  • Get to the point. Make your email short, sweet, and easy to read.

How to generate links that drive traffic, not just ranking

Many people see link building as a way to drive rankings. But, when done correctly, it can and should drive traffic.

Driving traffic has a lot of benefits beyond the obvious potential of the increase in leads and sales. More website traffic can provide valuable analytics data about what users are looking for and what confuses them. It can also help grow engagement and potentially referral links on social media as others begin to share your content.

A car going very fast on a road with the words the road to success is traffic


Below I’ll explain how to identify sources of links that drive actual traffic and how to evaluate your progress so that you can focus your efforts where they will have the greatest impact. In order to find good sources for traffic producing links, there are a few ways to do this for example:

  1. Research competitors in your niche
  2.  Review top ranking websites on your topic
  3. Find social influencers who blog on your subject

Research Competitors

Find the publications driving traffic to your competitor’s sites by using tools like SimilarWeb to find their top referral sources. Not only do these tools tell you who is linking to your competitors, but some can also show how much traffic your competitors are getting from those links.

A banner saying spy on your competition

Any site driving traffic/referrals to your competitor’s site should be investigated as a potential linking partner. Check each one for quality, verifying that they aren’t content scraper sites and are actually valuable resources for your target audience. If they pass the test, then consider approaching them for a link.

Review top Ranking Websites

Of course, you shouldn’t just pursue links from sites that are driving traffic to your competitors. Review the top-ranking websites in Google for the keywords you want to rank for and see if any of them can serve as good linking partners.

As always, do your research when approaching sites like this. Do they seem spammy, designed only to generate links for SEO purposes? Or are they legitimate sites that consumers actually use. Note that links from legitimate sites will often be no follow, but they are still valuable because they produce real traffic.

Screenshot/Traffic TravisA screenshot for finding link partners in traffic travis

Traffic Travis has it all –  download free now.

In addition to smaller industry publications, you can also find guest posting opportunities on major sites like through their guest posting forms. However, you must be diligent and careful here: Submit your best work, as inclusion is often competitive, and editors can, therefore, be extremely choosy.

Join niche related forums

Other great outlet options to consider are community forums, like industry-specific subreddits or sites like if you are in marketing. Just remember to be a good community member and never spam other users with your own content.  Be sure to participate regularly by answering questions and commenting thoughtfully on others content.

Check your success

Once you’ve approached your chosen link partners and successfully obtained links, it’s time to review your work. After each month, check Google Analytics for referral traffic. This will show new sites you’ve worked with that are actually bringing you traffic.

After three to six months, you’ll have a clear picture of which sites are worth your time and which aren’t. For instance, if is bringing you more traffic than three industry sites combined, it might be better to pare down your industry sites to be able to submit more content to

While tracking the data, be sure to also track your success building relationships with the influencers. Also the websites you’ve singled out as potential link-building partners. This can show your progress to management and help you hone your pitch and messaging style.

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Link building, no matter your goal, is hard work if you want it to be done ethically. Building a healthy link portfolio can help you generate traffic from a wide variety of referral sources. This will also increase your overall online presence and making sure you own more of your branded search terms. Be sure to cast a wide net by working with many sites and platforms.

Of course, if you are not confident enough to try any of the above due to inexperience, I recommend you do some training.

Go here to this website to read all about how you can learn and earn at the same time. Once signed up the training will show you how.


a white banner with writing saying making money online is not magic


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I hope this article was helpful in “how to get more traffic with your blog”. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me either in the comments box or the contact me form.




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