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In this Review on Content Shortcuts we will find out the following:

                 Who are Content Shortcuts?……What do they do?…… What products do they offer?……

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Who are Content Shortcuts?

The company is owned by a lady named Ruth Pound from the UK and has been in operation since 2018.  Ruth is a very helpful lady and takes pride in her business and loves her work. She will help you any way she can and gives great tips on her blog on how to work smarter with your online content.

What do They do?

Content shortcuts are a company dedicated to writing PLR (private label rights) content. You may ask what is PLR? In a nutshell, content shortcuts offer Done-For-You PLR articles. PLR products give you the right to pay for any type of content you want and to put your own name to them.

 Putting your name as author

“You can put your name as the author of the articles you buy from Content Shortcuts, but you cannot put (Ruth or Content Shortcuts)) on as the author. Why? Because they can’t control how it’s presented or changed once it’s been sold. You don’t have to put anyone’s name as the author if you don’t want, you could simply add “brought to you by [your name]” or “presented by []”

The Reputation of PLR Productsblue banner with scattered books saying PLR products

Many internet marketers do not like the idea of using PLR product content, this is due to the bad reputation PLR products have. The reason behind the bad reputation of PLR products is due to the fact that many of the companies who sell PLR products use articles which are outdated and have been used a 1000 times or more. This makes many duplicate content articles which do not favor well in the search engines.

The search engines will, in fact, penalize you for duplicate content, even if it is your own, never mind a PLR article. The best way to use PLR product content is to make sure it hasn’t been used before, is unique and up to date.

So how do we do this? By finding a reputable company that only sells unique up to the minute articles and content. Do plenty of research to find reputable companies who sell PLR products. Don’t be tempted to use free PLR content as it is sure to be old and used many, many times before. Of course, unless you want to re-write the whole articles with refreshed content. I personally cannot see the point in this, you may as well write your own article from scratch. Not all bad as free PLR articles can give you inspiration on what you might want to write about.

What Products Do Content Shortcuts Offer?

On offer is a wide range of articles from many niches including self-help, business, fitness, weight loss, sales funnels, and exercise just to name a few. Ruth offers firesales on a regular basis where she will email you in advance to let you know when the products are going on sale.

Content shortcuts also offer free samples of their products. This goes a long way in my eyes as you will already know before you buy what sort of content to expect. If it’s up to your standards or not!

Who Writes the Content at Content Shortcuts?

“They have a very small team of writers, most of whom they have worked with for many years. All of the content is personally edited at the final stage by Ruth, and none of the PLR articles you see here have ever been sold anywhere else before (unless specifically noted on the package). There promise is that all the PLR content from Content Shortcuts is original and high quality.”

The Sign-Up Procedure

When you sign up to content shortcuts there is a choice of 3 free articles to download. The choices are fitness, self-help, and business.

Monthly Membership Option

Content shortcuts offer a monthly membership also and the categories are on fitness, self-help, and internet marketing. The number of products you receive with your membership every month is very generous in my opinion.

“When you join any of the Content Clubs (Self-Help, IM or Fitness), you get instant access to one PLR package which is the current PLR pack of the month. You don’t automatically get access to any of the past content, though there is an opportunity to purchase it at a discount as a current member.

If you choose to stay a monthly member, you get a brand new PLR package every month in exchange for your membership fee. These packs are not available for sale to the general public, they don’t add them to the public store for many months (if at all) so in that respect, they are a lot more exclusive and unique than other PLR packs we sell”.

Here is a list of products you will get with your monthly membership.

 Main E-Bookhuman figure of man holding up a sign which says online members
Editable cover in different styles
Keyword research on the monthly topic
Royalty free related images
Bonus content upgrade checklist or worksheet
5 related articles
5 e-mail/ blog posts
15 related tweets
5 shareable social media graphics
Extra bonus monthly content.

That’s not all you will also receive 3 bonuses which is also very generous.

Every possible detail of your products is outlined on the website and all this for $27 a month.

I personally haven’t found anywhere else where you can get such a good deal with the quality that Content Shortcuts provide.

No credit cards needed either, you will be able to pay through the secure server PayPal.

So whether you want a single article or a package the choice is yours.

Content Shortcuts also have an affiliate program where they offer 50% commission on purchases. There is a manual approval process to become an affiliate by Ruth herself. So it may take a day or two to know if you are approved. To see more details of the affiliate program go here.

Pros and Conspros and cons banner image


The Cans…..

Be added to or edited completely

Put your name on as the author

Be used as content for websites/blogs

Use in video’s MP3 and books

Sell or give away for personal use only

Offered as a bonus (as long as you don’t offer PLR rights)

Add to a website that is sold with a unique domain name (no template/PLR sites) as long as you don’t offer PLR rights

Rewrite and add articles to client websites and projects.

Has an FAQ’s page

Affiliate program

Full terms of use page


The Cannots

Sell or give away resale rights, master resell rights or private label rights

Offer through auction sites with PLR rights

Add to free membership site in any format with PLR rights

Pass on PLR rights to your clients

use our name on PLR content

use to publish Kindle books

Be use in article directories unless it is rewritten completely

Pass along, sell or give away PLR rights in any format


The beauty of Content Shortcuts is the fact that they are so easy to deal with. Make use of the wonderful blog that is on Content Shortcuts. It’s filled with useful tips you don’t want to miss.

All in all, I would highly recommend Content Shortcuts, it isn’t pretentious it’s just down to earth great information.


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P.S. If you have personally used Content Shortcuts or any other PLR articles I would love to know your view, whether good or bad. Please feel free to leave a comment below.

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