How to Promote your website

A simple guide to promoting your website.

OK, the subject has been done and done again a hundred times by many a blogger or marketer. I am going to put a different slant on this subject of how to promote your website. We all wish we could wave a magic wand and our websites, posts and articles would be indexed on the 1st page of Google or any and all of the search engines for that matter. Alas, it is not to be!


Everybody in the online marketing business knows what a keyword is, or do they? For those that don’t understand what a keyword is and why we need to use them, here is a brief outline. If you own a computer you will no doubt have done a search on a search engine. Well these search engine’s rank the content of your blog, post or article. This is where keywords come into the foe. Suppose you are doing a search for a laptop. Whatever you type into the search engine, for example, laptops for sale, the actual words laptops for sale is a keyword. So if you are promoting laptops on your blog or website, this would be a good keyword to use. A keyword can be one word or a few words. When a few words are used it’s called a long-tailed keyword. The search engines do their ranking on such keywords, they also rank the content of your article, which should include a keyword. The higher you rank in search engines the more your blog or website will be seen on their pages. So this is, in fact, promoting your site. A good practice when searching for keywords is to use a keyword research tool. I can recommend 2 really good ones.   A turquoise botton with the words sign up below   JAAXY
Long Tailed Keyword Research ToolA cat's cartoon head and a cat's long tail with the words need longtail keywords for your website and then the word how  


  Content is the vital key to any blog or website. We could say it is the heart of your article, blog or post. Without a heart we cannot exist, the same goes for your content, without content your article, blog or post cannot exist. Try to keep your content engaging, so your readers will read and engage themselves with your article and everything within it, ie: links and affiliate links, make sure your images are appropriate for the content of your page. Make an impression on your readers and customers so they come back to your website and make a purchase. Customers want to trust you so honesty is a good policy. The better the content the better you will rank in the search engines.

Being Social

We are all proud of our own website or blog. It is a great achievement, so we want the world to know what we have achieved. Unfortunately, that’s not possible. The next best thing is to post your website or blog on social media. This means Facebook, twitter, google plus and any other social network you are a member of. Then Promote, promote, promote.  
A close up of a keyboard with the social icons Facebook and twitter on a key each


Tell all your friends and acquaintances about your new venture and get them to comment on your website or blog and also your pages or posts on your website. Ask friends to let their friends take a look at your website, the more the merrier. The more comments you receive the better as search engines pick this up as a site that is active. This, in turn, gets your site better rankings. You are again promoting your website/blog. Always reply to the comments posted to your site, as I said earlier this makes your site look active.   A red balloon with the word comments


  How long are your pockets? If they are very long you can advertise your website for a fee on many platforms. There are free to advertise platforms too. Personally, I would not splatter my webpage content all over the web in advertisements. The Reason: The search engines don’t favor this activity. You may feel that the search engines are taking over and are the be all and end all of getting traffic and sales to your website. Well here’s the truth, if you want your blog or website noticed you have to rank in the search engines full stop.

Get Noticed

Once someone clicks on your website you want to keep them there and you want them to look at everything you have to offer. One way of doing this is by color. It really can make an impact. The human Being is very visual, so colors can help.

Try to be different than your competitors, adding images and screenshots helps to keep a reader on your pages longer. It will keep them interested in what is going on within your website. Be individual, don’t try and copy another writers style, it’s their personal style, not yours, so develop your own personal style.

SEO-Search Engine Optimisation

This is one of the most important things you can do, for your website, posts, and pages to be ranked higher on Google. SEO is not just one thing but a few things that need to do so your website can be search engine optimized. One of the ways to be optimized is with backlinks (I have previously written a post on backlinks) See below.  
Free Online Backlink Checker
Infographics Which are visual graphics that include information, knowledge, and data. Guest Blogging Writing articles for other bloggers. Internal linking An example of this is above under free online backlink checker. Images Make your website attractive to readers and customers. Social Networks Get involved with Facebook groups and Google communities. Comments  Always acknowledge your reader’s comments and reply to them. Capture Emails Will help decrease your bounce rate. The one I use is:   A turquoise button with the words sign up below   SumoMe   I hope this was helpful. Please leave a comment if you found this information useful. Best Wishes Janet    

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