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Is Ask Wonder A Scam? Get Paid To Do Research!

Welcome to my review Is Ask Wonder A Scam

If you need extra money and you are a student or stay at home Mum for instance then I want to help you to make money online and succeed at it.

My goal as an online review and article writer is to help you avoid get-rich-quick scams and find genuine money-making methods that actually work and the ones that don’t work.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my review and using your due diligence to do your own research into any kind of program like this that claims you can make money online.

I am here to assure you I have nothing to do with or I am not affiliated with this product.

This is an independent review with my honest and open opinion. I have nothing to gain by writing this review.

I would also like to inform my readers in my Ask Wonder review whether or not it is a legit product to use. And or if it worth your time and effort.


Name: Ask Wonder

Website: Ask Wonder websiteask wonder logo image

Price: Free to Join

Founder: Rachael Granby

Who is it for: Anyone how likes to do research

Product Type: Get paid to do research

Scam: NO


Is Ask Wonder A Scam – What Is Ask Wonder?

Wonder as it is known is a personal research assistant, helping people save time by getting detailed answers and resources delivered to their inboxes by a network of researchers.

Clients submit questions about a topic they’re interested in learning more about, subjects that might be related to business, marketing, technology, product recommendations and more.

Wonder researchers then answer these questions, finding the absolute best online resources that help explain the topic with a written summary.

How do I get Started With Ask Wonder?

How do I apply to be an independent researcher?

Just go here to signup. They will ask you some basic questions about yourself, give you a short multiple-choice quiz and then ask you to complete a trial research assignment.

You can apply to be a researcher in countries outside the U.S. The only restriction is you need to live in a country where you are eligible to open a PayPal account. (Most countries are eligible).

You can work on your own schedule and from anywhere in the world.

To give you the most flexibility, they pay per research job you complete. Each job has a set price, which you can see in advance before accepting any work.

As a researcher you can participate in a broad variety of research jobs, including finding sources for a request, writing up a fully-sourced request, editing, reviewing, completing the full research process, etc.

If your application is successful you will be given an invite to join the “Slack” community chatroom as it is called.

Additional Resources to help you with your research requests.

To start a project follow the instructions below.

ask wonder how it works screenshot

Do I get to choose my own subjects or am I assigned a subject?

It depends on which kinds of jobs you choose to do on Wonder. If you are sourcing a request or writing up a fully-sourced request, you’ll be assigned a request to work on.

You’ll be able to share your preferences with them about which types of requests/topics you prefer after your application has been approved.

If you’re working on the full, A-Z research process for a request, you’ll be able to choose the request you work on.

All Wonder Analysts start with access to either sourcing jobs, writing jobs or both, and can level up to the A-Z research process with experience.

Do I get to choose my own schedule or am I assigned a schedule?

You are completely in charge of your own schedule. You choose when and how often to work on research requests.

 Ask Wonder request that you answer at least 1 question per week so your researching skills don’t get rusty. Inactive researchers are sorted into different ‘buckets’ in our back-end and will receive a different set of emails from them. You will not be removed from the system due to missing a week.  

How Much Money Can I Make As A Researcher at Ask Wonder?

That’s up to you. It depends on how many questions you choose to answer and how much each question is worth.

You can earn up to $15-25/hour, depending on how quickly they work and which types of jobs they choose.

Researchers are paid a flat rate for each successfully completed job and payments are processed every two weeks and sent through to your Paypal account.

What Types Of Research Requests Are Available?

A typical search request can be for personal use but most incoming requests are related to business, technology and marketing.

Here are a few examples:

“How many people who earn $150,000/yr or more want to buy a house but cannot because they do not have enough money to pay a down payment?”

“Need help with an itinerary for 3 days in Berlin.”

“What are the top 10 best in class subscription personalization experiences?”

Also, see the screenshot below for more example of research requests.

ask wonder question requests example screenshot

As you can see the questions are not your typical yes or no answers they are questions that need in-depth research.

