How to Post Articles Online

We all know that posting articles to article submission sites is a good idea. It will give us more links and backlinks. It’s a matter of how to post articles online to get the most exposure that we will focus on here.

QUOTE: “A backlink is a reference comparable to a citation” Wikipedia

The search engines love sites with backlinks as it shows trust and authority in that website. The more trust and authority your website has the more traffic and visitors you will get to your website.

Submitting Articles

You automatically publish your finished articles to your own website without a second thought. A good idea is to get used too is to start posting any new articles to social media, forums and article submission sites. Do this automatically as soon as possible after your article is published. If you get used to doing this it will become second nature. Make it a routine.

Some article submission sites give you the ability to write your article on their site. It is a good idea and saves time in uploading the article to their website.

When submitting articles to article submission sites always make sure you abide by their rules and requirements. If you don’t abide by the rules of posting your article won’t get published on their site.The face of a medium looking through a glass ball

Some people write for magazines and/or journals. If you think your writing is good enough go for it. If you do submit an article to a magazine, for instance, it may be rejected. Do not let this deter you, tweak/rewrite the article and post it in article submission sites or a paying article site like Medium.

To help save time, look to your old blog posts and tweak/rewrite them and repost it as an article. Tweaking your blog post will make it into original content for article submission. When I say tweaking it does mean almost rewriting the post. This is a lot easier than writing a blog post from scratch. You will have the basic outline in your old blog of what you are going to write.

Since writing an old blog you will have surely come across more up to date information. So the new information and data you have obtained or learned can be written in your new article.

Always choose the sites that have been visited the most. Do a google search for “most visited publishing websites online” Focus your attention on the most popular sites first.

Promoting your article

You will need a strategy to promote your article. The way to promote your article apart from submitting to article submission websites is exactly the same as promoting your blog or website.

However, you may also want to submit your article to RSS feeds. The reason for this is to let directories know that your blog actually exists and to keep them updated with your latest articles/blogs.

Why do we need to submit to RSS feeds? Simple! These directories are browsed by certain people who are interested in what your article has to offer. You must make sure you submit your article/blog to the right category. Some of these RSS feed directory sites might want a reciprocal link. That’s OK it’s a matter of you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.


Join social bookmarking websites

The pages/posts and articles that you bookmark will become public, this means people that are interested in your niche can share your knowledge. Network with the people that share your bookmarks to grow your audience and traffic.

Some of the most popular social bookmarking sites are:

DiggA pair of glasses resting on a book





Websites with open licenses

These websites collect articles for web developers who need content but as yet cannot afford to pay for articles from a payment based content site. You can submit articles to these type of sites. In the long run, people may begin to copy your articles to put on their websites as content. Put your signature on all articles as this will drive traffic to your own website. This is called viral marketing. To find these types of websites do an internet search for “free article aggregator”


So I hope you understand these methods as article marketing is one of the best ways of obtaining backlinks, trust, and authority to your website. So to recap:

  • Post articles in article submission websites
  • Submit articles to bookmarking websites
  • Post to RSS feeds
  • Submit articles to paying websites
  • Use directories to submit articles



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I hope my article on “How to post articles online” was helpful. Please feel free to contact me in the comments area or contact form if you have any questions.



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