Internet Affiliate Marketing Programs – A little different

It seems there are affiliate programs for almost any product and service on the web these days. There is a heap of programs that no-one even knows about. I am talking about internet affiliate marketing programs that are a little different or unusual.

Yes, of course, there are some people that must be promoting these programs. Otherwise, they wouldn’t exist. So here is a list of some of the different affiliate programs on the internet to promote.


Marketing Magnet

Founded by Dan Kennedy with the motto Transformation the “Magnetic Marketing System” is a proven marketing systems kit that teaches users how to virtually transform businesses and sales from struggling or ‘average’ to monstrous growth and extraordinary success at blinding speed”.

This program is not really that different or unusual but it is a program that has been around for years. So all I can say to this is people must be promoting it and buying it.

This is their promise to you.

  • “Build a big bold brand image: logos, copy and color palates
  • Create a Web site that works
  • Develop systems to advertise to YOUR target audience
  • Master Facebook advertising, including targeting, recommended spend, Webinars, chatbots and recontacting campaigns
  • Develop systems to capture leads, build relationships and sell your products or services
  • Measure and respond to what is working and what needs to be tweaked
  • Utilize social media to build a relationship with your audience
  • Outsource the marketing components you can’t do and give them to an expert that can
  • Build 30/60/90 day growth plans and manage them until you meet and EXCEED your goals”.

This program seems to have all the components for getting your business off the ground but does it live up to its image. That is for you to decide.

The price of Marketing Magnet is a mere $2500.

Visit Marketing Magnet

 Join Flexoffers. Then search for Marketing Magnet.

Commission rate 48%.

Ace Saddlery

Established for over 60 years and is proudly Australian owned. They sell everything for horses but there is a section for dogs where you can buy dog jackets and dog beds. They are suppliers for flat racing and harness racing within Australia.

Below are the categories they cater for.

The prices for their products are quite reasonable in my eyes.

Visit Ace Saddlery

Affiliate Program…..5% commission rate.


Alcohol-Free Social Life

This is a 30-day email course that promises to help you stop drinking. The founder of this course Rahul Nag has once been a drinker himself. This course has been positively reviewed by a licensed doctor Suneil Kumar from Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

The course starts with a 7-day step strategy to change your drinking habits. The course has testimonials as to the success it has made to peoples lives.

He is giving away 5  bonuses with the course which are:

#1: 30 Day Alcohol E-Mail Course (Value $150)

#2: Alcohol Self-Hypnosis MP3 (Value $57)

#3: Change Your Drinking Video Series (Value: $297)

#4: What Is Alcohol Doing To Me? (Value: $47)

#5: Brain Fitness and Alcohol (Worth $47)

The course comes with a 365-day money back guarantee. Which seems peculiar as the course is only for 30-days.

The price is a one-time price of $197 reduced to $127.

Visit Alcohol-Free Social Life

Affiliate program…. 50% commission


My Theme Shop

As the name implies this program sells WP Themes and Plugins. Yes, they sell themes and plugins but have tons of free themes you can download.

The membership is $87 per year, but if you don’t want to join the membership program you can buy any theme for a one-time $69 reduced to $19 which is over a 50% discount. This discount is only for the new year.

They have a 30-day money back guarantee and 24/7 support.

The affiliate program is rewarding with a 55% commission rate and a 10% 2 tier lifetime commission.

Visit My Theme Shop.

Affiliate Program

Event Planning Blueprint

Have you ever planned a wedding or any event for that matter? It can be an absolute nightmare. I planned my own wedding (a few years ago) and I was stressed for months. In fact, I was stressed from the minute I started to plan my wedding until after the wedding was over. Luckily for me, it all went extremely well.

With Event Planning Blueprint you get a toolkit that includes all the tools you need to plan an event. Melanie Woods the founder of Event Planning Blueprint has had hands-on experience planning events for well over 10 years.

The price is a one-time $50 and she offers a full 30-day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

The affiliate commission is 50%

Visit Event Planning Blueprint

Join Clickbank. and do a search for this product.

Resume Writers

Founded in March 1999 by Brian McCullough ( in the photo) Resume Writers is the largest network of independently contracted resume writing professionals on the internet.

They guarantee:

1) Your resume writer will know how to write a resume for your specific situation.

2) He or she will be fully versed in resume writing format, procedures, and standards.

The pricing varies as you can see from the screenshots below.

The affiliate program boasts a 20% commission.

Visit Resume Writers

Affiliate program

Survival Life

This program is all about survival which has always interested me. It has an array of topics from food production to medical care and survival gear. With everything in-between.

Living in Australia and having traveled in some of the remote places that are here this website would come in very handy. The grey nomad population ( retired travelers) is growing year after year (in Australia anyway) They travel and use free camping sites so as not to use their finances up in caravan parks.

Anyway, to get back to Survival Life they are giving away one product a month for those of you who are interested. Some of the greatest tips for survival are on this website.

As an affiliate for Survival Life, you will be selling their products. The commission is a whopping 75%.

Visit Survival Life

Affiliate program


(Eco Friendly Matresses) 


Organic mattresses and memory foam mattresses joined forces. They make memory foam mattresses but without the man-made chemicals. All the comfort of memory foam, in a natural, organic mattress.

Essentia’s natural memory foam mattresses are made with Hevea milk, the milky white sap of the rubber tree, essential oils like grapefruit seed, coneflower essence, and jasmine essence. Plant extracts and water are added to help achieve the natural foam mattress feel Essentia mattresses are known for.

Pricing starts from $2711 -$4265

Commission structures can be seen once you’re approved and have access to the control panel. To apply you will need to join Shareasale Affiliate Marketing Network.

Visit Essentia 

Join Shareasale….. Then do a search for Essentia.


ACSB (American Coin and Stamp Brokerage)

Collecting stamps can be a profitable hobby. This is so if you have collected some rare stamps.

ACSB is a family owned and operated company originally founded in 1984. Although they do deal in most collectibles they specialize in coinage, paper money, and stamps. There is a specialist on staff for cards, comics, military, antiques, and artwork.

They have a walk-in shop that is located on Long Island USA. They offer a free over the counter verbal appraisal on any items you would wish to take to them.

The affiliate program has a 5% commission rate.

Visit ACSB

Affiliate program

DRXFT Scooters

DRXFT sell Smart Folding Electric Scooters. What a great way to get around especially for teenagers. The scooters range in price but the average is $549.

Also known as BIRD. With a simple geometric element and beautiful design. Comfortable anti-skidding handlebars and press type throttle for easy speed control. LED front light and double brake system ensuring a safe riding at night. Extremely suitable for adults, office workers, and teenagers. It makes it easy for holiday travel or work commute.

Simply flip down the folding lever to fold, and the scooter bell catches onto a latch on the rear wheel. The result is a compact and secure folding design that’s perfect for stowing the Smart Electric Scooter away at home, in the office, or in the trunk of a car.

The affiliate program has a commission of a flat rate $25.

Visit DRXFT Scooters

Affiliate program

Well, that’s it for now. I hope you enjoyed this article on some of the different affiliate programs available.

If you have any programs that you think are different or unusual please get in touch in the comments section or the contact me form below.



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