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Is Profiteer a Scam? or earn $150 a day and in the first 24 hours!

Welcome to my review on Is Profiteer a scam.

Profiteer claim you can make $150 in your first 24 hours all done in 20 – 30 minutes without any tech skills. This seems incredible but is it true.

In my review, I would like to show my readers exactly what Profiteer is and what it can or can’t do for your bank balance.

What is Profiteer?

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Name: Profiteerprofiteer logo


Price: $29 + upsells

Founder: Jason Fulton and Mosh Bariprofiteer owners Jason Fulton and Mosh Bari photo

Product Type:

Upsells: Yes

Scam: No

Rating: 1/10

Recommended: No


Basically, Profiteer shows you how to flip websites/domains by using their system and its software. Below is a rundown of what you will get when you buy Profiteer.

The System

  • The BRAND NEW method combines the power of the internet with sales strategies PROVEN over 100s of years
  • EVERYTHING you need to start banking 3+ figures per day in as little as 24 hours is included
  • Completely beginner friendly – no special skills or experience required
  •  Real world case study and step-by-step video training walk you thru the money-making process from A-Z
  • Scale your income as HIGH as you want with this completely fresh method & an untapped market

The Software

  • Developed SPECIFICALLY to go hand in hand with this system – we use it daily to drive profits
  • 100% automated – be up and running within 60 seconds and updates are provided automatically
  • Push-button simple – zero learning curve, just follow the prompts and watch your very own ‘Fast Profit Engines’ get created in 60 seconds or less.

They say it is as easy as 123. But is it? Let’s find out.

profiteer easy 123 method image

What is Website Flipping?

Website flipping is a name used in the Internet Marketing world which basically means selling websites/domains. This is not new by any means. What Profiteer claim is that they have created an automated system for doing this. Just create a website with their software and sell it on auction sites.

The method used by Profiteer is that you make small and easy money, by creating small websites, flip them then rinse and repeat. So when you rinse and repeat this is where they say the bigger money comes into play.

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How Profiteer Works

Profiteer works by using a WordPress plug-in and training on how to make money using that plug-in. The plug-in works by fetching content from other websites and RSS feeds. This is a red flag area. Not only will you be using duplicate content but it is outright plagiarism too.

When anyone creates a website and adds content then publishes it on the web that content then becomes their property. So if Profiteer is fetching content from other websites and RSS feeds this is classed as stealing or plagiarism.

To get over this Profiteer recommend that you use Spin Rewriter. A built-in text spinner. This software will spin the content so it looks original and unique so it is favourable to the search engines and not classed as duplicate content.

Another red flag here. Spinning content is not the done thing as most of the time it just turns out like gobble de gook and unreadable. ( I must admit I have tried the free spinners in the past and who hasn’t !).

So to make anything readable with the spun content you will need to spend hours to edit it all.

So I DO NOT recommend them. It is better to write your own content that will then be unique to the search engines and also add more value to your readers as you will be giving your own opinion of a product in a review like this one.

The built-in spinner that Profiteer use will cost you $47 a month or $197 a year. So that is another hidden cost that is not talked about on the sales page.

In reality, the main purpose of Profiteer is so you can set up quick websites that can be listed on auction sites (Profiteer recommend Flippa) and sell quickly. The sales page says that this can be done in 24 hours or less. This is BS.

Flippa logo

(Flippa charges a fee for listing a website of $25 – $200 at the time of writing this).

The reason I say BS is for the simple reason websites need to be getting traffic and making some kind of money before they can fetch in any type of money on an auction site. Put it this way, would you buy a website that isn’t bringing the owner any money? Probably Not.

So if you did buy a dead website you would still need to add valuable content and monetize that website in order for you (the buyer) to make any money from it.

OK, so now we have established that Profiteer, in theory, is a good idea. The reality is it just will not work. Profiteer do have another plug-in that can help you automate posting your content to social media. But do you really want to promote a product that will not work or is an unethical product to use?

The Upsells

OTO #1 $37 DFY campaigns

This is a Done for You package.

OTO #2 $47 Advanced tactics

‘Advanced tactics’ where they’ll supposedly show you how to get better results by 5 times

OTO #3 $67 Autopilot

This simply shows you how to outsource everything. By using other people to write content for your website etc.

OTO #4 $97 Resell license

Resell Licence if you want to promote Profiteer and keep 100% of the entire profit then this is the license to do it with.

The Sales Page

profiteer main sales page make $100 in 24 hours

As you can see the main sales page is full of hype and misleading information about how you can make $100 in your first 24 hours using the Profiteer system. They even go on to say:

The BEST PART is you’ll never have to ‘try & sell’ something to customers that need convincing – with this method, the buyers actually find you!

The sales page goes on to say that you can have a great lifestyle by using Profiteer. In other words, they are saying you can make heaps of money with this system to live the laptop lifestyle with an ongoing passive income. BS.


  • 30-day money back guarantee

There is a 30-day money back guarantee with Profiteer but there have been some concerns that people are asking for their money back and being denied it. This all boils down to the Warrior Plus network that host Profiteer on their website. So to get a refund it is Warrior Plus you need to contact.

(Click on the speech bubble in the low right-hand corner).


  • Unethical ways to build a content website
  • Too much hype
  • False claims


I really do NOT recommend Profiteer as once you have bought Profiteer you are recommended to spin content which is a very unethical way to create content for any website.

I cannot say that this product is a scam as you are getting something for your money. Even if it is unethical.

I would leave this product well alone and concentrate your efforts on real ways to make money online.

My Recommendation for Making Money Online

Making money online is not as simple as some of the Guru’s say it is. (Buy this product or that product and make money online). Sounds simple but the reality is if it looks like a get rich quick scheme then sorry to say it probably is.

There is no such thing as get rich quick. Earning money online not only involves hard work and effort but many hours of work too.

I want to show you a program I belong to that teaches you how to make money online legitimately. This is a genuine program that will get you genuine results.

To take a preview of what I am talking about click on the free signup link in the box below for a free 7-day trial.

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I hope you found my review on Is Profiteer a scam helpful and informative. I would love to know if you have bought this product and your experiences with it.

Please feel free to contact me in the comments area or the contact me form or ask me form.



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