My Daily Choice Review – MLM or Affiliate Marketing?

Welcome to My Daily Choice Review.

If you have been wondering what My Daily Choice is and how it works you have come to the right place. I want to show my readers whether this program is worth signing up for or is it just another MLM scam.

My Daily Choice claim to be an affiliate marketing program but this program is most definitely an MLM program. The reason being they use the binary tree option whereby you recruit on 2 legs. One on the left and one on the right. This is the MLM business model.

binary tree image for MDC

What Is My Daily Choice?

This program is an MLM company that is in the health and wellness niche. The company offers a wide range of health-related products. Deer Antler Velvet is their core ingredient for their products. And My Daily Choice claim all their products can improve a wide range of health issues.

Not only do they have products but they have a business opportunity for people wanting to sell their products as an Independent Distributor. (Where you buy the (Actual) products at wholesale and sell at retail)

This could be difficult as you will have an inventory of products every month to sell.

The MLM  business model opportunity is where you join up as a so-called affiliate and buy their products at a discount price of 25% and sell them at retail value. (virtually) My Daily Choice will ship them.

an outline of joining MDC image

All MLM programs are based on recruiting and My Daily Choice is no different. The basic way is to recruit a team whereby a percentage of your team’s earnings will be added to your account.

The basics of getting started with My Daily Choice MLM system is quite complex. And the way to earn more, other than selling their products boils down to 7 levels. Which are:

    1. Jump Start Bonuses
    2. Binary Team Commissions
    3. Leadership Check Matching
    4. Global Bonus Pool
    5. Rank Incentives and Bonuses
    6. VIP Auto Club
    7. Elite Expense Account

1. The jump start Bonus

You can enrol Preferred Customers which are customers who are purchasing the MDC products monthly at the Wholesale price. If you enrol Preferred Customers, their BV ( Business Volume) goes into the Jump Start where you will earn Jump Start Bonuses. (Paid Weekly)

With up to 10 levels of Jump Start Bonuses and a potential payout of up to 85% of Business Volume (BV), the MyDailyChoice Jump Start Bonuses can help you generate a lot of front end income while you build up your back end residual income. In order to be qualified for Jump Start Bonuses, you must purchase a Builder Pack monthly, or have a minimum of 40BV. (Paid Monthly)

2. The Binary Team Commission 

The way you qualify for Binary Team Commissions is by purchasing a Builder Pack monthly or having a minimum of 40BV. You must have a combined personal volume on your left leg and right leg of 90BV. For example, you would need 90BV on your left leg, and 90BV on your right leg to fulfil the combined 90BV requirement. At the end of the month, if your lesser leg has a minimum of 300BV, we pay you a Binary Team Commission.

3. Leadership Check Matching 

You can earn up to 10 levels of matching bonuses on your team organization. As your commissions grow, your Leadership Check Matching bonuses grow. (Paid Monthly)

4. Global Bonus Pool

My Daily Choices set aside 2% of their total company revenue each month and pay it to those who qualify in our global bonus pool program. This lets you recruit new members, customers, and rank advance in the company earning your shares in the global bonus pool. At the end of each month, they take 2% of the total revenue divided by the number of shares to determine the share value. (Paid Monthly)

5. Rank Incentives and Bonuses

When you have earned a certain figure you are compensated on 8 levels. (One-Time Payout).

C:\Users\codyj\Videos\Ranking incentives in MDC screenshot

6.Vip Auto Club

The MDC VIP Auto Club will make your dream car become a reality! When you qualify for the VIP Auto Club, they send you branding materials to put on your vehicle, and they pay the bill!

7. Elite Expense Account

My Daily Choices has put together an Elite Expense Account program to help you expand your business without going out of pocket. Use this money to fund your business, or keep it as your own personal income.

I said it was a complex system. So here is a video that explains the whole system.

