Primary Secondary Research

Primary secondary research how important is it to know the difference?

When you start out with a new business research is essential especially in affiliate marketing. We want to make an impact on our new business and getting the right information can lead to the success of your business. Getting it wrong can lead to the failure of your business. So we need to get the right information to succeed.


There are 2 kinds of research, Primary and Secondary. Which one do we use?

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Let’s define the difference’s


Primary Research

Primary research as the name suggests is the initial research of a subject or topic. It involves collecting fresh data about a given subject or topic. Without primary research, we wouldn’t have secondary research. Simple as that!

To be able to research in the primary mode it needs a huge amount of time and money. Affiliate marketers don’t have the time and I dare say the money either.

As affiliate marketers, we do not need to be involved with primary research. Hence we need to be involved with secondary research for all our data needs to write content.

Secondary Research

Secondary research means using the data found by primary research. Hey this is great! we have wonderful information in the palm of our hands or should I say that the information is just a click away these days.

BEWARE: Secondary information can be outdated or even bad or wrong information. Always make sure your research comes from a reliable source. How can we ensure this? Look up your research and inquire at the BBB (Better Business Bureau) if the information is listed as good or bad information.

Where do I find research resources?

Depending on what research you are looking for you can find information related to your niche in most places on the internet search engines. All you have to do is type in a question and away you go, information laid out for you.

The only thing to do now is deciphering which is good or bad information. This will take time, going through every listed page and then there is the confusion of getting sidetracked. Sometimes you may have to start from scratch. This is a good learning curb.

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If I ever get sidetracked I save the page/website to my favorites and get back to it at a later date. Don’t let yourself get sidetracked unless the information relates to your research. Even then it’s still possible to get sidetracked and lose your original research page. If you go to another webpage always save in your favorites the site you were originally doing your research with.


This may seem like common sense but it’s so easy to forget where you were up to in your research once you deviate to another webpage because if you’re like me, you are thinking one thousand things at once instead of concentrating on the task in hand.


This, of course, is human nature.

Take a break

Researched out to your limits? take a break, this happens to most people so don’t feel guilty, research isn’t the easiest of tasks you need to do when you are looking for information online.

This is especially so when you are tired are your eyes are stinging from too much computer time. Take that needed break, your work will still be there when you feel like returning to it.

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Working from home on your computer, laptop or phone can take its toll just like a manual job does. It’s mental fatigue, therefore we need to have a balance between work and rest time.


If you were working 9-5, for instance, you would be allowed a break in the morning a lunch break and an afternoon break, but working for ourselves we don’t seem to take these breaks. We need to.


Do your secondary research diligently, take breaks often and above all enjoy what you are doing.

To your success


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