MLM Review

MLM Gateway is a business lead generation platform. They guarantee you leads if you follow their guidelines.

This is what they say about their program.

We help you to recruit people for your MLM business.

man in a suit holding fanned out notes of cash and writing saying are you a network marketer

1. Meet real people looking for a business opportunity.

2. Get quality MLM leads every day for f.ree.

3. Promote your website and attract new leaders to your team.

4. The Fastest way to expand your MLM business.

5. Talk to network marketing prospects from your country.

6. Advertise to your target audience.

These 6 statements are on the signup page, so its impossible to miss them. You will also see a small scrolling screen on the signup page where members leave their testimonials.

They have over 65,000 members to date (Sept 2018) and rising. Not all these are active members. It is f.ree to join with an option to upgrade. When you sign up you will get 5 credits and you can gain access to the list of network marketing leads.a screenshot of a list of payment options in the back office of MLM gateway

To contact a lead it costs 1 credit, and you have the option to buy more credits as shown.

Credits are used to connect to other network marketers or can be used for an advertising campaign. So credits are important.

The upgrade is on a membership basis. It costs $24.95 a month or $59.90 for 3 months the latter gives you a 20% discount with 50 credits a month with each membership.

Inside MLM Gateway

Once inside you can gain access to the list of network marketing leads and start connecting with other members using your credits. This is classed as targeted marketing as you will only want to connect with those in the same niche as yourself. If your business is in the beauty niche you really wouldn’t want to connect with someone in the web programming business. So you can target who you connect with by niches they are in.

Here is a screenshot of the contacts that you can network and connect with. It’s really a matter of you show me your business and I’ll show you mine. Then it is up to the individual to decide whether they go ahead and join your program.

A screenshot of some of the network marketers you can connect with

So as you can see here from the screenshot this is the page where you can choose to connect with people. You can choose by state, city, and country. It also shows what the leads are interested in and are not interested in. This is a screenshot of the leads in Australia but you can see leads from all over the world. The program defaults to the country you sign up from. It’s easy to change to another country, just a click of the mouse in a drop-down menu.

There is an option to gain credits without buying them. If you write what is called a Business Announcement you will receive 5 credits. A Business Announcement is a written article showcasing the product or service you want to promote.

The Compensation Plan

Earn 10 credits for referring 1 person to the program and if they buy credits you will also be compensated. You will earn up to 50% lifetime commission from their purchases.A screenshot of MLM gateways dashboard

Here is the dashboard inside MLM Gateway. If someone contacts you to connect you will be notified by email. Plus the connections tab will light up red.

You have the option to advertise and use your credits. Your advertisement will be shown on MLM Gateway and Quote” to nearly 190,000 business people who visit the site daily”

Other Features

There is a good FAQ’s page. This tells you a substantial amount of information about the program.

They also provide support, where you can send a message, email them or phone them.

You will find a long list of all the business opportunities that members are promoting. It says whether the opportunities are f.ree to join or paid and what niche they are too. The variety of businesses is varied, there is even an Avon business.

Is MLM Gateway For You?

I genuinely believe that if you are a business owner and are promoting informational products, ebooks, reports or something similar for internet marketers, this could be a good opportunity for you to get leads.

Information is gold in the internet marketing world especially if it is something that people are looking for or want. Some business members at MLM Gateway may need more data in the form of internet marketing information or for example a report on how to get more targeted traffic.

Most of the members at MLM Gateway are already promoting a business. You will find it a hard sell for them to change to your program, product or service. Unless as I said, you are promoting information that will help them and the business they are already in.

human silhouette of man holding up a sign which says online members

Would I recommend MLM Gateway as a sole business, maybe not? Unless you can refer hundreds of people who also need to upgrade and keep paying their monthly $24.95 online membership for life. Then and only then will you be able to call it a business where you yourself can make a monthly income. The premise is to involve MLM Gateway as just one of your enterprises, not the only one.

In Conclusion

I found MLM Gateway to be a legit program that has been around now for a couple of years. It has its base in the Czech Republic and documents its VAT No. and its identification No. for all members to see quite openly and clearly. It doesn’t hide anything which is a very good sign of the program’s credibility.

There is no guarantee you will make a sale or refer anyone to your business, but you will find leads. Leads will also find you. There will be people who will want to connect with you and take a look at your business. In return, they will want you to take a look at their business too.

Friendships can be made on MLM Gateway. The reason I say this is because you can connect with people from your own country, state, city, and even your own suburb or close to it.

All in all, I would like to say yes do join MLM Gateway and find out for yourself if you can make any leads. Every individual will have a different view of it and every individual will have different successes with this program, so here is a link to join to find out for yourself

Good Luck



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6 thoughts on “MLM Review

  1. Hi,
    As I said in my last reply to you I have nothing to do with MLM Gateway. I wrote a review about it and that’s all. I am very sorry to hear about your ordeal and I really hope you find this man.

  2. Sorry about that Janet, but we are from the Netherlands and it’s hard for us to find him, we getting closer we almost have his address we have some one close by but I want to get in contact with someone from mlm because this man need to be stopt an he needs to be punished for what he has done and probably would do again. You know anything about mlm gateway?

  3. Hi and thanks for dropping in.
    Paid surveys are a means of making money online. But as I see from your clixsense link you are promoting it also. This is the smart way to earn money.
    To learn more about affiliate marketing please take a look at my No.1 recommended program.

  4. So sorry to hear about your ordeal with this man.
    It is not me you should be contacting but MLM themselves. They need to know all about your experiences and circumstances.
    I only wrote a review for this company I am not a member of their staff.
    Kind Regards


    the police and my family are looking for Kenedy Brown Hemsel that fraudulent crook, he is approaching innocent families for investment but he don’t pay profits and keep asking for money and promises things and keep saying that he got 2 kids and his wife died to get your trust, I got everything the whole whatsapp text of him and my brother and my brother lost everything because of him and he knew that and I got proof. My brother is now in the hospital because of the way he got scammed with his way of working and invest even with your last money and Mr kenedy hemsel brown knows that. My brother couldn’t live with it so he tried to commit suicide but he survived but probably he’s paralyzed for the rest of his life and he has a 3 year old daughter and kenedy hemsel brown knew about everything he even scammed my grandmother kenedy is sick… Where can we find this crook?

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