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One of the trademarks of a decent internet instructional class is the broad level of understanding of the authors. Wealthy Affiliate University was established by two very experienced web businessmen, named Kyle and Carson in 2005.

This training program is amongst the best available today. Each of the four fundamentals that are required for web-based advertising can be found in one place. Training, Support, Tools, and Services.


Most web training courses have very fragmented lessons with some of the most helpful data purposely left out.

Perhaps these other training platforms don’t understand that a great many people really do demonstrate their initiative to get things done, so immediately know something is missing.

The web-based marketing world is quick paced and current. Refreshed data is required to get the edge to succeed. That is precisely what Wealthy Affiliate does with their support, they provide up to the minute current data.

Affluent Affiliate marketers are promptly selected in the Online Entrepreneur Certification course. This course comprises of 6 levels and 60 well-ordered training modules to take subscribers from amateur to professional choosing their niche, making a site, filling it with content and advancing in it.

Aside from the principle course, there are classrooms with several videos, content instructional tasks and constant exchanges.

Classroom subjects are:

Keyword, Niche and Market Research
Everything WordPress
Creating and Writing content
Website improvement (SEO)
Pay Per Click Marketing
Social Engagement and Marketing
Site Development and Programming
Nearby Marketing
Video Marketing
Support and Coaching

The Wealthy Affiliate platform is extremely client and beginner friendly with access to help and support 24/7. Members get support in the classrooms, in live chat, and in training modules.

Consistently a huge number of thoughts are talked about at this stage. The Wealthy Affiliate community group is extremely useful and individuals give each other valuable information at all times.

Kyle and Carson also give individual advice to individuals.

The Tools within Wealthy Affiliate

Keyword and Research Tool… an affiliate marketer’s toolkit is one of their most vital resources. These tools can be very costly. Supporters of Wealthy Affiliate appreciate access to a great keyword and research tool and there’s no compelling reason to get another one, it’s included with membership at no additional cost.

Two Free Websites… Wealthy Affiliate enrollment incorporates two free sites that are installed and hosted on cutting edge cloud platform, so no more additional expenses.

Simple Website Builder… the Easy Website Builder makes it simple to make a complete WordPress webpage in minutes.

Site content… for content creation, Wealthy Affiliate presents their Rapid Writer instrument. This device makes it simple to make, store, break down and oversee articles and site content crusades.

Supporters can send out their articles with a click of the mouse to top positioning article locations inside this tool.

Connection Tracker… with a Wealthy Affiliate membership it’s anything but difficult to know how websites are performing.

Crusade Manager… making effective promoting efforts is the thing that this is all about.

Inside Wealthy Affiliate, you can record your posts and get criticism from the network.


At Wealthy Affiliate sites are hosted on the best in its class, observed hosting and clients get all day, everyday guide access to their site should any facilitating issues happen.

A standout amongst the most essential yet additionally most disregarded issues with web advertisers is site security. There are numerous digital lawbreakers that will attempt to hurt sites. They hack, make infections and vulnerabilities so they can profit one way or another from a site’s guests.

Any site that is hosted at Wealthy Affiliate, it will be watched and secured every day this is a colossal advantage with no additional costs. An update has been recently added to Wealthy Affiliate so all websites hosted within the Wealthy Affiliate platform have a secure SSL certificate.

Advantages and Disadvantages

One noteworthy advantage of Wealthy Affiliate is the amount and nature of the well-ordered video’s clients have access to. The training modules are refreshed to instruct the most recent discussions in website design enhancement, article advertising, email promoting, online networking advertising and all other web and member advertising strategies.

It’s extremely hard to discover any cons with this program.


Here is a rundown of administrations and instruments clients of Wealthy Affiliate have access to.

Well ordered Training, from a to z
Two Websites and Premium Hosting
Simple Website Builder
Keyword and Research Tool
Content Writing and Exporting Tool
Connection Tracker
Crusade Creation and Management Tool
Site Monitoring and Security
Live day in and day out Help, plus coaching and support.


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Compensation Plan

Wealthy Affiliate also incorporates a very good affiliate referral program. As you can see from the screenshot below the compensation plan is really quite awesome. Remember these figures are for 1 referral only, imagine if you had more referrals imagine what your commissions would be per month.

wealthy affiliate compensation plan image screenshot

If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment in the comments area below. Or if you would like to contact me privately you can use the contact me form or the ask me form.
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  1. Hi! Nice review on Wealthy Affiliate. I am a member as well and one thing I loved about it is the keyword research tool Jaaxy. It’s very powerful. I can search for keywords, alphabet soup, search for affiliate programs, etc. And it comes with the membership; no additional cost! Definitely, recommend!

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