How to get Visitors on Your Blog

How to get visitors on your blog or I should say how to get more visitors to your blog. Do you have a website or blog you publish content to each day but still powerless to get enough visitors? It’s a common factor for many bloggers and website owners.

Have you simply created your very 1st blog and are keen to try out all the ways in which to promote it?

This article presents smart and simple methods you’ll be able to use to market your blog and instantly attract visitors who are genuinely fascinated by your niche.

1. Stop Tweaking / Modifying Your Blog

Are you spending an excessive amount of time tweaking your blog to make it look appealing? I can tell you, the general look of your website or blog doesn’t really matter to your visitors it’s the content that matters. Rather than tweaking your blog concentrate on creating content that’s recent, engaging and informative for your readers.

2. Making Pillar Content

Producing quality content is one of the most important challenges for bloggers because creating high-quality content on a daily basis is not straightforward. Smart content makes a strong impact on your audience. That is why it’s vital that you take the time to create high-quality pillar content which will solidify your blog’s reputation. Pillar content refers to a series of posts that represent your blog’s best content. It includes all the great posts that you can refer new guests too because of their high quality.

For your information, I have included a PDF by Mike Allton.


Great content is a fantastic source for good and informative messages for your audience among your specific topic. Pillar posts offer major support to your blog and are considered a really necessary element or staple of your blog. Once you begin promoting your blog, pillar content can serve as your bait to draw in additional traffic.

Once you have created your blog, the very 1st strategy you ought to implement is to make relevant posts and populate your blog with some extremely new, yet interactive info.

3. Do Not Concentrate on Monetizing your Blog too Much

Many new bloggers create blogs to earn cash. There’s no harm in earning money, but putting too many banner ads on your blog will become too distracting for your audience. If there are too many banners, they’ll make your blog look extremely ugly and they can really take your visitors away from your blog. Do you still assume this might be a good way to promote your blog? I bet you don’t. In fact, a better objective would be to concentrate on building your email list instead. This will help you get what you are urgently searching for, additional guests and extra money by re-targeting your visitors.

4. Analysis Your Niche and Establish What Matters

A very vital step you must take before beginning your blog is to completely research your niche. You should understand all the ins and outs of your niche and also understand who matters. For example, who are the influencers, massive players and little players contributing to the niche in their own capacities. You ought to build a list of all the competitive sites, channels, podcasts, influencers, communities and groups that are operating within your specific niche. It is very simple with SE Ranking competitor research.

By doing so, you can have a significant reference file of all of your competitors inside your niche. You may be able to see what they are doing and talking about and also all the things they’re putting up for sale and the merchandise that are common among your audience.

5. Reach Out to Influencers

Once you have got your blog nicely-created and great content to pull your audience in, begin promoting your blog. Take out the detailed list of all the influencers, massive players and little players you made before beginning your blog. Keep a detailed eye on the small players, because you need them for blog promotion.

Begin by offering them testimonials, case studies or perhaps a blog post they might be interested in publishing. It’s important for you to start out a one-on-one relationship with the big and little players. Do this by contributing to other people’s sites through commenting and sharing their work on your blog, soon they’ll begin to recognize you and connect with you.

6. Become a Professional In Your Niche

Whether your niche is SEO, Digital marketing, Content marketing or any other, you ought to not only attain in depth of information regarding your niche but additionally present it in an interactive and engaging manner through your blog. Your future audience is waiting to read content that addresses them and their desires. It’s the power of your writing and skilled analysis which will help you attract your audience.

7. Post Commentsa red balloon with the word comments inside it

Commenting on blog posts and taking part in numerous forums and social groups within your niche is usually seen as the simplest way to get backlinks. However, it has to be done the right way and if it’s done right, no issues will arise. Always conform to the guidelines when posting in forums especially. Continuously post comments on blog posts but only if you have something significant and informative to add. Make certain to use your own name to your post, and your brand. Participate in niche groups and authoritative communities on social media. Present yourself as an authority in your niche and genuinely help individuals. Do not simply drop links.

8. Create an Interactive Conversation Flow And Acknowledge Your Readers

When creating content, make certain it’s engaging enough to urge the audience to start talking. Your posts ought to create questions from your audience and encourage them to reply or share their own similar experiences. Your audience can consult with you via blog comments or email, make sure to acknowledge them and reply to them. This can encourage and facilitate interaction.

