How to Write a Product Service Review that Leaves your Competition Behind

How To Write A Product Service Review

There are 2 important factors to consider when writing a product or service review. How do I write a compelling review and keep my readers happy plus the search engines? First and foremost your readers come first, then the search engines.

This is an obvious decision to make, as who are you writing for? if not for your readers. Then again it is no use writing if your 2 white arrows pointing in different directions

readers don’t know where to find your review. So you are at crossroads here because you also need to write for the search engines to enable people to find your review.

Saying that, who will be the person’s to buy your reviewed products? your readers of course. There is a fine line between keeping your readers happy and the search engines. Getting this right is essential.


Keeping your Readers Happy Do’s and Dont’s


Write an overview of the product. An overview is simply a brief outline of a product. An overview doesn’t have to be very long and drawn out. Keep it simple (KISS) and short. We just want to let our visitors know what we are reviewing.

Give a list of all the features the product has. Plus the benefits and specifications. More often than not you can get all these details either from the sales page or the manufacturer’s website. It’s a good idea to use a bullet list here, so your visitors can easily see what they are interested in easily.

If possible have a couple of reviews from other users of the product handy to read on your website. You could also link to other reviews of the product. Write something along the lines of “see what other users are saying about this product” The more reviews your visitors can see the better in terms of a visitor taking the necessary action and converting to sales.

Research the product you are reviewing thoroughly (if you do not own it) A good review can be written without owning a product if you research it deeply and thoroughly.

Here I have listed 4 of the top websites that may send you free or discounted products to review. This is by no means a comprehensive list of review companies.


Ripple Influence

Giveaways Service

Deal Hustl

60+ sites that send you products to test and keep

Wiki-How shows you in a step by step manner how to apply to review companies.

Wiki-How shows you how to apply to companies for free products to review

Show your visitors images of the product if you have one. Visual is always a good way of explaining a product more thoroughly. You can quote examples of what is written on a product or page. Of course, your review will be more convincing if you have purchased the product yourself. Maybe you know someone who has bought his product. Simply ask their opinion of it.
Blue and orange writing saying pros and cons

Always give a summary of the positives and negatives of the product as in pros and cons. Nothing is perfect in today’s world so a few negatives will help your review be more credible if this is done. I like to also give points out of 5 or 10, an example being 10/10.


Don’t sell or pitch the product to your readers, be objective, don’t let your opinion of the product take over. Your readers want an unbiased opinion.

Avoid the words “best product” or “best on the market” or similar unless you have evidence of this statement. If you have proof show it in a screenshot or some other way. We do want to sway our readers to buy an affiliate product we are reviewing, but not blatantly. Have a more subtle way to communicate the product as in ” this product offers great value for money” or “the (such and such) feature is very useful”

Keeping the Search Engines Happy

What we need to do here is to optimize our content. This way we will keep the search engines happy and get a better ranking. In other words, you need your review to be seen in the search engines on the top pages.

How Is This Done?

You will need to target your keywords or keyword phrases, which means including them in the product title, page title, also tags, page content, meta descriptions, anchor text, and alt text if you are using images.

So in essence, once you have a keyword in mind that you want to use, you will need to include it in certain areas of your content. I will emphasize this a little below.

Page title….. Use your keyword or keyword phrase if possible as the first word of the page title. Make sure that the sentence makes sense. It has to be readable as a sentence or phrase.

Sub-title…..Try to have your keyword or keyword phrase in at least one of your sub-titles as well.

Page Content….. Make sure the first paragraph of your content has the keyword or keyword phrase in it. This is so the search engines can pick up on it easily.a gold key on a black keyboard

Meta Description….. This is the description you can see under your title in the search engines. This too needs to have the keyword or keyword phrase in it.

Anchor text…..This is a link that once clicked leads to your product, an internal or external link, another person’s web page or where ever you want it to link to.

Alt Images….. The alt image is a description of an image, it’s a good idea to try to put your keyword in the alt text too.

Try to also have your keyword or keyword phrase in your tags and product or service title.

Additional Strategies for that Extra Punch

1. Video Reviews…..If you obtain video reviews these will go along way into showing your visitors the impact of a product.
2. More images….. Use more images in your review, visitors like to see the product in a visual form. Taking your own images can certainly help you compete with your competitor’s reviews of the same product.

3. Tips for using a product….. Use this extra element to let visitors know your experience of using the product. If you don’t own it you can use other people’s experience of using the product. For example, you could write what worked best for you personally and what didn’t.

4. Video or text Testimonials….. This may not be possible but do try to use testimonials if at all possible. It will emphasize the products pros and cons by other users.

5. Ways to overcome the negatives….. Although the cons are useful, it is not necessary to make a big thing of them. Write about ways to overcome these negatives. For example, maybe the cons don’t apply to them or they did not make any impact on your personal experience and so on. Just find as many plus points for your cons as possible.

How To Write A Product Service Review – Conclusion

It’s a well-known fact in the review business that buyer’s trust a product review by consumers much more than a manufacturer’s review. How is this possible you may ask? A manufacturer’s review can seem one-sided and bias. They are after all wanting a sale of the product. Consumers seem to be able to see through these tactics easily.

So writing reviews of products and services is a great idea in the fact that your review will be more credible than the manufacturers. So it’s time to get writing that all-important review!

For inspiration, try viewing the Yelp website. You will find 100’s of reviews here and you can even leave your own review.

Now then, let your visitors leave comments on your review page. Encourage this activity. It may be a question a visitor wants answering or just a polite thank you for your review. Whatever the comment is always reply.

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