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How to Monetize a Website – Simple Steps

Blogging has become an industry in itself. Once upon a time, it was a platform for your personal journal. But over the years blogs have gained legitimacy, visibility, and power on the web and beyond it. As you can see, one of the changes has been the fact that you can make real money blogging, even without becoming a major information powerhouse. So Let’s see some of the ways of how to monetize a website.

Why Monetize Your Website in the First Place?

The simple fact is if you monetize your blog or website you can obtain a recurring income from Adwords for letting them put ads on your website. It may not appeal to everyone as it may disrupt the way your website looks. So if you are one of those people who take pride in their website it may not be for you.

Saying that here is a great training resource from one of the community members at Wealthy Affiliate my No.1 program to join. He will guide you through how to display your ads the way you want them to look on your website. For the training go here. This is just one of the member’s training you will find lots more once you sign up free to Wealthy Affiliate. To join go here.

If you have thought about monetizing your website, here are some simple tips to help you get started.

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The key is to use the many resources on the net to organize yourself well. Here are just a few for starters.

  • Google Analytics….. is the first important step for properly monitoring your traffic sources.
  • Google Webmaster….where you can submit your website sitemap.
  • Bing Webmaster….. where you can submit your website sitemap.
  • Register accounts….. with Network Marketing Programs. These are affiliate marketing networks that will connect you to quite a few vendors programs.
  • Find affiliate marketing programs…… that are not affiliated with Network Marketing Programs. You will need to do a search for them in your niche. Just type in a search engine…..(your niche + affiliate programs). The search should give you plenty to choose from.

Below is a couple of related topics you may find interesting.

Free affiliate marketing websites
Best Affiliate Programs

Affiliates are going to be one of your greatest sources of income. Whether someone is promoting your product, or you are promoting someone else’s, even small payouts will lead to a decent payout over time.

The more momentum a program gains, the more passive income you will start to make. You will be surprised by the numbers and the way they build up after the first six months, and especially after the first year.

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Get Your Toolbox in Order

Most affiliate programs have their own tools you can use. Just go to their affiliate resources or tools to use page.

Bannersnack offers a variety of free banner templates you can use. Upload to Canva or Crello to personalize them with your own words.

With the free program, you can create up to 10 free banners.

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Optimize Your Search Ranking

You have to come up high in a search if you want to bring in the traffic that will inevitably make a passive income. Here’s a helpful checklist to get you started.

Want a free SEO checklist by Neil Patel?…….Go Here.An SEO image

Since hardly anyone goes to the second page of Google, you have to have good or great keywords or keyword phrases with low competition. Invest in market research to find the best keywords that you can use, both long and short-tailed, to improve your SEO.

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There are many keyword research tools to use on the web and most are free. Choose a couple from the related post to start your keyword research.

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Don’t Begin Right Away

It might seem like a good idea to immediately start trying to monetize your website you’ve just started with Ads. But in the beginning, you won’t have any traffic to drive to them.

The exception to this rule is if you already have a viable brand and are expanding it to include a blog for engagement and social marketing. In which case the traffic will come from your initial site, and monetizing right away makes sense. If not, focus on building up your website before you think about making money from it with ads like Adsense.

Joining AdSense

Google AdSense is an important tool for anyone seeking to monetize their website. They provide both text and image ads. More often than not the image ads attract the most attention and lead to the most clicks. Of course, this is dependent on your traffic. The payout is low, but it adds up over time, and they are a trusted source for such a program.

Here is an easy plugin for Adsense that will make the integration easier for you…… Easy Plugin for Adsense

Other ad programs exist. Here you will find 7 other alternatives to Adsense.

Open a Store

Try and create products that relate well to your website niche. There are many varieties of shops you can open. If you have a WordPress website you can integrate Woocommerce easily with a plugin. The basic plugin is free to use. Once you have set up your store you can choose to add further extensions for a small price. Below is a related post with further options you can choose from when opening an e-commerce store.