The Products


image of MDC Sprays


There is a total of 6 sprays in all each one designed for different health benefits which are:

    • Deer Antler Velvet and Superfruits for general health
    • Alkalinity with Coral Calcium for increased energy levels
    • Natural Energy Spray with Vitamin B12 to increase energy levels
    • Weight Loss Spray with Garcinia Cambogia which helps with appetite suppression and burn fat faster
    • Sleep Spray with Melatonin and Valerian Root which helps maintain a healthy sleep cycle
    • Brain Spray with Cognizin and Sensoril to help improve cognitive function and memory

These sprays are sprayed on your skin and absorbed by the bloodstream. This is a lot easier than taking tablets which a lot of people find hard to do.


Hempwork 750mg image

  • CBD drops in 500ml and 750ml
  • CBD coffee beans with150mg of Hemp-Derived CBD Per Box (5mg per cup)
    CBD coffee whitener with 75mg of Hemp-Derived CBD Per Box (5mg per cup)
  • Hemp oil for dogs
  • Hempworx dog treats


  • Tropical pain rub with emu oil
  • Anti-ageing cream with apple stem cells
  • Hemp revive that helps skin ageing
  • The also have Brain Bears for kids which are a drug-free health supplement designed as gummy-bears. These gummy bears are delicious and contain a lot of natural ingredients, supposedly boosting kid’s immune systems.
  • Then there are Brain Fuel Plus capsules to promote mental health. These capsules contain a cocktail of ingredients which are rumoured to promote mental health.
  • My Daily Choice also offers cash back on travel and daily savings under its discount product line.HempWorx is My Daily Choice’s line of Hemp products that do not contain THC.

Don’t forget you have to promote the products that are available and if you are not a good marketer you will not always sell any of the products.

Plus I am personally rather sceptical about the effectiveness of the products.

When researching My Daily Choices for this review I found no evidence that there has been any research on the products or some of the ingredients. It boils down to the matter of trusting the word of My Daily Choice and the testimonials of others that have used their products. I could not find any testimonials either.

I have never used My Daily Choice products so I would do your diligent research of this companies’ products as to whether they of any use at all before signing up.

Shipping Policy and Refund Policy

Can You Really Make Money With My Daily Choice?

As I said earlier My Daily Choice is based on the MLM business model. MLM programs rely on recruiting other people to a business to make the biggest money.

To start with you have to buy a starter pack which will cost you $69 a month plus a $20 one time fee for the use of their replicated website, back office and welcome kit. Then there is a monthly business volume (BV) limit you need to maintain (see No. 1 above)

MDC promotion image

To be completely honest I don’t think that My Daily Choices is a scam. But it is based on the MLM model which you need to be extremely careful of in any MLM business.

The way to make money with this program is to recruit recruit recruit. As there is no real information on how this business model works (and what it does have is very confusing). It’s hard to say whether or not you will make any money using it. The website itself is extremely difficult to interpret. They use words like flushing without explaining what the term actually means. This is very confusing for all.

My Daily Choice has put together a downloadable PDF, you can take a look at the compensation plan here.


As I said earlier My Daily Choice is not a scam. It is, however, a very complicated system to get your head around. I would not recommend it. The reason I say this is the plans are far too expensive and the way the system works is extremely complex.

If you really like the business model of MLM then I would choose another option rather than My Daily Choice.

I prefer the affiliate marketing model personally, below if my favourite website that will teach you how to be a successful affiliate marketer in any niche you choose.

My No.1 Recommended website
Join my No.1 Recommended website. No credit card needed. Free signup

Name: My Daily Choice


Price: Various – Starter program $69 plus $20 one-time fee

Founders: Josh Zwagil & Jenna Zwagilmy daily choice logo

Product type: MLM in the health niche

Upsells: Yes

Scam: No

Rating: 1/5

Recommended: No

I would love to know if you have had any dealings with My Daily Choice. Please feel free to contact me in the comments area or you can use the contact me form or the ask me form.



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