Although comments do not help with search engine ranking it does add more content to your blog page. This is seen as longer content by the search engines and therefore a more engaging post. In turn, the search engines will rank you higher.

9. Monetize Your Website

When it comes to earning money from your blog, take a proactive approach, because it will bring in organic traffic. Once you provide a product or service on your website you’ll be able to attract your audience. Make a sales funnel, this way you can not only generate a lot of leads and boost blog traffic but also generate tons of revenue.

There are heaps of data on the web to show you how to make a sales funnel. Basically, through a sales funnel is a landing page with information about your particular offer. It should also include a sign-up form and the price of your offer.

10. Use Social Media

Utilizing paid or sponsored media could be a viable choice and an efficient strategy for blog promotion. It includes blog promotion through Facebook ads, Google and Bing ads, promoted tweets, YouTube ads, and much more. These social networks will bring a fantastic amount of traffic, as well as, many leads to your website.

11. LSI Phrases

Using LSI phrases helps tremendously with the content of your blog and ranking in search engines. You may ask what are LSI Phrases?

They are little snippets of content that you need to integrate into your writing. They are Synonyms of your original keywords and keyword phrases. For example, I will use the title of this blog, which is “how to get visitors on your blog” The phrases below are just a few what the LSI Graph came up with for the keyword phrase I typed in.

how to get traffic to my blog for free

free blog followers

how to get your blog noticed by google

how to increase blog traffic for free

google blog ranking

how to increase blog traffic using StumbleUpon

free blog views

generating blog traffic

tricks to increase blog traffic

increase blog traffic 2018

how to get traffic to my blog fast

how to drive traffic to your blog

boost blog traffic

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So the secret is to incorporate some of these phrases into your content. The way to find these snippets is by using a free tool called the LSI Graph or Isigraph.

12. Where to use Keywords

You may think you can put keywords or keyword phrases anywhere in your content. Gone are the days when keywords were used everywhere in your content. This is now classed as keyword stuffing by google blog ranking and not a good thing to do.

I have found out through research and by my own experiences that keywords need to be only used in specific places on your blog. Then you can’t be accused by the search engines for keyword stuffing which will actually lower your search engine rankings. Use your keywords 2-4 times only.

Use keywords and keyword phrases in the following:

  • H1 tags
  • H2 tags
  • H3 tags
  • Anchor text
  • Subheadings
  • The first paragraph

Also bold and/or italic them. You can also use underline too.

13. Freebies

The use of freebies on your blog entices visitors to keep come back to your blog. The search engines look at the traffic keep coming back to your website in a way that you have engaging content. They then class your site as an authority site, in other words, you know what you are talking about.

What the search engines want is the best content for their visitors. It has to answer the question or query they are searching for. Your job is to write the best content. You have to have content that far out ways your competitors for the same keywords.

So what sort of freebies can we offer our visitors?A sample of an e-book cover

Some freebies you could use are:

The image on the right is a sample ONLY of an e-book cover.

  • E-books
  • Powerpoint presentations
  • How-to Guides
  • Informative videos
  • SEO tips
  • Building a website for free
  • Slideshows

These are just a few examples, use your imagination and the freebies you can use are endless. My secret is, well it’s not really a secret. I subscribe to anything and everything that promises me something for free. Yes, I get a ton of emails wanting me to buy this, that and the other. There is always the unsubscribe button if you get fed up with the bombardment of their emails.

In Conclusion

When you follow the methods mentioned above for promoting your website you’ll not only be able to boost traffic to your site but also generate revenue from it. Remember, promoting a website or blog isn’t a tough task. It simply takes a bit of time and understanding of what works and what doesn’t. Implement one strategy at a time and see the difference.

Always remember this strategy takes time, don’t be impatient, keep writing great content as often as possible. The longer and more often you write the better your content will be.

When I look back at the first articles I wrote I cringe, as they are not the best. With time your articles will get better. As we are always learning especially whilst researching for our content we learn from other people’s experiences.

The best advice I can give is to look and learn from influencers in your niche. Copy their strategy and you will eventually start writing great content.

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