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My Mobile Money Pages Review – Scam or Legit?

Welcome to My Mobile Money Pages Review.

My Mobile Money Pages is a software app that says it will build you money making websites in minutes. They claim you can make $547.43 a day, $16,970.33 a month and $203,643.96 a year. Now that is a lot of money. The sad fact is that there is no proof whatsoever of these claims.

The Mobile Money Pages app allows users to build profitable hands-free money grabbing content sites from any application I-phones, Smart Phones iPad, laptop or whatever else.

Basically, it is an affiliate marketing model whereby you create your content website from the software app in whatever niche you care to chose. Then once you sell a product or service you are paid a commission.

Andrew the owner of My Mobile Money pages also promises these claims:

  • You don’t even need to have your own website
  • You don’t need to have any technical experience
  • You don’t need to have any web design or programming skills
  • You don’t need to spend any money on Paid Traffic


NAME: My Mobile Money Pages

WEBSITE : My Mobile Money PagesMMMP Banner

PRICE: $39.95

OWNER: Andrew Davidson

PRODUCT TYPE: Affiliate Website Builder



SCAM: Yes (reasons below)

RATING: 1/10

Andrew is emphasising the use of your mobile phone to create your content pages. He really wants you to tap into the huge mobile marketing network. Hence the name My Mobile Money Pages.

He also claims in his sales video that you can make a content page in 2 minutes. As in your lunch break, your morning and afternoon tea breaks etc. I doubt very much that this is true. People need to get used to software to use it in minutes flat.

How Does My Mobile Money Pages Work?

Firstly you build a website of choice. This is the simple part.

  1. Type in your keyword
  2. Type in the name of the page
  3. Fill in your user name and password

That’s it done. The software now generates a site for you.


MMMP screenshot of how to build a website


Once you have built your website the software app allows you to type in a keyword in the keyword interceptor and then copy and paste all the keywords it generates. This is actually called scaping. What the software is actually doing is collecting all of the keywords that have been used before for the keyword you typed into the keyword interceptor.


MMMP keyword interceptor screenshot


This is actually a form of copying which search engines can penalize you for. So basically what the software is doing is duplicating other people’s content. This is called duplicate content and again you can be penalized by the search engines for this too.

At this stage, it is time the system adds products to be able to receive a commission from the affiliate vendors. The usual vendors are Amazon and eBay and ads from Google Adsense.

Content is King

As content is king you need quality original content. You are not going to get this with My Mobile Money Pages system. All of the content that the software produces could have been used hundreds if not thousands of times so it will never be considered original content.

This is in my eyes is not a reputable way to start a business. You need to be a trusted source of information. If your content is not original why would your prospective customers buy from you?

If you are on the lookout for a real reputable business then look no further than my No.1 recommended website below.

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The Good The Bad and the Ugly

The Good

MMMP screenshot of money back guarantee


My Mobile Money Pages has a 56-day money back guarantee. Wowee!!! This is actually the only good thing I could find about this system. But! it may be hard to get a refund from Clickbank which is where you can buy this system.

The Bad

1. You will never own your own website

The websites that this system creates will never be your own. You will be hosted by My Mobile Money Pages platform and have a subdomain name instead of your own domain name. To have a really great website you need to look no further than the likes of WordPress. You really need to have your own domain name and get your own hosting.

If the system is shut down by the owner that means your websites go down the drain too.

2. You Will Never get Backlinks

Backlinks are links from other website owners that link to your content. To get valuable and authoritative backlinks your content has to be valuable, unique and original. As I said earlier My Mobile Money Pages uses spun and duplicate content. There is no way you will receive any quality authoritative backlinks from this system due to this fact.

The automated backlink software that you need to buy separately will only get you low-quality backlinks. You need high authority backlinks that are created naturally. Search Engines will see that your backlinks are fake and they will never rank your site.

3. The System is Old and Outdated

Many years ago this system may have probably worked to a certain degree. But since the updates and algorithms of Google and the other search engines, this will never work today.

Andrew Davidson founded this program back in 2010 so it is old hat and definitely outdated. The last time this program was updated was back in 2011.

4. No Real Support System or Training

The only support you are going to find with this program is by email support. There is no FAQ’s page to guide you. And the training is nearly none existent.

The only guide you will find is basically the sales page video.

5. Outrageous Claims

Andrew Davidson makes some outrageous claims in his video. These claims are not backed up by any evidence whatsoever.

He claims you can make $547.43 a day with his system. (where that figure came from no one will ever know except Andrew Davidson himself)

caution banner

Of course, this is almost certainly a fallacy. This should almost certainly send warning signs about this program to keep well away. Any system that promises that you can make hundreds of dollars a day, a week or month even, in very little time you should stay well away from.

6. Upsells

  • $97 for a software that will automatically create backlinks for your websites
  • $67 for a monthly membership and access to the member’s area
  • $197 to have your sites build for you in profitable niches

So in fact for your $39.95 or $29.95 downsell, you are only getting the very basics. Which is in my view is pretty worthless.

Yes, My Mobile Money Pages has a downsell. Once you try to click away from the page another page will pop-up offering you a $10 discount.

The Ugly

The website templates leave a lot to be desired. In fact, they are very simplistic and quite ugly.

I feel that you can build your own website with the theme or template of choice for a better-looking site.


I mentioned earlier in my summary of My Mobile Money Pages that I believed this program to be a scam. The reasons for saying this are quite simple.

  • Outdated
  • No support
  • Very little training
  • Basic
  • Not SEO friendly
  • Spun and duplicate content
  • Upsells

In my honest opinion of My Mobile Money Pages review, I can honestly say that Andrew Davidson is not really interested in you making money, your business welfare or anything else for that matter. He is only interested in gaining money for himself by selling this system.

Although I do not like saying that certain programs are scams I do not feel in this instance one bit guilty about it.

So if you liked my review on “My mobile money pages” or have had any dealings with this program. Please feel free to drop me a line on the comments area or contact or ask me page.



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