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How to Improve SEO for a Website

So let’s talk SEO and how to improve SEO for a website.

There are many factors to SEO and to improve it is not really all that hard. You just need to know the strategies and start implementing them.

How To Improve SEO for a Website

I am assuming you already have a website. Whether it is new or older there is always some improvements you can make with your SEO strategy.

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Let’s look at ON-PAGE SEO first.

On-page, SEO is everything you do on your website to implement SEO.

  1. Make sure your title tag is as close to the beginning of the URL as possible and make sure it is in the H1 tag format.
  2. Add rich words to your title like Review, Year (2019), Best, and Guide.
  3. Always make sure you add great-looking images, infographics, diagrams and video to your post.
  4. Make sure your keyword or keyword phrase is in the 1st paragraph or first 100 words.
  5. Have all sub-headings in H2 format and include your keyword in at least one sub-heading.
  6. Bold your first paragraph where your keyword is.
  7. Internally link to your post with other relevant posts you have written.
  8. Externally link to other high ranking websites.
  9. Boost your website speed. A fast loading website is a Google ranking factor.
  10. Use LSI keywords. This helps search engines determine a page’s relevance.
  11. Don’t’ have long and ugly looking URL’s.
  12. Always have an ALT description in your images. If possible use a keyword in your ALT description too.
  13. Have social sharing buttons on your website so visitors can share your content on social media.
  14. Post long informative engaging content of at least 1500 words.
  15. Try to improve your bounce rate by giving your visitors a video to watch.

So let’s clarify what all this means in real terms.

Title Tag

screenshot of the H1 tag in WordPress

1. A WordPress website by default will make your title tag an H1 tag automatically. But if you don’t use a WordPress website always check this as some other websites do not always do this by default. Also, check your theme as some themes will also use an H1 tag as default. So if your website uses the H1 tag as default and your theme does also you will be getting duplicate H1 tags and one H1 tag is all that is needed and that’s in the title.

Also, make sure your keyword or keyword phrase is as close to the beginning of the title as possible. More often than not a keyword that starts your title off bears more relevance with the search engines.


Add Rich WordsDonald Trump pointing saying modify your language use rich words

2. Adding what are called modifier words to your post title can also be relevant by the search engines. Use these rich words to get your website noticed more. For example (Rich, Year, Best, Guide, etc)

Add Images

3. A website without images or media files is boring. It does not let the reader’s eyes have a rest. Moreover, it is good practice to always use as many images, diagrams or whatever media you want to work for your post.

Add Keyword

Your keywords are important with a black computer keyboard and a gold key

4. Making sure your keyword is in the first 100 words is great for the search engines to know a little bit more about what your post is all about. Also, Google, in particular, don’t always use your meta description for some reason. They will take a snippet usually from the first paragraph to use instead. So that’s another reason to have your keyword in the first 100 words.

Your keyword is in a sub-heading

5. Having your keyword in at least one sub-heading is good practice. Make your sub-headings in the H2 tag.

Go Bold

screenshot of WordPress dashboard with an arrow pointing to the bold icon

6. Bold your first paragraph. This is also a good practice as outlined in No.4. If you have ever used Squirrely as an SEO helper then you would know that this is one of their requirements to get your post to 100% SEO.

Internal link

7. Internal linking is a must-do. It will give your lesser ranked posts more ump. The search engines will crawl these links and rank you higher because you are giving more information to your post.

External link

Here is a great source of information on improving your SEO.

The above is an external link.

8. Externally link to higher-ranking posts and websites. This will give your website and post more authority by letting the search engines know what the relevance is to your post.

Boost website speed

Website load time statistics.

infographic of website speed issues

9. Boost your website speed. This is one of the key ranking factors in search engines in how long it takes for your website and pages to load. Search engines want the best for their customer searches so if your website is slow to search engines will take a dim view of it and may lower your ranking. Also from the visitor’s point of view, the load speed of more than 3-4 seconds can make your visitor click away from your site. Don’t forget to optimize your website for mobile speed also.