Time Limits To Finish A Research Request

You can take as much time as you need to work on a response in one sitting, but you can’t save your work and come back to it hours later.

This is because they need to get the research response back to clients quickly, so they ask you to finish the work in one sitting or to hand it off to another researcher to finish it.

How long do typical Wonder research requests take to complete?

Length of time to complete a Wonder request depends on a variety of factors, including scope and difficulty, for which requests are differentially priced.

It also depends on how quickly you work, and how much experience you have, the more time you spend on the Wonder platform often leads to faster research.

Expect to spend between 2-3 hours on each A-Z research response, though those numbers will vary based on each specific request and your experience level. (You’ll get faster over time).

Sourcing typically takes 60-90 minutes, writing typically takes 30-90 minutes, and editing takes 30-60 minutes.

What If I Get Stuck On A Question?

Ask Wonder have a community of researchers who help each other out and share tips in Slack, the community chatroom.

They also have a group of reviewers who will give you feedback on your research before it gets sent out to the client. These reviewers get paid an extra $1 for their feedback on each review.

You can always contact the Wonder team if you need them they are available on Slack Community Chatroom and by email at research@

What I like About Ask Wonder

There is no minimum threshold you will be paid every 2 weeks no matter what your earnings are.

What I Don’t Like About Ask Wonder

Ask Wonder say that you can work at your own schedule as long as your research request is done in one sitting. What they don’t tell you before you apply is once you start to answer the research question there will be a timer on the dashboard which makes you feel really pressured.

I suggest that you write your answer in another content delivery platform, say a word document for instance then once it’s completed copy and paste it into the Ask Wonder answer area.

I found Ask Wonder on the BBB (Better Business Bureau) website where they have an F rating which is the lowest rating BBB give out.

There were a couple of complaints on Glassdoor that were a little concerning. See the screenshot below.

ask wonder negative review on glassdoor screenshot

ask wonder negative review on glassdoor 1 screenshot

There were many more negative reviews on Glassdoor. But to be fair there were many positive reviews also.  It seems that the negative reviews make you wonder if it is worth your time and effort only to have your work rejected.

There is a huge thread on Reddit that also makes me wonder if being a researcher for Ask Wonder is worth it also.

Heres the Reddit thread.

Is Ask Wonder A Scam – Conclusion

I believe Ask Wonder to be a legit program where you can earn extra money for being a researcher for them.

However, having to have a score of 4.8 or more to have your work approved is concerning. Because of the lack of regulation in approving your work, the risk of NOT being paid becomes that much higher.

The concept of Ask Wonder is a good one as many companies do not have the time or resources for doing their own research.

I do not believe Ask Wonder to be a scam but I would say that you may be wasting your time by becoming a researcher with this company.

Do I recommend Ask Wonder?


Choose A Better Way To Earn Online

Although you may earn some extra money from Ask Wonder it seems to me to be very hard work for very little pay. That is if you can get far enough along being a researcher to even get paid.

There is a much better way to earn online and that is by working for yourself with your own business.

What do I mean by this?

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Join in on the live weekly webinars, ask questions, and really enjoy the community atmosphere. You will have access to 24/7 support and help from the biggest community of affiliate marketers online.

Join in the great community atmosphere also in live chat or in the community questions and answers area. You will be taught what really works in the Affiliate Marketing model. Where you can make real money promoting real products that people want to buy.

To learn more and take a peek inside the member’s area click on the free signup link in the box below.

Become part of one of the best communities online.

My No.1 Recommended website
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See you on the inside.

I hope you found my review on Is Ask Wonder A Scam informative enough to give you as much insight as possible so you can make an extremely informed decision when deciding whether or not to use this program.

If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment in the comments area below. Or if you would like to contact me privately you can use the contact me form or the ask me form.

Please share if you enjoyed my review. Thank you.

If you want any products, programs, software or services reviewed please let me know. Thanks



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