Outsource it Services – Why Outsource?

Outsourcing lets you focus on what’s most important and frees up valuable time for you to work on your business, rather than in it. Outsource it services are available everywhere these days. In my mind, it’s an absolute no-brainer. Freeing up your valuable time also means you can do the jobs that you want to oversee yourself. For example, marketing your website.

The Future of Outsourcinga woman on a bed drinking a hot drink with a laptop

It’s also the future of work as we know it. It’s like delegating work to employees if you were a manager for an offline business. Thanks to outsourcing it services, tools, and technology you can now have a team of virtual workers around the world who never need to set one foot in an office.

You can hire, motivate and manage your employees via Skype and mobile communications or just by simple emails. When it comes down to being in contact with one another the choice is between you and your chosen candidate.

There is also the advantage when you outsource that you don’t have to worry about handling taxes, worker’s compensation, and other employee issues. One small fee or contract amount and they work for you. (in most cases)

But a common problem is where to start. It may seem overwhelming but simply take your first step and you’ll never look back. Below I look at what you can outsource to get started, where to outsource and the costs of outsourcing.

Working Out What You Can Outsource

There are so many things you can outsource, but before you do it’s good to figure out exactly what they are.

Once you take a good look at what you do on a daily basis you will probably find you could do some work yourself, and outsource the rest!

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I recommended outsourcing such tasks as market research, article or blog writing, simple design work like logos or client presentations you want beautifying. You can actually hire 1-3 people to work on the same project and judge who delivers the best work. It all depends on your budget of course.

Simply set a time limit and a budget for hours worked and see what the outcome is. Look for people with 1-2 specific skill sets, you don’t want a jack of all trades as they may not deliver the best outcome. Once you find the right people you trust and want to work with more on a one on one basis, you can give them more responsibility and larger projects.

Where should you look for freelancers?

One of the better sites is Upwork, a huge online community of employers and contractors looking to meet each others’ needs. You simply set up an account, post a job with a short job description, set your search criteria and then watch the candidates flood in. You can view their hourly rate, previous experience, and resume.

My top tip, to make this less daunting and time-consuming, is to get specific on the skills they need to have and their location. For example contractors from the Philippines are renowned for being diligent and trustworthy with excellent English skills. Whereas Indian contractors have a different culture when it comes to following instructions and management and many people have less than favorable experiences with them. This is not to say you should never use Indian contractors.

Make sure you select an excellent level of English and candidates with many logged hours on Upwork plus feedback and reviews. You can see exactly what other jobs they’ve worked on and their rating.

Hiring is simple, either hire them instantly online or interview them through the message board. You can also set up your own Skype interview if the work is more important and complex. Once you are satisfied you have chosen the right candidate for the job start the contract with them.

You set the budget on hours worked each week and your budget.

Want to earn some money then go here to Fiverr and start adding your friends. You can earn $100 for yourself and your friends. Once on the page scroll down to the bottom and under the heading communicate see invite friends.

Here are 12 other sites to check out …..Green banner saying Fiverr any gig from $5 the world's largest marketplace for services

1. Freelancer

2. BestJobs

3. Fiverr

4. Kwork

5. Virtual CoworkerKwork banner saying freelance everything from $10

6. Remote Staff

7. OutForce

8. Online Jobs

9. Upwork

10. Toptal


12. Mturk

This is not a comprehensive list of outsourcing resources but it is a start. To find exactly the right candidate you are looking for please check them all out.

What Is The Going Rate For Outsource it Services?

You’ll be surprised at how much you can hire a Virtual Assistant. The main going rate is around the US $10 mark but there will be people that will work for less than that and be extremely talented and good at what they do. For basic research and admin work, you can expect to pay even as little as $5 per hour. For design and marketing work, blog writing and some website work expect to pay from $10-20 or more.

Also, many freelancers will take on a full-time role for less than their stated hourly rate in return for regular, consistent work. Plus through Upwork you can stop a contract at any time and not have to worry about holiday pay, garden leave or any other hidden costs.

a hammer, pliers and screwdriver tools

If you want to discover a host of other great online tools and services to help you streamline your business and save you time and money then check out the Ultimate Toolkit for Evolutionary Entrepreneurs. It’s designed to demystify the tools available to you and just give you the best of the best. The tools are to save you time and money and run your business from anywhere. There’s a handy section on outsourcing and recruitment, plus Team collaboration, which is the next important part of managing your virtual team and projects.

An Experienced Entrepreneur

Natalie Sisson is a Kiwi Entrepreneur and Adventurer. She finds creative ways to run your business from anywhere using online tools, social media, and outsourcing. She’s passionate about getting more women to create freedom in business and adventure in life and blogs about it at The Suitcase Entrepreneur.

By using outsourcing methods you will find you have more free time to enjoy the fun things in life you adore doing. Who wants to be stuck at a desktop or laptop working like crazy for X amount of hours a day. It’s easy just to outsource some of your simple day to day tasks and free up some of your valuable time.

The Risks

Be aware that there are risks involved with outsourcing. You may have many nagging questions you want to be answered before you outsource any of your work. Some of these questions might be…..

  • How do I employ the right person for the job?
  • Will the person do the job satisfactorily?
  • Is the person qualified to do the exact work I need?

You can have these questions answered if you follow a few guidelines before employing anyone freelance or from an outsourcing company.

1. How do you plan to manage the tasks?

2. Who are your previous customers?

3. What tasks did you perform for your previous customers?

4. Were your previous customers satisfied?

5. What skills do you have for this particular job?

6. What is your migration process?

The Rewards

The rewards of outsourcing out ways the negatives of outsourcing in my opinion. Some of these are as follows…..

1. Access to the latest technologies

2. Qualified persons to do jobs you can’t

3. Real-Time savings in cost

4. Multiple resources and technology available to them

5. Can accommodate your specific needs

So have a think about outsourcing, you will be surprised at how convenient and inexpensive it can be. But be just be aware of the risks. Do your due diligence and ask your chosen candidate questions.

“Do what you do best and outsource the rest!”

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I hope you found my article – Outsource it services informative enough to give you as much insight as possible.
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