Read my related post on how to optimize your site speed…Test my site speed

Also, test your mobile speed this is important too…What is a mobile-friendly website

Use LSI Keywords

10. Using LSI keywords (Latent Semantic Indexing) gives you yet another boost to your post. Latent semantic indexing (LSI) keywords are simply keywords related to the topic your page is about. Putting it another way. LSI Keyword is a keyword that is semantically linked to the main keyword. In a nutshell, LSI keywords are keywords that we generally find related to the main keyword.

Use the tool below to get some LSI keywords. Then use a few of these keywords in your post.

LSI Keyword Generator

LSI keyword grnerator screenshot



Hide Your Ugly URL’s

11. I often see long and ugly URL’s they make webmasters look like a novice in my eyes. So if you have long and ugly URL’s use a cloaking service like Bitly to make your URL’s more SEO friendly. You can also hide them in your anchor text. Anchor text is the typically blue text that appears and becomes clickable when you create a hyperlink.

Include ALT description

screenshot of ALT text description box in WordPress

12. ALT descriptions in images are also a must. They help the search engines know what your images are about. Use your keyword in the image if possible. Don’t just throw in a keyword, the ALT text has to flow just like your content. The ALT description also helps the visually impaired to know what your images are about when they use a reader.

Social Sharing Buttons

add to any share buttons image

13. Make sure you have social sharing buttons on your website. They do not count towards a ranking factor but at least your visitors can share your post with their friends. Sharing is important as this way you can reach more people.

Create long content

14. Google in particular likes long engaging content. Aim for 1500 words or more for each and every post. Make sure you are answering your visitor’s problems in your content. That is why they are on your site to gain information and solve a problem and learn.

Improve bounce rate

diagram of bounce rate from site speed


15. Your bounce rate increases the longer it takes your site to load so improve your bounce rate by having great informative, helpful, engaging content for your visitors. Keep them on your webpage longer by having a video or a great looking and informative infographic. The longer visitors stay on your website the less bounce rate you will have.

Now let’s look at Off-Page SEO

Off-page, SEO is anything you do outside your website.

  1. Backlinks are a very important part of off-page SEO. Getting backlinks can be done with:
  • Guest Blogging… This helps with link building and reputation building.
  • Social Media Marketing… This brings you reputation and authority.
  • Influencer Marketing… It helps improve your Brand.
  • Marketing in general… This helps in getting you noticed.

an office table with a note saying marketing strategy



1. Backlink strategies have been an important part of online marketing for a long time now. They help improve your website’s traffic, rank, reputation, and even relationships. Although the effectiveness of quality backlinks to your site has not changed, the methods in which you get them has.

2. Guest Blogging… This is not a hard strategy. Getting a blog to be accepted is the key. You will need to find websites that accept guest bloggers first.

Here is a website that has 54 sites that take guest bloggers.

Here is another website that has 300 sites that take guest bloggers.

3. Social Media Marketing… This is something you will probably be doing already. If not then all it means in simple terms is submitting your website, posts, and pages to your social media sites. By doing this you can gain followers, get likes and shares. This all helps with you being discovered and the more people who share your content the more people you will reach.

4. Influencer Marketing… To outreach to influencers in your niche, you will need to study them for a while. You want the person in question to react to you and your pitch. Influencers get thousands of emails weekly with people wanting them to put their recent posts on their website. If this happens it is then a backlink. See where I am coming from. It’s not just any old backlink its a high authority backlink. So bear in mind you will not even get your emails opened at first but you must be persistent without being spammy.

5. Marketing in General… This may be old hat in today’s society but it is still worthwhile submitting your website and posts to directories and article submitting websites.

Well, that concludes my off-page marketing strategy.

I hope this post on “How to improve SEO for a website” was helpful. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me either on the contact form or in the comments box below.



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