Is Earn Easy Commissions a scam? – My Honest Review

Welcome to my review on Is Earn Easy Commissions a Scam.

I would like to congratulate you for taking the time to read my review and using your due diligence to research into any kind of program like this that claims you can make money online on autopilot.

When you first arrive on the Earn Easy Commissions website there is a full page of income proof, apart from some FAQ’s right at the bottom of the page. They call these real results from real members.

What is Earn Easy Commissions?

This is a membership site where you pay $47 per month to receive 50+ income streams. Which are stated below in the 30-day action plan.

Earn Easy Commissions is quite complex so I will go through the steps one at a time. Every step of the way there are video tutorials, so it is quite in-depth.

When you join Earn Easy Commissions the first thing you have to do after signing up is to confirm your email address. (You can only sign up with a Gmail account).

Next, you will be asked to join the Elite Facebook group. Then the next step is to download a PDF document that tells you in a nutshell about the commission structure and how much you can earn as a QUALIFIED member.

  • It also outlines the Terms and Conditions
  • how much you can earn
  • how to earn commissions
  • an example of a qualified member
  • and FAQ

See the PDF here.

The next step is to become a V.I.P. member. This costs a total of $750 AUS. Which is approximately $525 US. This is not compulsory. You can stay a free member and just promote Earn Easy Commissions for $1 per qualified lead.

I really don’t know the benefits of becoming a V.I.P. member. As you only get an extra 20 cents per qualified lead. I would not recommend it.

This is where the red flags start to show. It seems Chuck Nguyen (the founder) will be earning much of the V.I.P. membership revenue.


Name: Earn Easy Commissionsearn easy commissions logo

Website: Earn Easy Commissions Website

Price: For the full system $47 per month

Founder: Chuck Nguyen

Product Type: Affiliate marketing

Scam: No

*This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you make a purchase using our links below at no extra cost to you. Disclaimer.

The next step is shown below. You can also see at this stage a 30-day action plan. These are 30-days of what to do next.

earn easy commissions screenshot of what to join

earn easy commissions one time admin fee image

Step 1 … You are asked to create a Get Response account. This is an email server for sending emails. (minimum $15 per month)

Step 2… You are asked to create a Click Magick. This is tracking software. (minimum $12 per month)

Step 3… You are asked to create a Clickbank account. This is an affiliate network. (free)

Step 4… You are then asked to pay your one-time Admin fee.

earn easy commissions one time admin fee image

Another red flag here as the Admin fee is $75 AUS or approximately $52 US. Not only will Chuck Nguyen be cashing in on your V.I.P. membership he will be cashing in on the admin fee and he will also get affiliate commissions from Get Response and Click Magick.

Remember this is supposed to be a free program unless you go Pro as a monthly member. But as you can see from above you will be already spending $27 per month just joining Get Response and Click Magick.

There is also a bonus page which states the following: Another $50US plus for this package.

earn easy commissions bonus system image

On the 5th day, you will be asked to leave a testimonial in video format. WHAT! The problem is:

  1. You may not know how to make a video
  2. How can you leave a testimonial after just 5 days?

You are also asked at this point to give your permission to Earn Easy Commissions to use your video.

earn easy commissions permission to use your video image

So now I will explain the process in days.

Day 6… This is a video on free vs paid traffic.

Day 7, 8, 9, & 10… Video on getting started with Facebook Marketing, posting, prospecting and getting started with Facebook groups.

Day 11… This is where you will create a Warrior Forum account. Now the main area with the Warrior Forum is called the War Room. There is a membership fee if you want to be able to join in any of the posts or make a post. Which is approx. $99 per year.

Day 12… Getting started with Forum posting.

Day 13… Getting started with Classified Ads.

Day 14… How to create Warrior Special Offers with Warrior Forum. (minimum $20 to place an Ad).

day 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, & 22… Getting started with Solo Ads. Creating a Udimi account, Traffic 4 me, Igor Kheifets Solo Ads, Solo Ad X, Leased Ad Space account, Infinity Traffic Boost, & Leads Leap.

Day 23… All about safe list mailing and certain ones to join.

Day 24… Join Wealthy Affiliate. An affiliate marketing Training Platform.

It says it is a 30-day action plan but it only goes up to 24-days.

You can see all the costs going up and up before your eyes. And who is going to benefit from you joining all these programs? Well, Chuck of course. He will be getting all the affiliate commissions for recommending you to join these programs in his 30-day action plan. Which is only 24-days by the way.

The FREE system is to get as many qualified leads as possible to join Earn Easy Commissions that way you will earn $1 per qualified lead.

earn easy commissions how to earn $1 commissions image

What Is A Qualified Member?

1. You earn USD $1.00 for every Qualified Member that you refer.

2. A Qualified Member is a referral who:

  • Resides in either: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia or New Zealand
  • Uses a real email address (e.g. no fake emails or disposable emails)
  • Confirms their account
  • Actually uses their account/membership
  • Passes our spam/scam filter

3. You get paid once per week on Thursday (East Coast Australian Time)

4. The minimum payout is $20.

5. You do not get paid for: spam leads, bot leads, fake leads, disposable email leads or signing up under your own referral link.

Remember the $1 payout is for qualified leads only not for just referring someone. See the screenshot below.

earn easy commissions qualified member image

Chuck also has a mentoring program that you can join. For a $497 fee of course which lasts a lifetime. This will let you use the whole system of Earn Easy Commissions so it’s not Chuck benefiting from this system now but you. You will be benefiting from 50+ streams of income.

Now with the lifetime membership, you will be receiving 75% commission instead of the 50% you get with the standard membership.


There is no product with Earn Easy Commissions all you are doing is promoting it to earn a measly $1 per qualified lead as a free member. It’s also not just a matter of referring a lead to this program, the lead has to be a qualified lead.

This means only people from certain countries can join and has to be an active member of Earn Easy Commissions. Being an active member means logging in and actually using the system. For example: watching a video.

This really does narrow down your $1 payments as many people that join will forget to log in regularly and use the system.

With the membership program, you will be earning 50+ streams of income but that will cost you $47 per month.

I must admit there is plenty of training videos to watch. And because of that fact, I would not class Earn Easy Commissions a scam. But at the end of the day, these videos are basically showing you how to do this that and the other for the benefit of you guessed it, Chuck, Nguyen.

This is far too complex for me and not worth the effort involved.

Recommended NO….. Rating 3/10

There sure are better ways to earn money online.

Of course, it is your choice whether to join Earn Easy Commissions. You may see it in a different light to the way I see it. My recommendation is only my personal opinion. So if you would still like to join and try it out click on the banner below.

How I Make Money Online

I use the affiliate marketing model just as Chuck does with his system but the one big difference is. With my system, you can choose from thousands of products to promote not just the one.

You can choose any niche (topic) you like it may be something you are interested in like health, pets, cooking, golf, etc. You are not just limited to one program to promote. You can also choose to promote the website itself. Which is what I do to earn a living online.

When you join you will get 2 free websites (free forever), free hosting (free forever) and a 7-day free trial to the first 10 tutorials. This is a legit and genuine program where you can learn everything there is to know about affiliate marketing.

You may like to read another post The Proof Wealthy Affiliate Works.

To learn more please click on the free signup button in the box below.

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See you on the inside.

I hope you found my review on Is Earn Easy Commissions a Scam as it is my goal to give you as much insight as possible so you can make an extremely informed decision when deciding whether or not to purchase this product.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me or leave a comment in the comments area or you can contact me privately using the contact me form or ask me form.



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