Make Money Writing Blogs: 5 Essential Tools to Use

Make Money Writing Blogs

There are just some tools and resources affiliate marketers and bloggers just need to have. They are must have’s not just maybe’s. Some of these tools will work in the background but are essential to make money writing blogs.

Once you have built and set up your website the next step is to start using tools. Every blogger and affiliate marketer has a toolbox. It may seem weird that a writer and publisher need tools. Look at this way, tradesmen need their tools to complete a job, so it makes sense that bloggers need tools as well. Picture of some tools including pliers a hammer and a screwdriver

“Tools of the trade” as the saying goes and also a necessity that bloggers and affiliate marketers need to have.

I am assuming you know that to make any money at all online you need a website. That means your own personal website that you own with your own domain name. You do not have your own website if you are promoting someone else’s affiliate marketing page for commissions. ( Sorry I had to get that out of the way )

The reason you need a website is to be able to put your own stamp on it and also your affiliate links. Your visitors need to be able to find you. You will be classed as a more credible person if they can find you on your own personal website.

What visitors are looking for are answers and information, you need to be able to give them what they want. That means giving them advice and guidance they cannot find anywhere else on the internet.

Try to make your website more user-friendly and easy to navigate. Use categories and menu’s so visitors can find their way around your site.

The other way to get your website noticed can be to use a couple of tools that all bloggers and affiliate marketers use.

Make Money Writing Blogs – Essential Tools

1. Google Analytics….. Google Analytics is basically a tracking tool. It will show how many website visitors you have had in a certain time frame. It does so much more than that. take a look at the following websitesa blue line ascending upwards as a graph for more information.

Beginners Guide to Google Analytics or Google Analytics Training

Tracking your visitors is essential. You need to know how and where your visitors are coming from. This is a free but indispensable tool. Don’t be fooled by other tools that claim to do the same thing as Google Analytics. Saying that there are some good analytic programs out there on the web but why go anywhere else when you can get the job done so to speak with the f.ree Google Analytics Platform.

2. Google Webmaster Tools….. This is a tracking tool that is also f.ree. This can be quite complicated and daunting if you are not technology-minded. The best advice is to follow the advice below. This will help you upload your website to Google Webmaster Tools and also create a sitemap. Do not skip this essential tool. It is a needed necessity.

Beginners Guide to Google Webmaster Tools or Google Webmaster Tools Guide

3. Keyword Research Tool….. There are quite a few of these you can choose from on the web. Their main job is to find great keywords, whether short or long-tailed. I use a really good one called Jaaxy, it does a really good job of finding the keywords you are searching for. Take a look at my review on Jaaxy.

Best Free Keyword Research Tool

The 3 tools above are absolutely indispensable and essential for all websites wanting to be found and ranked in Google. You will need to upload your website to Bing Webmaster tools as well. as Google Webmaster Tools.  As Yahoo is part of Bing, there is no need to upload your site there.

Great Tools but Not Necessities

4. Yoast Plug-in….. I love this tool. If you at all familiar with SEO (search engine optimization) then you will know it is another essential part of getting indexed and ranked in the search engines. If you don’t know what SEO is then you can find lots of information below.SEO on dominoes

Beginners Guide to SEO or Hubspot’s Guide to SEO

Yoast is a plug-in for WordPress. It is an easy application to use. It will let you know exactly what you need to do to optimize your post/blog or article. Optimization is essential to get indexed and ranked in the search engines. It helps with meta descriptions, slugs, readability, and more. It is a f.ree plug-in and is worth trying.

5. Grammarly….. What a fabulous tool. If your spelling and grammar or not up to scratch, welcome Grammarly. There is a f.ree and paid version, I find the f.ree version ample for my needs. It needs to be installed on our computer. Once installed it will help your grammar and spelling whenever you write content on your computer.

Availability of Tools

Bloggers and affiliate marketers and even writers in today’s society are lucky. The fact that all these tools are available to use so easily. The best part is they are mainly all f.ree. What can’t you find on the internet today? It’s awesome to be able to type a few words in a search engine and “hello” we have an answer to all our problems.

There are different tools for different stages of your website life cycle and different stages of promoting.

So is there any help out there? There certainly is!

Give a big round of applause to “Wealthy Affiliate University” a subscription website that teaches affiliate marketing. As a matter of importance, some other sites can charge huge amounts of money for their so-called “secret information”.Wealthy affiliate charge a mere $49 a month with a 7-day f.ree starter program. So it is, therefore, f.ree to try out. The training at Wealthy Affiliate can be applied to any niche what so ever.

Inside Wealthy Affiliate, you will find hundreds of tutorials and videos, some of the most unique marketing tools and a brilliant community to help you with any questions or queries. Not to forget their great site support system. There is so much to Wealthy Affiliate it is a good idea to take a look around for yourself. Don’t forget the first 7 days are absolutely f.ree.

Am I promoting Wealthy Affiliate? damn, right I am! It has been the best move I have ever made. This article would not have been written if it wasn’t for Wealthy Affiliate, it has changed my life completely.

I stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate by accident but you don’t need to, here is my promotional link.

My Wealthy Affiliate University Promotional Link.


Make Money Writing Blogs – In Conclusion

Read and also research as much as possible about your particular niche. It stands to reason the more information gained the more information you can give to your visitors. Your website visitors are looking for information, so once again give them exactly what they want. Ever heard of the saying “customers always come first” apply this to your methods as your customers are or will be your bread and butter either now or in the future.

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2 thoughts on “Make Money Writing Blogs: 5 Essential Tools to Use

  1. I must admit I like my affiliate marketing tools. I really don’t know what I would do without them now. Anyway thanks for your comments, they are much appreciated.
    Regards Janet

  2. Great article, I just started to use google analytics. I think it is a really cool tool and it seems pretty easy to use especially for a beginner like me. I also love jaaxy for keyword search, it has helped me narrow down post topics tremendously.

    Thank you for the info!

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