Marketing with Videos – On YouTube

Should you take the time to start marketing with videos on YouTube?

The simple answer to that question is YES!

 Video marketing benefits

There are a lot of other sources for advertising that you can consider. So why should YouTube be one of the options that you put on your list? There are actually a number of reasons why the YouTube video platform can work so well. Sometimes way better than the other avenues, and this can be true no matter what type of product or service you are trying to promote.

Marketing With Videos – Free marketing

Firstly, and importantly if you don’t have a large marketing budget, YouTube is free. While you will need to invest a bit of your time to figure out your target audience and to create the videos that you want to use. Being able to upload and even make the videos that you want to upload will be completely free.

Video content is powerful. In a world that is moving more and more online, CONTENT IS KING.

A animated man with a thumbs up ans the words content is king like my content.

Out of all the content you create, video content is some of the best. Ultimately people would rather watch the information about a product or service in video format rather than read about it. Also, there is the possibility that your video could go viral.

If you make a video that is audience attractive, emotional, or funny, your video could have the potential to go viral in no time.  Going viral means that there could be thousands of people who will share your video with others they know. If it does really well, this could mean that your business is exposed to an infinite number of people.

YouTube also appeals to a global and a local audience. Based on the types of keywords that you use, your video could be seen by people all over the world. You could even end up with clients from other countries. If you are worried about the reach going too far because you are just a local business. It is possible to change this so that you are only found by people in your region.

Demonstrate your expertise on YouTube

Marketing with videos. An animated man on a video screen

YouTube is fabulous for demonstrating your expertise. You can create your videos giving away great tips. This will help to show your viewers that you are the expert in your particular field. For many customers or clients that you are targetting. They will have a choice between many businesses and you want to make sure that they pick you. If you have videos on YouTube that show why you are a good choice, this will help your business to stand out.

Make it once and let it sell for you

Just because you spend a little more time creating a video and uploading it to YouTube doesn’t mean the work of your video is all done. You only have to make the video once and then load it to YouTube. Then the video can go to work, being available at any time of the day or night that anyone might want to watch. There is really no limit to what you can do with a video.

YouTube provides the customer with a face

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Sometimes what you need is to provide the customer with a face, a person they can trust, in order to form that connection to make the sale. And since it is impossible for you to go out there and meet all of your customers, creating a video that can do this work for you can really help. If you are camera-shy, you can make a video that is in PowerPoint and then add in a headshot so people can still see how you look.

Search engine friendliness

Videos on YouTube are very SEO friendly as YouTube is owned by Google. This is really important. When someone is doing a search online, it is likely that a video is going to hold onto a top spot during the organic searches. If this ends up being your video, this is a big deal because for one reason or another. This means your video is standing out above the other links. And of course, more people are going to see your video if it is ranked high in search results. However much you concentrate on your onsite SEO tactics.

When it comes to marketing your business, there really isn’t a site that is better than working with YouTube. This website will allow you to make some content that will connect with the customers and if you do the process right, you are going to get some of the best conversion rates and sales ever.

Marketing with Videos TipsAm image saying your work week will be great if you follow these handy tips

I have seen videos on YouTube that are far too long. Try to make your video no longer than 2-4 minutes. According to stats, the average retention rate of 90-second videos is 53% while videos over 30 minutes retain only 10%.

Studies have proven the effectiveness of using video content for marketing over and over again. 90% of customers in one study reported being influenced greatly by videos when making a purchasing decision. Another study showed that this type of content would claim over 80% of online traffic in the near future.

Capture Leads

A trick to capturing leads is to present your lead capture actions immediately. App developers, for example, often place lead capture forms right on the first page of their websites or landing pages.

So, how do you do this in a video? How can you make people convert not after they watch a video, but in the middle of it?

It’s possible with a Turnstile. Some online video platforms offer this feature. With it, you can insert a lead capture form anywhere in your video. Basically, a screen pops up with a short text that links to a specific action you want your lead to perform.  It’s a great way to gain high quality leads like emails and first and last names which can help you personalize your follow-up emails.

Don’t Make Your Video Look Like A Commercial.

What do we usually do when a commercial comes on? We switch channels. Commercials may have worked before. But now we have small screens in our pockets; smartphones that give us a huge amount of other valuable content that we would rather be watching.

Point is, people have more reasons to switch the channel on your video now than ever before. Posting a video on your social media channel? People will probably scroll right through it if all its trying to do is sell.

No one watches an ad voluntarily unless it offers something that is worth their time. Viewers are likely to engage with your content if they are getting something out of this experience. This something can be by using humor in your video or maybe a valuable tip or tips. Something unique that might prompt them to convert.

Creating Videos Need Not Be Expensive

image of world currencies

A lot of online businesses think that you need to spend thousands of dollars on video recording and editing equipment. So they don’t get involved with video. But the camera on your smartphone is more than capable of recording video. Plenty of successful video marketing campaigns have been produced with an iPhone or Android phone camera and made extremely good content.

You don’t even need to show your face on the video to take advantage of video content. You can turn slide-shows into a video. PowerPoint, ProShow Gold, PhotoStage and KeyNote for Mac make generating slideshow presentations of still images simple. You can use the built-in microphone on your computer to record audio.

You can also use screen capture software to make your video. Free software like Jing, Free Screen Video Recorder and Screencast-O-Matic can record whatever you want on your computer monitor. This is a straightforward way to make videos and works great when you’re explaining a how-to process.

Not only can you use the above software but there is the software now available that you can make a video with from your blog or article content. These software programs do usually cost. But just think about how much time you could save. Once you have made a video using this method you can just upload them to a video hosting website like YouTube.

Below are 2 of the programs that you can use to make videos from your articles or blog.

Noble Samurai

A banner for content samurai saying viral videos made easy free 7-day trial





Article Video Robot

Article video robot banner





Video Pal

Video Pal is a little different. See my review of Video PalVideo Pal Review

An image saying introducing video pal



5 Types of Video to create

Image of a video recorder

1. Instructional

Directly related to demonstrative types of videos, instructional videos are designed to teach the viewer how to do something, learn and perform a skill or accomplish a specific result. Literally, thousands of these types of videos are all over not only YouTube but other personal video posting websites like Vimeo.

2. Interesting

Again, try for relevant, but little-known, facts or stories related to your products and services. How about the world, country, or even state records that might be somehow related? Look for unusual or unique statistics or facts that you could put into a video segment. Try different slants and takes on the same or similar themes. Bear in mind that if you find it to be of interest, unusual or unique in some way, so will many of your potential customers.

3. Inspirational

Look for personal stories of inspiration that might be somehow related to your business offers. Don’t forget animal stories and anecdotes as well.

4. Demonstration

For these types of videos, you should show features and benefits, focusing on benefits to future customers or clients and people will literally flock to your website for more information and purchases. Show demos of different people, young and old, using your products. Make them practical. Make them different and make them memorable.

5. Personal

Find a way to personalize your videos to a specific client or customer type, as if speaking directly to them, you’ll almost certainly be very successful with your marketing video efforts. Are your prospective customers youth-oriented? Are they nature lovers, cooking enthusiasts or sports fanatics? Prepare your videos accordingly for your best chances of success.

I hope you found my article – Marketing with Videos informative enough to give you as much insight as possible.
So then you can make an extremely informed decision when deciding whether or not to use videos in your marketing.

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