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For a small fee of $9 a month, you can also integrate Shopify into your website with the Shopify buy button. For more details on the Shopify buy button……..go here.



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Create an Ebook

Ebooks are big, and they have plenty of uses. They don’t bring in a lot of money, which can be a problem unless you have the status in your industry to be able to charge a higher price for a download.

Most people will offer them cheap or free, and use it to improve their visibility and draw people to their blog, thereby improving their other income possibilities. It will ultimately depend on you.

To make an e-book for free go to this website called FlipBuilder where you can create your very own ebook from a PDF. Want to turn your blog posts into PDF format then look no further …..go here.

Offer Freelancing Services

Your blog can act as a kind of portfolio, showing off your writings skills, nature and passion. That makes it a great opportunity to attract other people who want you to write for them.

Occasionally you will want to write a free guest blog post to promote your site. But otherwise, you can offer your writing for pay, advertising yourself through your blog. Alternatively, you can join freelance writing websites to supplement your income. You can do this while you are waiting for your website to get more traffic.

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Here you will find a freelance writing platform that you can join……. Periodix.

Monetize Your Youtube AccountA youtube icon

YouTube is the largest video sharing platform in the world and publishers have the ability to earn based on their viewers and the advertisements served and viewed by their audience. Many video producers are earning a side income from their channel while others are earning a significant amount of income that merits hiring employees and running a channel as a full-fledged business. The highest earnings are clearing seven figures, but this constitutes a very small percentage of YouTube partners.

Eligibility Requirements

Not all accounts are eligible for monetization and the partner program. YouTube actually updated their requirements in January 2018 with strict minimum subscribers and views as a barrier for entry. In order to join the program, you must have a minimum of 1,000 subscribers and more than 4,000 hours watched time in the previous 12 months.

The new requirements are intended to weed out spam accounts and deceptive look-alike accounts. It essentially means you must build a brand and be vested in growth to meet the minimums. The advertisers also win by knowing their ads are only served on reputable accounts with a positive viewership history. Once you reach the minimum requirements and have your account approved, the income is supposedly more stable now that spam accounts and low-quality accounts are not pulling revenue away from quality producers.

Read the Terms

Before you dedicate significant time and effort to building a monetized YouTube channel, read the terms and consider your options. The major advantage of using YouTube is the large audience size that comes with the platform. You simply create and publish videos while the platform delivers viewers and manages advertisers.

The downside here is that you relinquish a significant amount of control. While you retain ownership of the content, the terms specify that YouTube is granted a full use license with no restrictions. They basically can do anything with your video short of taking the ownership title. Some publishers choose to skip the YouTube platform and publish through their own website (at a higher return) while charging for viewership or membership. If you are comfortable with the terms and payout provided by YouTube, then move forward to monetize through the platform.

How to MonetizeA hand with a fanned out wad of bank notes

You will not have the option to monetize until the minimum threshold is reached. After completing the application, it will take over a month for a decision. Reaching the minimum threshold and applying does not guarantee acceptance. When you are ready to apply, go to the creator studio, select the channel and click monetization. Again, you must have passed the minimum threshold to have this option available.

YouTube AdSense AccountA banner of google adsense

In order to monetize through YouTube, you need a linked YouTube AdSense account. AdSense is Google’s monetization platform for all content types and the platform will issue your payments. If you already have an AdSense account, no further steps are needed. When YouTube approves your partner account, you can simply link your AdSense ID to the account. If you do not have AdSense, stay within the YouTube platform and setup your monetization settings. It automatically asks to connect your existing AdSense or set up a new AdSense account under your YouTube account.

The other method of payment is Tunecore YouTube. This system is for musicians specifically. You add a tracking ID to your music that connects to the TuneCore YouTube account and you receive payment when that music is played and used by YouTubers.

Don’t forget that for both affiliate links and sponsored reviews you should use a proper disclaimer not to lose your readers’ trust and to be in-line with the US laws (and Google).

Do you have any tips for monetizing your blog or website? Have questions? Let me know in the comments box below. I reply to all comments made in a timely manner.



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